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Once again, the single most beautiful girl in the history of humanity in a bunch of similar, boring poses. Just plain lazy.

I think Nikia is an awesone, confident beauty, and I am glad anytime she will pose for us.Rylsky has placed her in a perfect setting. Also she did give us some "pussy shots "so we are acquainted with her lovely anatomy. I gave Nikia and Rylsky a 10++++

Yep..... A new set of Nikia...on a patio....in the sun....nice.

Awesome set, beautiful model with very hot tits, perfect body, and a great attitude.

By Nikia's incredibly high standards, I find this photo shoot slightly disappointing. I find it quite irritating to see her unnecessary and unattractive navel piercings in some of the photos and missing, presumably photo shopped, in others. Not quite the normal 10+ for Nikia.

For God's sake, show something!!!!!!

I think "God" sees all...doesn't he??

...and he created this "all"

happy weekend!

...if you choose to believe.


sure, but here answers was based on first comment

Some say robins signify the beginning of spring. I would suggest instead that it arrives with Nikia's warm smile.

very lovely model. quite adorable

Two of MetArt's most beautiful current models, Nikia and Michelle, appearing in the same night... marvelous. Life is good, indeed.
What I like most about this particular set of Nikia is that Rylsky highlights her natural hourglass figure while also capturing her soft appearance. I'd very much like to cuddle with Nikia all day on a lazy Saturday... ( :

I'd very much like to cuddle with Nikia all day on a lazy Saturday... ( :

Get in line, It may be quite a wait!

Longer than ANY of us have!! LOL

The three secrets to success in business also apply to love, I must suppose:
"Location, location, location!" LOL

Lovely Nikia, Bringing us a warm summer day. This set I think is an archive set. A couple of years old? Certainly done in the summer. The garden and the trees are all in full summer foliage and the sky is hazy. Not to mention the lack of intimate close ups which indicates that this is an older set.

Our weather here is warming and the grass needs mowing already but the trees are still bare.

Nikia is always welcome on my screen and I think most viewers agree.

I always enjoy Nikia's visits, for the various reasons I have offered in response to her previous visits. This visit is no less enjoyable than any of her earlier appearances.

Many thanks to Nikia and Team Rylsky for this collaboration.

What! No pussy shots?

Do all her sets have to have it in your face and full-screen? Its still there, I can see it.

Not to worry. Rest assured she still has all the parts of a healthy young woman. I am sure Nikia is grateful for your concern.


I suppose this is another "Presenting Nikia".

I suppose that makes sense...

Nikia, Rylsky's reigning supreme goddess. All of her photos are pure gold. Nikia and Rylsky make the perfect team. Excellent.

As always, Nikia looks great. The man who has Nikia in his life, is a very lucky man indeed.

Thanks Rylsky....nice work.

The man who wins Nikia's heart could capture the world. With a woman like Nikia beside him, a man could do anything.

I agree with both Neil and Browning , but if Nikia was in my life there is no way that I would share her with the men who write to this page. Not even fully clothed.

Truer words have never been written.

I'm sure you mean a woman that "looks like Nikia..." because we surely don't know the girl's personality or character. No doubt she "looks" great, but one never knows what lies beneath the beautiful exterior... ;o)
And for all we know, it could be "the woman that captures her heart"... ;o)

Very true rachsbach, I often forget to add that caveat:))
Living with a beautiful monster, is still living with a monster:(

Sorry.....I keep forgeting that this is a "fantasy world" in here...my bad ;o)

Nice words as usual Neil.

My take: If I won Nikia's heart I wouldn't need much else; capturing the world would reduce my time with Nikia.

Baggy.....Neil's and your comment are both excellent....but I especially like yours:)
Who in their right mind would want to give up any time with Nikia? :))

I can not believe what I am reading. Am I to understand that if fortune smiled on you and gave you the heart of a young woman such as Nikia, you would be inspired to idle mediocrity? Perish the thought! The love of such a remarkable woman is proof beyond all else that destiny has selected you for greatness. It is said, "behind every great man stands a great woman." I have no doubt that a woman such as Nikia would be destined to stand with a great man.

I can tell you that Nikia is all that we imagine. I have talked with Rylsky and he says she is as sweet as she is beautiful and that is quite easy to believe. Intelligent and caring and very easy to talk to.

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