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Picture 52 seals the deal! 😋

  • Alex
  • 10 months ago:

The model is one cure perfection, nothing to say. Unfortunately due to over used editing the model looks like an exhibit item of madame Tussauds' house of wax. This is a very common problem of the most Rylsky's photos.

Mr. Rylsky, would you pleas start making natural-looking photos?

I just find youк quote about perfect set you want to see from Rylsky:


" Alex
Very nice set. The girl has fantastic butt and the photographer made lots of perfect photos. I'd say this set is close to be a master piece."

I am sorry, Alex, I needed examples of perfection from your POV. I got it now.
no more questions about examples from me.

Alex, thank you for being constructive. Keep it up!

1. Let me ask you just to list sets with over editing (where skin texture was lost) outside this set and only in highest resolution. I mean sets published in 2013.
2. Please let me know what photographer must be my guiding star at MetArt to please you.
Of course I mean photographer who made at least 20 models became top 100 of MetArt (which means his choice of models + his retouching of photos + his style are perfect and members liked it).
3. Please let me know: will you and most members of MetArt agree to lose and never see again my models who agreed to be presented here only with retouching... Names? If I used no retouch - members had no chances to see here:
- Nikia
- Virginia Sun
- Ilze
- Chloe D
- Swan
and many more

your 3 answers will be 100% constructive and helpful.


  • Doug
  • 10 months ago:

If he wants natural why don't you send him to some of your available/natural-light sets?

  • Doug
  • 10 months ago:

I see you did. Oh well. Can't pleeze all the people all the time!
See my comment below...

just read his previous comments to have a full understanding. You will nomore need my answer to you, I promise

  • Doug
  • 10 months ago:

Those gadflies'll drive ya nutz :-)

no, if he wanted me to be in dialogue - I wrote my questions already.
If he enjoy monologue - I will not disturb him, it is really free speech World our days. If he wanted me to be same as his favorite photographers - no way, or I will ask him sing my favorite songs with a better voice of my favorite singers. I just always confused why somebody choose MetArt with 100+ photographers if he want all photographers be the same? we have enough SINGLE PHOTOGRAPHER sites worldwide. Even on MetArt Network we have already many sites made this way. just imagine tomorrow I will inform RA members: "hey, fellas, we will change all our style because 3 members of MetArt asked me to change it all for them".

Rylsky, I think you ought to ignore Alex (the same advice you gave me in the past).
You are one of the top photographers in your trade....you do not need to prove anything to anyone.

Alex made a blanket statement and did not provide any details to back up his claim.

Do not allow Alex to bother you, he is not worth it.

Browning, he wrote partially constructive way, I appreciate this. When we will see his answers to my Q's and we can judge that his point was simply make me see that he exist - sure I will do the same as I did with 2 members who was just same offensive and zero constructive. But I really hope to see he is constructive, because it's more useful than million "thankyous". And I hope he will not try to make me clone of anybody from his favs list.

I understand your attempt to get a response from Alex (but I doubt he'll answer.....I'm sure you doubt this too).

I have gone back and read many of his comments.
Almost all his comments are critical of the photographer's work.
Usually the same complaint he has with this set (the models look like Tussauds' "House of Wax" figures).

Maybe he is a professional photographer???? (but I doubt he has his own site).
If he is, he should give specific details so you are able to counter or defend against his criticism.
Without details his critical remarks mean nothing.

I know you don't need to hear this...but,

Just remember, you have nothing that needs to be proved.
You have many, many, people who like your style of photography....and you have shot more top models than anyone else.

Some people seem to enjoy stirring up trouble (I guess it just their personality....who knows???)

Have a good day Rylsky:)

Have a good day to you too.

you will be surprised, but I think that it is not only his vision but also our autoresizer software issue...
I wrote this already:
for everybody who uses mid and lo res here - don't forget compression is poor and autoresizer works bad. but photographer take photos in 1 resolution and this is HIGHEST ONLY.
Dear members! Please take to attention that we have some issue with zipfiles in low and mid resolutions - quality of photos may be no good. Please download ONLY HIGH RESOLUTION zipfiles

  • Doug
  • 10 months ago:

Absolutely. Only way you can really see what's in the photograph is to see it in its native resolution -- the resolution it was shot at. (Or scanned at, if we're talking about digitized film.)

in its native resolution -- the resolution it was shot at
...or if every image was resized in "manual" work, not auto batch-resized as with mid and low res zips on any site

  • Doug
  • 10 months ago:

I tend to think of native resolution in terms of digital capture. Resizing after that can't add any more real data - all it can do is remove data (downsampling the image) or add more pixels with interpolation (upsampling the image with "fake" data.) The added interpolated pixels were not part of the original capture -- they're just best mathematical guesses as to what they should represent.

Bottom line -- if you want to see Rylsky's images in all their detailed glory, save them at high resolution and look at them at 100% in your image viewer. Then it's just a matter of whether your display is accurate enough.

  • Doug
  • 10 months ago:

Hey, you'll be tryin' to dance to too many tunes! :-)
The other thing is everybody's lookin' at a different picture. By that I mean everybody has a different monitor in a different condition from everybody else's. Not to mention everybody's eye is different. So what he's seeing when say he looks at that first pic of Augusta Crystal is not what I'm seeing or you're seeing. So you would indeed be foolish to try to get it right for him. All you can do is use your own eyes.
On the other hand, I doubt he's an authority on your work :-) It seems he should check more of it before making sweeping pronouncements about its quality :-)

Just like a musician who has a distinctive sound -- you just know it's him or her immediately -- the same can be somewhat true with a photographer. So maybe he's backhandedly complimenting you.
"Look at that! Typical Rylsky. Always the same!" :-)

"On the other hand, I doubt he's an authority on your work"
That's why I wait for his constructive critics with links and details.
"man said, man did it" as Russians say.

And yes, monitors is not good idea to judge pics. my 3 pro-monitors are not 100% same but at least we have it calibrated for pro-using.

  • Doug
  • 10 months ago:

He's not the first one who has sort of off-the-wall criticized your work or your models and then when we see what they praise, it's like, yuck! :-)
I will not name names :-) Just goes to show you it's a matter of taste, of standards, of knowledge -- and perhaps of computer displays :-)
Makes you appreciate when you can agree on something. Shouldn't take it for granted!

Nikia is perfectly beautiful, and so is Rylsky's photography.

I haven't even finished looking at this set. It is fantastic! Rylsky is on point with the camera and Nikia is beyond words....

How can a Nikia set be an 8.80???? That is a crime! call the voter cops! Someone is messing with the scores! LOL

How can you vote the #1 model on Metart less than a 9? ;)

nobody can be "the best" if you think he is not. if some people voted him as the best - must you kick your head to the wall until you will love "the best of the best of the best"?

how can any man with his own mind care about what crowd said? be yourself!
just remember what crowds was used for in history of any country.
if you see what you like - BE HAPPY and do not try to make everybody around you think the same. strange to read this from hipshot...I thought I know you well.

Not well enough to see the joke in my post I guess. Once again the language barrier gets in the way. Did you not see the LOL(laughing out loud) and the wink at the end of the other line?

Russians! No sense of hummer. :(

well,you're right: we really need to talk in Russian (only) with you from now on.

those Russians. yep, no sins of human!

Damn, must be nice to be without sin.
Or WAS that "sense" ?
Enjoy the gulag, hipshot! ROTFL

gulag ROTFL?
20+ millions of killed people is ROTFL 4you? who are you after that? c'mon, let's joke about Hiroshima or Danzig?

Rylsky, my sincere apology for an insensitive joke that failed.


You're welcome.

I formally retract the "joke"/comment. I cannot delete it however.

The numbers here would confuse Einstein. If you look at the best of metart galleries none of the top ten models is listed until #15? and as for the model ratings some of my all time favorite models are way down the list. The numbers make no sense not to mention they are constantly changing by some strange formula that no one understands.

I pick what I like and I like what I pick. There are so many awesome models here that only a fool would assume that he could choose the best. As someone said long ago the best is the one I am looking at. Each of us knows what he or she likes and the numbers will never change that. The best can only be the best until I open the next set.

  • Doug
  • 10 months ago:

It's like, why do you fall in love with somebody? It's totally personal, totally idiosyncratic, and as individual as your fingerprint. Nobody can take your favorite away from you. It's just the way it is :-)
Same with tastes, with what you like. There's no sense arguing about it. But to say that one is better than another? Who's the judge of that?
So they need a ranking system here, just like they need 120 pics or whatever minimum, and gazillions of models since the turn of the century :-) It's bragging rights, it's business, but it doesn't have anything to do with what you, me personally like.

  • Doug
  • 10 months ago:

Yeah, it's a bummer :-)

  • Doug
  • 10 months ago:

LOL is right. Nuthin' against many of those "top ten" et al models, but few would make my top 10. None would be my top choice.
Who cares? To say that #28, whoever she is, is better than #80, whoever she is, is, like, who sez so? Somebody I don't agree with?
Toss out the ridiculous number system. Or don't.
Who cares :-?

Very nice Rylsky, I love the way you shot this set. As always, Nikia looks great!
Also, as for the guy who complained about the black and white photos included in Shereen's set, I happen like it when you add this little "touch" (so, thank you).

Thank you

This guy was not complain. He just came into your diner room and teach your grandma how to make her soup for you.


I am extremely fond of image #62. I love the expression on Nikia's face:)

She has such a lovely face...

  • Doug
  • 10 months ago:

Nicky-san! What are you doing, for god's sake?
4 -- pretty sexy :-) 10 -- very nice.
Why do I think of Nicky as my naughty little sister :-?
'cause I couldn't bear the thought of her being my naughty little daughter, or worse :-)
23 -- just another mermaid :-)
27 -- when she throws her head back, look out!
It's a pretty good blonde imitation, I gotta say :-)
37 -- a little hair is better than none :-)
44 -- imagine that unshaven :-) 45 -- maybe someday when she grows up :-)
53 -- a beauty. 54 -- my lovable daughter :-) 56 -- another beauty.
57 -- it'll get ya goin'... :-) 58 -- leggy :-) 61 -- very cute.
62 -- another sly girl... 64 -- she's an actress :-)
66 -- unquestionably a smart cookie... 70-69: 1-2 punch.
71 -- very elegant. 76 -- a nice figure :-)
81 -- you wanna squeeze that thing. Incestuous! :-)
88 -- best of the bunch. 96: nice juxtaposition with 95.
97 -- she has sexy armpits too :-) 101-02 -- blistering.
103-108 -- so she is a mermaid! Or, what's incest punishable by :-?
120: :-)
Conclusion: lots of 10s for Nicky wet :-)

Amazingly beautiful woman.

And, she will actually become more and more beautiful over the next 20 years... incredible.

I envy those who will get to see her smile day in and day out.

What a gift.

She will indeed... I count myself lucky to know several such women in real life...

Very sad that the stockings did not come off at some point.

I'm not normally a fan of body part shots, but 99-102.....whoa!

Fabulous set, thanks to Nikia and Rylsky

Nice wetlook from Nikia. She did her very best to accentuate her complete shaved pussy in a lot of shots.

all other Models:
look at set. Download set if I liked it.

just download the set. It is Nikia!

Me too

Another masterful set of Rylsky.

Only lights, colors (just a few) and reflections.
The beauty of his Muse Nikia not need anything more.
Nikia recites, having fun, with an insinuating eroticism and explicit.
Nikia opens the casket of her treasures and we remain enchanted.
Maximum with honors x 2.

I think that a bit less of post production and the skin of Nikia would be more natural.

Stunning as always Nikia.

My lovely Nikia! Blue is definitely you color. It matches your gorgeous blue eyes. Though I am not a fan of water sets any set with Nikia in it is pure joy for me and the rest of your loving fans. It is always a treat to see a new set with out sweet diva.

Nikia. Perfection. Nothing more need be said.

I just noticed Nikia's new, lighter hair color. Love it!



Hello Rylsky!
This set is one of my favorite :) ( vote 10! )
Very thx for this.
Well done.

  • Neil
  • 10 months ago:

The supremely beautiful Nikia all wet and slippery, with dripping wet hair, I am very happy this morning. Nikia is always incredibly beautiful and today she is playing in Rylsky's wet studio. Perfect simply perfect.

  • Neil
  • 10 months ago:

The wet studio is great for new, inexperienced models. The water brings out wonderful expressions on the model's face, but when one of Rylsky's preeminent goddesses agrees to do a shoot in the studio, it is pure golden magic.

It is always a pleasure to see Nikia. I enjoy these sets with models in a black setting - there is something very dramatic about the focus and the lighting.

In fact a very nice set!

from uuusssee with love:

- Typical Rylsky set: Repeats without end. Up to more than 10 times the same pose.

- Much better than the sets shot by Rylsky!

- I like Tony Murano's sets more than that one shot by Rylsky. Seems to be rather hard for Rylsky to shoot pictures in landscape format.

- Enough Rylky shots now. Always the same poses. Would like to see some photo sets from the former photographers and especially from Leonardo!

- beauty couldn't inspire Rylsky. Unimaginativ, fanciless and uninspired that's exactly what this set is.
Wonderful Astrud should change the photographer.

Explain what in the hell these were. Quotes from past comments or what?

swplf, all you have to do is click on a member's user name (in yellow) and you will see all the comments they have made to date (Rylsky pointed this feature out a little bit ago).


  • Doug
  • 10 months ago:

Well, I guess you were taking notes, because now he likes ya! :-)

  • Neil
  • 10 months ago:

When you write so much nasty, hateful comments, even your compliments become meaningless.


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