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Just and only the best model ever !

you had a horrible night. Work was a nightmare. The drive home exhausting.

You come home, boot computer, log in... and you see this...

and you realize: no matter how much you adore her, she will never ever be your girl.

Time for some lonely crying under a shower.

A new set from the adorable Nikia is always welcome as she has stunning natural beauty, lovely body and a radiant smile. This set however is slightly marred by the fussy hairstyle and use of too much make-up – she doesn't need it! First time I haven't rated her an unequivocal 10.

Nikia is always pure gold. So remarkably beautiful. So wonderfully fresh and bright. Rylsky and Nikia is the perfect match. What a wonderful team. I do not think it is possible for Rylsky can take a bad photo of Nikia.

Neil, you and hipshot are absolutely correct - Rylsky's relationship with his subjects is the difference - the Rylsky difference. He is a true gentleman and they know it and it is comforting to them. This always shows in his work.

They are great friends and that makes a big difference. In fact I think that is THE difference in Rylsky's work. It is not just a business relationship. He takes the time to develop a friendship with the girls so they feel relaxed and comfortable working with him.

Nikia is special. Though her body is good, it is her face and her personality that make her so special. She has a warmth and softness that is very endearing and those sly sexy looks she has are so completely bewitching. Her sexiness comes from within. You only need to look at the fist few pix in a set to know that this is someone who would enrich your life just knowing her.

Good description, hipshot - warmth & softness. Nikia is so much more but those two words really sum it up, IMO.

You are absolutely correct. Nikia presents a delicate confidence which comes from a close rapport with Rylsky. That confidence is the essence of her beauty and the essence of her success. Nikia and Rylsky belong together.

hipshot131, I agree completely. It's easy to see that Rylsky is close to all his models and I too believe this gives him a tremendous advantage.
The girls he shoots always appear "natural", I can see it in their eyes, their smiles, and their overall facial expressions.
I see it in their bodies too....I would go as far as saying his models really never "pose", nothing ever looks "staged".

No doubt his models also know he will always put their personal interests and safety above all else.

I concur with Neil too, I'm not sure Rylsky can take a bad photo of Nikia (at least I've never seen one).
She has a radiant smile, sparkling blue/gray eyes, and an aura about her that's simply adorable.

Obviously many people feel the same way since Nikia's usually a top 5 model on this site.

Thanks Rylsky.

Mona Lisa smile, cute hairstyle, perky tits = 2 thumbs up!

Boring Poses.

Curtain-draped windowsill? Meh.
Curtain-draped windowsill with Nikia in it? Paradise.

You dirty old man you:)

I will say I have simple tastes... ( ;

Absolutely fantastic set. That smile could brighten the darkest of moods. This is the perfect girl to take home to meet the parents. So cheerful and engaging for the family. Sexy and sensual for her man. Nikia is one of my absolute favorites. Great set Nikia and Ry!!

Nikia spreads a cheerful sunlight.

Perceptible difference of chromatic pitch between some photos and other.

Nikia's gorgeous body is heaven.

Nikia=beautiful beyond words.

Such a great set of pictures, I would not know where to start. Nikia this is one of my favourite sets of you. I love all the pictures but I am particularly fond of picture #50 and #119. You are an amazing model and an amazing beauty.

Would love to make love to. :-)

Wouldn't we all? :-)

Picture #55, mind=blown!!

Thank you, Rylsky, for finally taking photos that don't suck!!

Nice left-handed compliment there, Snake.

Angel, of all the beauties you've shared with us in set after set, what grabs me today are those utterly perfect breasts. The usual words like pert and perky don't come close. Shot # 119, for example!! Mmmm! Thanks, sweetheart!

Nikia and Rylsky - two names I always love seeing together when I look at the upcoming galleries and a combination that is the envy of all other photographers, I'm sure. I've waited with bated breath for this set's release ever since it was announced in the news two days ago and, of course, I'm in no way disappointed. Once again Rylsky has captured Nikia's breathtaking beauty magnificently and I thought the black and white shot at the end was the perfect way to complete another flawless set. Don't bother with the thumbnails, just download the high-res set, take your time and enjoy each amazing shot by amazing shot. If this doesn't get Nikia back the top spot, then what on earth will?

Ah, but what a playful, teasing mood Nikia is in today. I love your bare naked body but what absolutely sells this set to me is the last page, two portrait quality headshots, both great and your eyes in the B&W just jump out at me... Nikia you have commented her in the past, so since Ry is on hiatus, why don't you say hi to us? We all would love to hear from you!!!

Nikia has commented on the forum before?
Geez, where the heck was I ?!?
When did this happen, swplf?

from Nikia to you:

"It is pleasure to see comments like this! It gaves me more reasons to keep working as model here. I will also try to answer the questions from members.
Thank you very much!"

This was posted 8 months ago. I got it off of her "general" page comment sestion.

Sweet, thanks swplf! I will check that out!

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