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What more can anyone want...Nikia is an Earth-Angel!

Just lovely when Nikia has her hair up.

so beautiful

Charming upskirt series. Nice!

Adorable Ashley Judd lookalike.

That's it! Thanx :)

Beautiful set... I couldn't' help but notice I have the same painting of a woman among flowers in my dining room. Small world.

So many wonderful shots and poses captured here - thank you Nikia and Rylsky!

Difficult to pick even my favorite photos - so many are worth a lingering over, and admiration grows. I like Rylsky's personal touches in his sets, sometimes the humor... I like the parallel sparkles in #21 in the fabric and skin. Her skin is lit perfectly throughout too, so natural and yet heightened so that I can't help but my eye caresses her.

It's not common to find a model who can be apparently so casual and yet project an eroticism so focused as Nikia here. There's a grace in the beauty she brings. You can't help but feel a lifetime with her would just not be enough time. She has more ways of smiling than many models have of posing their whole bodies.

Again, thanks, both of you.

I think Nikia is just getting better with each set. IMHO This is the best yet. I love the images in the dress. It is always delightfully naughty to see beneath the dress and find no panties. :) And what you see here is perfection. Photo #20 Is mind blowing! and I like the 2 shots before it because they tease you and make you want #20 so bad. That is the most tantalizingly perfect photo. Powerful in low res but insanely bewitching in high res. There is no best part with Nakia. It is all magnificence form the hair to the toenails.


The dress is a nice feature of this set. I love the teasing underskirt peeks Nikia gives us in 5 & 6. Nikia is the total package and I'm glad that it is Rylsky that brings her to us every time.

Image 5 almost killed me. My poor heart. Should I go to page 2?

Nope, better save that for tomorrow... one page a day... don't overdo it old boy....

love that one, too

  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

I bet you'd like to watch some TV with her :-)

and rub per cute feet while doing so.

I love Rylsky's (Sironi & Catherine too) work. He's not afraid to allow his lenses portray a woman's beauty in all its high-definition detail. He doesn't like the Met-Art hacks depend on photoshop, vaseline, filters and over-exposure to "compensate" for a model's imperfections.

  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

The question is whether to leave the piercing scar above her navel or not.
Sometimes yes, sometimes no.
Well, I've grown to accept earlobe scars...
They're almost like beauty marks :-)

My GAWD, she's so beautiful!

Just breathtaking.

Thanks for sharing with us, Nikia.

Absolutely love her breasts - my favorite type with gorgeous nipples! Cannot get enough of those breasts and what a sweet pussy as well. Very sexy girl.

  • fred
  • 12 months ago:

Looks a lot like a young, sexy, Ashley Judd.

OMG! There is a certain facial resemblance! I saw Double Jeopardy a couple of weeks ago, so I have fresh mental images to compare.

I see a little of this in a few images too.

Saw your post under under Catherine's post yesterday. You have been very active helping to raise the bar here. Thank's. We all will miss you.

Thank you swplf2. I thought the same thing of you yesterday when I read your post about how comments appear to be much more civil and courteous lately.....and I think you (and a few others) have helped to cultivate this.

I see the change in Ryslky that you mentioned also, I guess he doesn't feel the need to defend himself against asinine people who say things like "typical Rylsky bullshit" so much anymore.
There is no need to answer anyone who is just trying to stir up trouble.

Rylsky has to know that many, many, people highly respect his talent and the time he puts in answering our comments and questions.

Also....the "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" are nice, but there will always be a few who will be negative, just to be negative.

The main "thing" I try to remember is to be respectful to the models, I would hate to make any of them feel bad.

Many things well said, negam. I'll certainly miss you here, too.

kilroy, thank you....you are definitely on the list as one who has helped make discussions much tamer and more civil.

I know when see any comment (or response) with your name attached it will always be positive and thoughtful to the "poster", photographer, and model.

As with any site, there will always be a few people who have nothing good to say about anything.....this site is pretty lucky, there are other sites where people use foul language, threaten one another, etc.

The only time I ever get aggravated by a comment is when it's disrespectful to the model.
I also don't care for any comment that treats the model as an object, show some class and treat her like the woman she is.

Thankfully there are very few members who do either of these.

My membership, who knows???, I might renew my subscription.
Met Art (and their network) has/have the best models and photographers.

I have a lot of respect for Rylsky. He's a gentleman, a decent man who is concerned about his models first and foremost.
Catherine is so sweet and kind.....and she also makes me laugh. She's a real classy lady.

  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

"raise the bar"... figures a lawyer would say that :-)

touche, amigo

  • eff4
  • 12 months ago:

One of my all-time favorites on here.

  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

I didn't know she was so beautiful.
Bravo, Rylsky.

she was? she IS. trust me, Doug!

she is with me today, reading your comments and preparing her first post of RylskyArt blog... she asked me to kick you and she is angry.

  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

I just realized I blew my chance to ask which of my comments makes her maddest :-)

  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

I want to call her Nicky. She looks like a Nicky to me. American nickname that definitely connotes a cute girl :-)

Feel free for "Nicky". Some names always "adopted" in another language. I had a few Vietnamese and Chinese co-workers who never used real names for Russians, because Russians called them very "weird", never correct. So they just change their names (unofficial) and asked Russians call them similar sounded Russian Names. Funny that they shows us Vietnam Newspaper about 1st Russian President.
They call him Yen Zing, not Yeltsin.

I bet many of MetArt members pronounce "Rylsky" incorrect as well.
It is no problem. I have a lotta fun hearing NHL or another sport channels commentators from US or UK TV-channels when they pronounce Russian names of players.

  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

Well, you saw how I pronounce your name, right or wrong.
It's not too unlike Gretzky.
As long as it goes with "risky" :-)

Yeah, she's a nifty Nicky :-)
With a knack for...never mind!

Yen Zing. I bet that went over well in both countries :-)

Good idea to find somebody who played in NHL. "...sky" is same as Valeri Kamensky from
Khimik Voskresensk
CSKA Moscow
Quebec Nordiques
Colorado Avalanche
New York Rangers
Dallas Stars
New Jersey Devils"

remember his killer shots? It sounds right when you make final "-y" sound a half second longer. Like it was "yy" or "eee".

"Ryl" = as in "Real" but "y" must sound more like "eo", not "ea" in English. Emily Bloom said it correct in her video on RylskyArt.com
("Emily Speaking" Featuring Emily Bloom)

New video of Taissia on RA will contain the same, correct pronounce.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

Well, I'll have to hear and not just see Emily play :-)
Otherwise I'll just Americanize everything :-)
There's so much meaning and nuance in the sounds of our words. They're like poems. We speak 'em like a musician plays an instrument.

I've been to one pro hockey game in my life, as a kid long ago -- it was extreeemely exciting :-) There are a lot of San Jose Sharks fans in this area...

Now we know more about 2 of us.

Yes, the sounds of voices and words told is a music, no matter how pronounced.
Voice is also one of the most erotic things in our life.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

Yep, think of the voices of certain Hollywood stars, not to mention pop singers.

What a lucky guy. Having that angel in the same room would be a thrill but to work with her, I bet she is so much fun to be around. I can see a lot of spice in those eyes that promises joy for anyone lucky enough to know her. With or without clothes she is the perfect woman. In fact being with her without clothes just might be to much for me. Might? ;)

  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

Damn tenses keep screwin' things up!
I admit, this set is a revelation.
Dare I say she gives my fave a run for the money :-?
Reminds me of that Beatles song about bein' back in the old country... :-)
Been away so long I hardly knew the place :-)

  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

She was just a gleam in her grandparents' eyes, but in case she doesn't know the song, McCartney knew what he was talkin' about :-)


My 10 for the day! Nice lighting. Perfect poses. Perfect perspectives. Perfecto woman!

Nikia is always an instant save. I like her eyes, smile, areolae, derriere . . . Thanks to both Nikia and Rylsky.

To Nikia. Since there is lead time on the sets getting posted my guess is you are at your second anniversary of modeling for Ry. I read your original bio and hope that your studies have gone well, and this is still a side job. I also saw your response to stuntman 5 months ago. We all are so so glad that you chose to keep working here. I really like your hair in today's set. It really highlights your face in both color and cut. I also get the impression you are still enjoying this. I hope that is true. While Ry isn't "worried" about your rating I will say, in my opinion, you certainly deserve to up there. Thank you for being here for us.

When I started posting about the rating systems redo, and my campaign for a HOF I expected to get the boo birds attention. Why anyone would thumbs down a comment directed to a model directly which simply thanks her for being here frustrates me. I beginning to believe that my boo bird "fans" no just see swplf2 and hit the down button without even reading the post. Ry gets the same treatment, but he doesn't give a shit. I know see why!

  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

When you get upset about it that just fuels their fire.
You ought to be flattered by their attention :-)

Your right, as normal with your posts.

The best of the best. Nikia and Rylsky are a winning combination every time.

  • Neil
  • 12 months ago:

Nikia is such a remarkably wonderful young woman. She is so very confident of her beauty and her skill as a model. She is possessed of such amazing personal physical features, each stunningly beautiful. She glows with a radiant personality. So charming, so inviting. It is always a wonderful joy view her photos.

Thank you from her. And welcome to her blog page that will be posted on RA very soon.

Ry, I got to ask where did the last photo come from? I doubt it was from the same shoot as all the rest. Once again great set. I know you don't have time to go through other artist sets and comments. Hell I am just glad you have given your time to putting up with us on your sets here. Thanks. With that said you might look at Catherine set posted yesterday. My comment there compares your "help" with the comments to hers. I appreciate both of yours and her efforts to raise the bar.

the last photo come from some "after work" part of her life.
some jacuzzi bath, relax...
thank you for take a part in "raise the bar" campaign on MetArt. it works fine.

I am sorry, I have not much time for any comments and I spent it for my RA members and sometimes for MetArt, but 99% for my sets only. I hope you are happy to talk to "Catherine" as well.

I was a fan of Nikia from her first set here on Met and nothing's changed. Nikia is the embodiment of womanly perfection. I like the photography in this set.

Absolutely gorgeous! A perfect body and warm, sweet, radiant personailty. To say nothing of the red hot poses. Thanks!

F___ the boo bird who gave this a thumbs down!

We've had a string of goddesses this month. Now here's another one. Nikia is so beautiful she beggars the language, makes all the standard adjectives inadequate. She radiates quality in every sense of the term. This is a woman to make long, slow love to—not fuck, make love to. And of all the beauties she owns, the one that floors me the most is her smile. Check out image 25 et al.

Rylsky you're a true artist.

Wow. Now that is one inviting young lady....not to mention very arousing as well...

  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

I was struck by #74 and especially #94. Making good use of that background...
I've only seen one other set of her, the previous one, but she looks grown up here, older in a good way.
I.e., she looks like a woman, even shaved :-)

AND, F___ the boo bird who gave this a thumbs down!

Agree. Must be trolls on the loose, giving everyone thumbs down for the fun of it.


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