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Nikia you're a sweetie. Thanks for all the beautiful poses and Rylsky, thanks for all the beautiful photos.

so hot and sexy. is this girl single?

Officially yes, single. But we live in time when it means nothing:)

I know she's a model. What's the best way to get her noticed? Can I contact her?

the best way for now is send email to met-art and ask your question. use "email comments".

Girl, You're just perrrrrffffeeeecccctttttttt.


Det. Headlopper was examining the case of the M@M Candy Coated Nut who can't decided what to wear. She sits on a dresser with a hole in her belly that wasn't there in the beginning. This nut looks great but can't figure out that she's not a fish to be caught a placed on a mantle. And now she sits on a dresser and can't figure out what to wear as evident by her first video. At least there was close up footage of her walking, we now know she can do this, we have film to prove it. We are all waiting for the next addition of the adventures of the M@M nut. I'm personal waiting for the what should I do with my hair chapter.. Maybe that what the hole in her belly for, plug her into a computer and down load a new hair do. She's done the sexy curler look, she never get out of the house looking like that with me. I would have to keep this nut locked in the house for life. Grant her parole to go buy shoes and clothes under supervision. Might have to handcuff her to my wrist to keep her out of trouble, might even lose the key for a few years to the cuffs Det. Headlopper still need to keep this nuts case open but thinks this is a case of all the colors in the bag smashed together to form a beautiful nut. A very beautiful candy coated nut still trying to learn how to walk in a confusing world.
From the files of Det. Headlopper

Plain ole sex? The subject seems crass when looking at this lovely visage. Even though she is delightfully, joyously naked I find myself looking at her face first in each new shot. Not that I wouldn't cheerfully partake of her wine if offered but it is her lovely face with it's sunny disposition that demands my attention. As said many times she is the vision of perfection but it is that air of approachability that wins my heart. She makes you feel that she is the sweetest girl that you would ever meet and that she enjoys sharing beauty with us not that she looks down at us like someone below her. A goddess? no, goddesses are cold and aloof, an angel yes.

thank you for Nikia's smile after reading this.

She has given me many smiles. I am happy to know I could return at least one. :))))

Every thing has been said, but have you dream about a photo studio with Nikia hairly pussy. she will look delicius too.
why not, it´s natural, and sexi.

Shame on you. There are no photos with hair because she does want hair. That is her perception of her own personal beauty. So far I think Nikia knows what beauty is for her self. And it does not include hair in that area.

No shame, Neil.

He just asked if it's possible or not. This time member asked with interest and respect, not with order "do what I want or you are ugly".

only 1 reason 'why'.
the reason is her. ignore?

I don't know who names these sets, but 'Gamle' in Norwegian means 'old'. Just sayin'! Not that Nikia's sets ever get old!

Rylsky, you masterful little devil! Was it your choice for the bedspread? If so, great choice! Between Nikia's awesome beauty and the "background" of that bedspread; the whirling patterns and the contrasts of colors, those photos of her on the bed makes your eyes just seem to dance, when you're "taking in all" in those views! I say to you, Rylsky; Maestro, excelente! And to you, Nikia, I say; Deliciosamente hermoso, Thank you!

Gorgeous Nikia! Very sexy dressed wearing no underwear and showing her goodies (lovely tits and totaly shaved pussy) with great pleasure. More pussyshots in nature would be marvelous!

Gorgeous Lady! Great photography!

Nikia gives here the most fascinating gallery "in the world" ! Her beauty is unparallelled, every detail of her magnificent body comes out as a gem ; I balk at quoting this or that, but cannot ignore now that she is sheathed in a divine skin that seems to be the hall mark of goddesses . And Rilsky is an artist ...

I'm tongue-tied. There is so much to say about this breathtaking woman, and it's all inadequate. Beautiful eyes, beautiful face, beautiful smile, beautiful breasts, beautiful this, beautiful that… Blah, blah, blah. Nikia is a work of art, perfect from head to toe. She's an erotic force. She's the girl you'd like to take home to meet Mom, and the one you'd happily make love to for the next millennium.

Rylsky, you've outdone yourself with this one. Thank you—and thank you Nikia!

100% agreement

Maestro! Incomparable!

Nikia's skin is simply amazing.

No freckles, no moles, no scars.

She's is literally flawless.

And, the colors!


I agree with that. Maybe Nikia keeps herself locked up and only comes out when it's time to allow Rylsky to take some more stunning photos (??).

I am sure she is a goddess who dwells on Mt. Olympus and comes down once in a while to share some photos...lol

yes! Nikia A! Now it is a perfect day!

This girl is absolutely gorgeous.....

Extra primo good! Top notch modeling! Great background/setting! Few models have skin so perfect that it looks air brushed. Nikia has such skin! Beautiful set.

Delicious, love it when such beautiful ladies forget their panties and show the pleasure palace that up their skirts. Total erotica.

My dream woman, Nikia is a beautiful woman, nice smile and a perfect body. Glad to see her back here on Met.

And corresponding video of this set will be on RylskyArt next month.

Can we get it in MetArt?

2 of her videos are already on METART.

I can only afford a two-day trial. What is that going to cost me?

Don't know about 2 day trial but if you are a metart member you should be able to get Rylsky art for $10 a month?

I checked trial now and I see some limitations in downloads, not sure about streaming video, but maybe somebody can check it and inform Rich or he can try it, it takes time but takes no money, why not try?

I am not dealer and I am not sales manager. I am nothing but photographer who informed that this set contains video addition that we will present on my site. Or you will kill me for this information?

The question you asked is for managers of MetArt Network, I am sorry, but your question is really not to me. You never asked Tom Cruise what is the price of his new movie on DVD or BluRay, right?

Thank you for visible changes vs. your previously written comments.

Good Ad for your site! Good sense of humor! LOL!

okay, that gives me a couple of days to scratch some spares together for a membership :P

Here is a little glimse behind the wizard's curtain. There is a clock on the night table in the bedroom. The first time we see it is in image 27. The clock reads about 11 minutes to 4o'clock. The last time we see the clock is in Image 74 and the clock reads about 10 after 4. About 21 minutes has passed. The amazing Nikia did at least 47 poses in those 21 minutes. See? I told you she was great.

And you ask why I am loking at a clock with Nikia in those pictuces? Because I am an old man damnit! Leave me alone!

Old man? Bet I'm as old or older but this lady keeps the fires burning! I have told my wife many times that when I stop looking she can start digging. ;)

If you are old enough that Nakia does not light your fire you have already passed and just don't know it yet.

Thank you Rylsky for making these beauties eternal for here they will never grow old.

Your first comment is beautifully written Neil. Call me biased, but they are my sentiments also:-)

I never saw the clock - could it be your are actually Older than me?? - but we are in a similar boat my friend!!

Thank you Rich, it is kind of you to say. I am bias. I have grand daughters about Nikia's age. All of the young ladies deserve to held in high esteem. Remember, our words are like stones. We can use them to build up or we can use them to break down. Each of us must choose how we will use our stones. But be warned, you will be judged and marked by your choice.

Rylsky uses light and color. I use my words. Both stand witness to to beauty.

As for the clock, I am an old man but I spent my share of time viewing Nikia. And get your brats off my lawn.

Do you want us to get off your lawn, too?

My oh my, Nikia is a VERY attractive young lady. Starting at the top, she has lovely wavy hair, nice eyebrows, beautiful eyes, a brilliant smile, very nice areolae, a tight, compact butt, and plump outer labia. Rylsky presents her gracefully, and my appreciation to you both.

It is easy to find things to compliment about Nikia. She glows with self confidence which is the basic essence of beauty. Every facet and aspect of this amazingly beautiful woman's body is a feature wotthy of not only compliment but respectful praise and admiration as well. She has beautiful light brown hair, exquisitely wondetful Russian blue eyes, flawless fair skin and a radiantly petfect smile. Her 5ft 5in figure with a perfect hour glass shape speaks eloquently for itsself. In addition to all this, Nikia is a remarkably talented, creative and imaginative model. She displays poise and grace with every move. I imagine her to be possessed of a warm and out-going personality.

Yes, it is realy quite easy to find something nice to say about this most remarkably beautiful young lady.

"self confidence which is the basic essence of beauty"

I must agree totally. This is the factor that is the difference between beautiful and awesome. A woman's true beauty comes from within. It is the emotion that she stirs within us that makes her special. Nakia is amazingly beautiful but it is this "inner" Nikia that sets her apart from other beautiful women. The girls that have this inner glow are the ones that are on my favorites list. Flawless beauty is cold and sterile without it.

Nakia has a "comfortable beauty" that tells us lucky viewers that this is the real Nakia not an image she presents for the camera. When I view her sets I feel a warmth that has little to do with lust. There is a desire to meet this wonder, not for sex but socially. I am sure that a casual espresso in a sidewalk cafe with her would leave me smiling for days! THAT is true beauty.

True! And well said. Hold onto the coffee fantasy, you just never know!

Coffee is her (and mine) favorite drink.

I love those pics in other sets where she is having a coffee/tea/cocktail... that really spurns the fantasies.

I am surely not the only member who would love to watch her eating cake while listening to her...

"I am surely not the only member who would love to watch her eating cake while listening to her... "

You certainly are not. I would bet that most of us would jump at the chance. A sunny afternoon with a cool breeze ruffling her lovely hair while you chat quietly about her favorite subject..... That's the stuff that dreams are made of.

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