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The best cameltoe ever! Kiss and feel it.

Hands down the most beautiful girl in the world. Ever. And she absolutely adores the camera. Too bad Rylsky seems to think that's enough to automatically make for a great shoot. I am nearly always disappointed at what he does with her and this is no exception. She would easily be the top rated model if she had a better photographer with a little creativity.

Simply beautiful

Refined and tasteful, now you may take tasteful for either of two ways, one must decide, I know my delight of tasteful.

Images #9-13 - a real 3D-presentation! Sensational!!
And I love her soft and perfect shaped cameltoe. 10.

Nikia and Rlysky, What more do I need to say? This team is the A team all the way!

Nikia ! One of the three most beautiful girl on MET with Valeria.
Still, that series is deceiving, the setting and the poses are kind of boring, Nikia deserves much better.

I agree with the first part, Nikia and Valeria are two of the most beautiful women on Met. The second part I don't agree with, seeing the lovely smile, the perfect boobs, in fact perfect body of Nikia is both exciting and a pleasure to behold.

boring? I might die any minute thanks to an heart attack. Boring? If that is boring - please more of it.

This perfect "Rubinesk" woman, young, soft, nude, moist and fair is certainly one of my favourites. But to Rylsky I emplore: Her vagina and anus are so perfectly soft and inviting, nubile and beckoning. Please then give more close up attention to her anus at your next shoot of her. Your expose of her vagina was great. But a woman's sweetest font for the senses in the anus (in my experienced opinion). Her's is so perfect, hairless and appearing damp to the touch and to the taste. We must see more next time. Thank you.

This uber fox has the sweetest face on the plant.

skin looks so real, guess i dont understand

Wonderful Nikia naked (really naked, ie without unwanted hair).
The beauty of Nikia is all its own.
Rylsky the door down to us.
Thanks to both.

Image #4: "Счастье в Лете" - Ни в пи*ду, ни в Красную Армию...

Nikia has that amazing simile and expressive face – and she knows just how to use them. Very good photoset.

Such a beautiful woman. I appreciate that Rylsky has drawn attention to Nikia's tiny waist via the placement of her hands.

Neil: Have we seen this location before?

Stunning as always from Nikia and Ry.

A 10 to both Rylsky and Nikia! I thank both of you, great work!

The amazing Miss Nikia. So very beautiful, so very cute and so very, very seductive. Truly one of the most perfect models on MetArt. She is possessed of such a wonderful natural confidence, which gives her poise and ease in front of Rylsky's camera. Such a beautiful goddess.

Beautiful Niki, as always, you take my breath away—and my words. 10s forever.

She is one of Metart's superstars.

Indeed. A super-superstar. ( :

Oh Ry, when will you come back, sharing Nikia today was wonderful. Twenty sets here in less than 2 years and she still reveals new sides of herself every time. Today it was a cute coyness oin with explicit exposure. The hair back was a treat. Thanks for the one B/W as usual with her, and the head shots and isolation were neat. Good Set...

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