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Goddess! Great model and photography. WOW!

wooo love to see her pretty ass face down ass up like that, can only imagine how nice it must feel to be inside of that pretty little ass. wow

She's more Photoshop than woman here. Why waste her beauty like that?

I see the Neanderthals are still climbimg the walls --

Let me not talk about Nikia, and she is a dear darling of all and the return of his big blue eyes is a pleasure not debatable.

I want to talk about details, perhaps insignificant, but, in my opinion, that make the difference between a photo and a beautiful photo; between a photo and an excellent photo.

The lovely silk blouse with pastel flowers, not worn to hide Nikia but to drive eyes to much more beauty.
The colored band of the stockings, that is not a common thing, one thing that is on all the stockings.

For me blouse and stockings are as discreet accompaniment of orchestra to the lead singer.

Also reveals that, the photographer who built the set, he built it, not just to give a little bit of food to hungry dogs, but to make something on which to linger the gaze little longer


Wow it is totally amazing how much chatter this cutey brings on. I for one agree that Rylsky is a master craftsman. This girl or doll or woman- whatever you say about her has got to be one of my favorite models on Metart. I can not take my eyes off her. Please let us know when she goes on tour in America. Wherever it is I will be in line for tickets!!

Nikia is sooo cute! Need a lot more please.

You vave abused PHOTOSHOP!! good and nice model.

Please justify. I hear this constantly used on metart and it never gives any examples. If you are going to make such statements please have the decency to tell us what you think was Photoshopped. Otherwise I call BS

I have to revise my early post. After a second run through I have to say that the selection or portrait shots from so many angles is outstanding and Nikia is at her best in those. So darling and so much personality it is hard to conceive of a more warm and inviting person. Nikia has an unequaled talent for making her audience feel her joyous playful femininity. There are so many lovely portraits in this set that it is hard to pick just one or two but the last 6 photos really show Nikia at her best. I think I would have to choose #117 as my favorite because it really captures Nikia's essence. Nikia really is Sugar and spice and everything nice!

I love the 'natural' shots...41,42,43,52,55,67,117 (and many more)....really brings out the personality of the Model, rather than just being an object....well done, excellent set...

Nikia is totally beautiful, with a beautiful personality. I specially loved shots 36,44,and 56. she remembers that being totally beautiful is a responsibility that has humor as a big part. If you can't play you can't be totally beautiful, just mostly beautiful. Rylsky may be the one that paints on the clown face and tells jokes, but I bet Nikia is a close runner-up. I gave a 10++++ to both

It's rude to airbrush/mask. Stop this practice, photog.

In a word- adorable...................


To make a long story short...."sweet!"



GREAT JOB RYLSKY, talk abut bring out a personality in photos!!!!!

Sweet, cute, pretty, sexy, innocent, you made it all happen with that camera and a beautiful gal. Great work....

So many stand out aspects to this series. It is a challenge to the motivation. 2 sets from yesterday still haven't received proper Magwich mention.

I know nothing about photography, but despite the general excellence here, the skin of our model occasionally appears false to my eyes.

Personality comes through here loud and clear without becoming a distracting silly a frolic (but see 43) . Look at those dimples! Now those are erotic goodies (boner dimples). Even the stockings have personality, rather than simple being there.

Both stockings and blouse are ideal choices for our setting and model. The shirt is both a tease and a show off. (see butt 89, 95). Cloth used to maximum effect.

Image 3 with closed body language -that is not closed at all -conveying warmth and promise to the lucky person facing our model.

22,23,24. Fine examples of why I prefer landscapes. Those are (ahem) very effective poses. I wish our model was a bit closer to the headboard so it would provide a more pleasing frame without being chopped.

The wall and headboard provide color and texture which work well to flatter out model, and with simplicity do not detract. No obtrusive picture on the wall. A side table blessedly free of ugly lamp or clutter. The curtain does sometimes create an uncomfortable split background (see 32).

44-51. A nice progression of legginess. Camera angles that are good at conveying 3 dimensions.

53 is a winner. A touch of cleavage tease, and the lovely hip rolling slightly to the side so we can see. Another good use of landscape.

68, 69, 70. Also 3 dimensionally effective. The open leg pose with view from the top is lovely. I did wish for enough room between the bed and the wall for the camera to give us a nice close up.

The views from above are nice. Especially 118 with the eyes through the hair.

119 could be improved with the headboard high enough to frame the backside rather than interrupting the curve of the hip.

I frequently miss, with this artist, butt views that highlight the flare of waist to hip. The small of the back is often obscured. Isn't that what we notice when watch a woman walking away from us? I want to see the last photo exactly as it is with her facing the other direction.

The last photo is excellent the way it is, and a fine choice to end the series.

wow...very interesting.

thank you, Magwich

Magwich -- My grandfather used to refer to this kind of detailed analysis as "picking the fly shit out of the pepper". :-)

My grandmother kept a lid on the pepper jar.

So this is what we shall call the "proper Magwich mention" - an excellent summary, akin to the detailed analysis we occasionally get from Doug, yet with a different emphasis ;-)

I also like the display of flare waist/hip, more from the standing front view as to display the classic "hourglass" of the female form. We don't always get those, as you point out, but often enough on this site to keep me happy.

1. Search "Limeliters and Vikki Dougan" for more cleavage.

2. Is your research into The Rule of Thong progressing satisfactorily?

Fine synopsis, agree on the flare from waist to hip.

I downloaded this gallery, and who amongst us wouldn't?

In addition to all the things I appreciate about Nikia / Rylsky collaborations; today included many images that punched up the fun, happy quotient. The portrait quality images are very nice indeed.

I think Rylsky's goal is always to show the personality of the model, and this set is a prime example. I don't know how he does it so well, but it is his trademark. I'll bet he has a lot of good jokes he tells.

I don't need my own jokes or sketches, I can just login to METART and let girls read what tags members used, what comments and nicknames members used (baggyPants, luvlicking...hmmm, uuusssee, etc)... thank you for your help, be sure, girls respond: what about "NikiLuvUrDicky"?

It's because his girls are friends not just models doing a job. They genuinely like working with him and he treats them with respect and loving care. They are family.

Not all girls are closest friends, it's impossible when you work with 100s, but at least we try, especially when the girl is our exclusive. She need to trust us and we surely trust her: it creates the atmosphere (I feel it) and results (I hope you like it).

I'm sure he is fun to work with also. I appreciate his humor just in what he posts here.

thank you, I appreciate it very much, because I can't be clear in any humor in English, I just hope it works and you understood.
I feel I can't use my sense of humor more than 20% here. But on the other hand I am happy it is forum. I have no idea how to be humorous if this was Hungarian or Chinese forum site...

...for what it's worth, Rylsky, if it were a Hungarian or Chinese site, I'd be lost too.... ( :

easy to read (if not urban slung) but impossible to write with humor

great colors and setting, but I'm still not a fan of overly Photoshopped galleries. Spot Healing and Blur Brush galore here.

OK, we are sorry, maybe some previous or some new updates with her are not so "overly".

Can you give a few specific examples? I'm not sure I see what you are talking about.


Lovely Nikia. The facial portraits are beautiful. The legs in the air shots are awesome . Beautiful young lady.
Thank you Rylsky. I find it impossible to call this set "non erotic ".
P.S. Can I have her number?

sure. her number is #1

Excellent! What else could it be?

Lovely Nikia. The facial portraits are beautiful. The legs in the air shots are awesome . Beautiful young lady.
Thank you Rylsky. I find it impossible to call this set "non erotic ".

I love those legs!

What a sight!! The stockings enhance the silk-like feeling of her wonderful skin. Her charming smile, the glittering moist tongue, the soft inviting slit...
Lucky members of Metart ...

Nikia and Ry, what a team, always producing a great set of pictures.

Nikia, always smiling, always beautiful. Ry always picking locations, directing beautifully and pointing the camera.

Ahhh darling Nikia, looking more playful and darling than ever. ( :
I am so happy she continues to return and surprise us pleasantly. Long may this lady reign. ( :

Nikia is definitely Met Art royalty,

I hope, not MetArt only.

Not by far, Rylsky. Anywhere her lovely feet take her she is a queen. ( :

The remarkable young woman known to us as Nikia, pefect, simply perfect. What a beautiful woman. So many beautiful portraits of her gorgeous face. Nikia is the supreme goddess of Rylsky land. And it seems to me that every photo Rylsky takes of her is better than the last. She may be the perfect model.

How I feel is people maybe overlooking her because of all of the other models.

A while back when she was a blonde. Rylsky took some b&w shots that are incredible!

Which I love and like Neil he is dead on. She is perfect model 11+.
When I see beauty like this on sites or in person.

I get that overwhelming, exciting pit in my
stomach. This young lady triggers that angels do exist on earth. :)

This women is a Goddess. I LOVE her other sets when she is shot in black and white. I love to see her as a redhead. Her blue eyes and smile is incredible. I love all of her sets this is an angel walking the earth.

What is the airport code for Rylskyland?

I wanna book a flight.

I do not believe Rylskyland has an airport. The only way to visit Rylskyland is in your dreams. Fortunately, King Rylsky shows us almost daily photos of his beautiful ambassadors to give us pleasant images for our dreams.


I love love love Nikia but this set was really flat. I don't think you can make a bad photo of Nikia but I guess you can make a lackluster set. The strange stockings and the fact that she never removed them didn't help and for me even though Nikia was her normal feisty self the set never really got off the ground.

To be honest, Hipshot, I got the feeling this set was an entirely different kind from Rylsky and Nikia's "normal" set... less about displaying her erotic goodies and more about showing her happy, playful side. In that regard it succeeded totally for me, because she is so intoxicating to look at when she's in a playful mood.

That's my take on the set, fer_realz, a different look at Nikia more as a whole with a cheerful expression. If you wanted closeups, this is not your set. If you liked seeing her overall beauty and positive emotions, it is a success. I appreciated the attention given to her shapely legs. She is a very charming young lady, and Rylsky certainly brings it out in her.

If you wanted closeups, this is not your set.
Yes, but on RylskyArt we started special series titled "petals". Hipshot knows so well what is it:)
Nikia's appearance in this special series planned for sure. It will be strong and special "appetizer" for him.

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