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a very beautiful young woman. I love her skin

Forgot the main thing- without the skill of Rylsky we would never experience the joy of seeing a doll like Nikia. Thanks from the bottom of my heart ...and the shaft of my cock! Ha Ha.

Forgot the main thing- without the skill of Rylsky we would never experience the joy of seeing a doll like Nikia. Thanks from the bottom of my heart ...and the shaft of my cock! Ha Ha.

I don't find anyone who gets to me like the angel Nikia. She is so delicious I can never get enough of her! I was happy to see that there is a new gallery due soon or maybe even now. There are teachings of old that say certain women of beauty would cause a man to lose a load by just saying the woman's name aloud. The sexual stimulation would be that intense in the man's imagination. When I look at Nikia I realize the truth in that teaching. She is a woman of contrasts that amaze me. She can have that smile of a high school senior and at the same time have that perfect little ass raised high with her perfectly gorgeous pussy gaping mesmerizingly. Keep her coming again and again.....and I will too hahaha!!

Nice touch, that purple nightie; makes her look sooooo hot.

poor set... Nikia deserves better... MA members deserve better

I did NOT subscribe to METART to see babes in underwear or dresses; I can get plenty of that from the VENUS catalogs that my beautiful wife gets.

Nude pictures only, please.

Having a "beautiful wife" begs the question..."Why DID you subscribe?"

Visits from Nikia tend to leave me :o thankfully I can still write.

Is ":o" the emoticon for speechless?

If not, please supply the proper one. Thanks.

LOL I like that baggy!! I think you have the one you need! LOL
I suppose in this scenario, "o" would be the symbol for a "blind mute"...??? (lmao!)

visits from Nikia leave me o|o (figure that one out Rock, LOL)

Rats! It takes out the extra spaces.


Right, lots of great photos; her beauty, her skin, is flawless. Nikia in the pink bra and panties were spectacular (12, 20, 33 etc). Nude photos, breathtaking; Nikia in the purple lingerie, cute and sexy (sweet ass); her numerous facials, simply beautiful. But the one that stopped me dead in my tracks was surprisingly, #123. Now that's a great photo and it was probably the easiest one to take.

13 and 14. What is that?!!

There are lots of excellent images here like 10, 120, 121. Taken as a whole, I don't see much cohesion, theme, progression, or story. We have seen many times our artist excels at all 4. For me this is a combination of superb and sloppy. 48 - 51 could be great with better framing.

I am surprised we haven't heard from Snake about the bunched up lingerie. In 85 it accentuates nicely. The same in 87 with the scoop below the navel. But 90 and 91 look like good pictures targeted by guns shooting purple paintballs. SPLAT!

I like that chair as a chair. I am not convinced its contribution to compelling eroticism calls for continued inclusion. I am beginning to prefer the Pineapple Crocodile.

#13 & 14 were pretty pink panties covered crotch shots that were enough to make a grown man cry...my only complaint was that damn railing.

And here I thought it was Rylsky "trying" to be clever...and not succeeding. lol

thx. mr Judge, I failed your test. Next please!

Lots of great shots of the gorgeous Nikia, but then, has anyone ever seen a "bad" picture of her!? I think NOT! The 'mix of pix' tells me this is a extra long "bonus set"....;o) Nice... It's a Great Day at The Met!!

A commendably positive assessment. Thank you, I needed it.

Uhhhhh... You're welcome...??? Glad I could...'help'...???


Da money is in da bank! Dis is da babe!! ;o)

Rather have the raw eroticism, not so subtle...didn't join met art for subtlety........

Perhaps Halena's set is your choice today?

The long sleeved, side slit shirt skirt deserves to have our model all to itself instead of simply being filler. Starting with sleeves out, buttoned up. Then pictured slowly coming off from every angle possible.

I gotta say that's a great suggestion, Mag. ( :

Waaaaay too many wasted (non-nude) pics!

Playful, coy Mona Lisa smirk.

If adorableness were a crime, Nikia would be a master criminal.

In this set Nikia gets to show us what a girly girl she is... the pink lingerie look so adorable on her!

I am elated to see pretty lingerie is back. I see more beautiful women modeling all the colors of the rainbow on the www. The tease element is hightened with intimacies. Thank you Met Art.

I am so glad I don't have Rylsky's job. Imagine trying to decide which incredibly beautiful model to shoot today Nikia or whoever. I would have several more heart attacks. I love Hikia's slip,shirt underwear and birthday suit.Rylsky has also remembered that her back is as beautiful as her front.I gave Nikia and Rylsky both a 10++++

What a great set. Nikia is always so perfectly beautiful. She is among Rylsky's supreme models. Such a magnificent feminine body and a charming beautiful visage. Nikia is truly a remarkable young woman. It is a wonderful pleasure to view her photos.

I liked the shots of Nikia in the bra and panties. Very sexy. That is the kind of lingerie that real ladies wear rather than corsets and stockings. And it may sound weird but I liked to see the washing instructions tag hanging out of her bra. Why? Because that happens to real women all over the world. It just proves this beautiful goddess is a normal girl.

Such a gorgeous, sexy woman! Photo 59 was my fav!

Is the maestro moving away from raw to subtle eroticism ?

It's a "bonus set"!! A compilation of previously un-released photos. Not to worry...;o)

If it's Nikia, ANY way Rylsky choses to shoot her is fine with me! Even if it's in a potato sack ... she could certainly pull even THAT off and make it look sexy.

Don't give him any ideas about potato sacks!! ;o) LOL

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