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OMG this woman is an exquisite beauty!

Estupendo, magnifico are spanish?

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

To Rylsky and Nikia:
She's so pretty this way you just want to keep her clothed.
Nice job of keeping yourself out of her sunglass reflections :-)
In this kind of nature-setting your full pubic hair would be very appropriate. Shaved is a disappointment!
23: Funny, Rylsky, that you would point this set out to me. Because just last week I had sent this shot to a friend of mine. His response: he hopes she's working at the Tioga Pass Resort next summer.
"They always have a cute little one like that who causes all kinds of mischief among the boys up there."
He just got back from there, shooting his D90 and new Nikkor 10-24mm in California's High Sierra.
She's a very attractive clear-eyed girl...I don't even want to see her exposing herself...I enjoy looking at her face, that dress...
Again, though, unshaved would have really made it for me. It would have gone with the setting.
41: if that's your natural color, I wouldn't mess with it.
Tech note: dynamic range -- more important than anything sometimes.
Sweetheart -- don't be ashamed of your body hair -- it's part of you.
57: sauce. I'm in love :-)
She's got great teeth, doesn't she?
65: one last time: hairy would be much better.
82: nice use of the elements.
Tech note: see DxO for dynamic range rankings.
...a wide variety of looks...
89: beautiful breasts.
91: nature girl.
She's a great model for you.
She's your girl :-)
119 -- mum is the word.
A very artistic set.
Conclusion: an ultra-femme in great natural light.

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