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wow! Really awesome photography, nice job. i dont like shoot them right away nude. some dress atleast a panty will give the kick of femine.
all the pics with swimsuit are really awesome. she is so hot too.

Too much "art" and not enough "erotic" for me - not even worth downloading

What the fuck is the point of image #1?

That's what's called "setting the stage," G.

I don't think photographers understand the negative effects water plays on the models. I like videos where the models are wet but photos just seem distracted. Pool scenes are great but let the model dry off more next time so the hair stays wet but you don't get the water beads everywhere.

I don't understand why the average rating is only 7,58 (at this time). For me, it is almost ten!

A fitting finale to a breathtaking Saturday!! It's great to be back!!

Great to have you back, rock!

Love those photos of her beautiful wet inviting bottom

Beautiful face, 5 of 10 to her body. About the set? It could be better.

I think Niki was perfectly beautiful all through the set, but I don't know why she keeps sticking her fingers in her mouth. My kids did that when they were little, now it's my great grand kids

If she can't have you what else would she suck.

I wish you'd do another set on SexArt. Please!!!!

I mean technically .

Technical not so good a set but makes up with a delicious Niki Mey.

Welcome back, Flora—and a special welcome back to Niki Mey, one of my beautiful Ukrainians. (There are so many, I decided to take possession of the lot. Why fight it?) Niki is especially seductive in this set; was there ever a more alluring face in full flirt? She's a delight. Kisses to you both.

Sailor, I'm sure the Ukrainian ladies look upon you as a "patron saint" of a sort.
Well, the sinful sort.
( :

They have given him a title, as well --

"Nuestra Senora Sailor de Las Bonitas Ukrainian Chicas".

First Class -- with with oak leaf clusters!


Thanks guys, but I suspect that most of my beautiful Ukrainians are desperately looking for the exit.

: )

I am now in the mood to take a holiday somewhere warm and sunny. If Niki Mey wanted to join me, I would be delighted (a man can dream, can't he?)

We all do, lad.

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