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love sorry for not proof reading.

great shoot. I live this young girls beautiful skin among other things :-)

great shoot. I live this young girls beautiful skin among other things :-)

Always enjoy indoor photos of Rylsky gals preferably in a bedroom drop. Seems so much sexier and dream material-- if only in my bed etc..... though Nikia can have on a potato sack with her body peeking out from different angles and I would still watch and drool.

Perhaps the worst set ever of one of the most beautiful girls at Met-Art. Rylsky usually does a pretty good job, but this set was garbage.

Rylsky - I appreciate that it must be difficult working with models, especially one who is a star and can demand some concessions. Perhaps I was too harsh in blaming you for the problems with this set. I am sure that you are aware that shooting in full sun is extremely difficult due to the high light intensity. Also, models always squint in full sun, as did Nikia throughout the set. Perhaps it was more my disappointment in not seeing the softer, more attractive side of Nikia that many of us find so appealing. She has only a few more years of remarkable beauty remaining, and I hope that we have not seen the last of the warm, smiling young woman that we have come to care for.

A few more years, Nostraphotofandamus? Every human instantly becomes ugly at a certain age? I am certain if our model is happy and comfortable with with what the camera reveals, we will cheer - whatever her age, and whether she is jumping on a bed or a sunny rock.

What will you say if Nikia was never agree to be nude model without set like this "garbage"? IOW, you had no chance to see any other set without set like this one and sure you never know sets where "Rylsky does a pretty good job"

have a good weekend and think different (or "wider")

lovely set, lovely Nikia. shots 62 - 66 of her walking away, looking coyly over her shoulder. magnificent.

Ho-Hum Another shoot if an unbelievably beautiful Model(Nikia). As we all know(or at least those of us with higher education) Nike'is Greek for VICTORY. So Nikia is celebrating how victorius she is over all the boys and girls that swing that way. And I was glad to hear that Rylsky does NOT shove nude models into the snow up to their lady bits like some photographers I can name do here on Met.( I am thinking here of Gwen A who did it three times, and her photog added her frantically scrambling into her clothes in a snow covered parking lot. She did get to stand where a car melted off the snow.) I gave Nikia and Rylsky a 10+ infinity, but only because they deserve it.

Absolutely beautiful hips and hourglass body! Okay, there are a lot of features that are beautiful about Nikia buy I think this set really brings out her hips and hourglass body. Thank you Nikia and Rylsky!!

That's exactly what I was thinking too, Dutchman!

Fantastic set! I love the way you kept her shadowed so that the colors of her lovely skin come through rich and full. You make it look easy but I know that it is anything but easy. Keeping the sun out of her eyes so she does not squint and the sun from that lovely so there is no glare and washed out portions of that lovely body. All are deceptively hard to accomplish and one reason that I rate Rylsky as one of the best.

As for Nikia? Words are simply not adequate to express her charm and beauty as well as her professionalism. A pretty model and good posing can not come close to what you see here. Nikia radiates a clam beauty that is far more than just physical. Sort of a magical ability to make everything she touches look more lovely than it is. I can't help but gush superlatives when I see her even though I know they can never describe the special charm she holds for most of us.

@ hipshot131:

You said "a clam beauty", inadvertent or not; that is both priceless and equally appropriate.

good classic "minimalistic" wallpaper for monitor, sir Malevich.

It was inadvertent and as you know once you hit enter it's to late!

I could see where it could be a Freudian slip? Not in my usual vocabulary though. :)


Actually though, I believe that had you contacted K or. . .in the 2 hours between your original post and my reply ~ being that there were not yet any replies ~ she would have taken it down.

I know I had an attack of impatience and triple commented somewhere, K removed the extra two because there had been no replies. Especially useful, if possible, in cases of awkward or incendiary , hasty, comments.

I like the comment the way you wrote it.

Goodness. Got so carried away I forgot to mention I love the last page in that pretty blue dress. I think I have seen a couple of those shots before but since it's Nikia I don't mind replays at all. She looks so light and summery in that dress at the resort I could do with a whole set of just Nikia in that lovely dress and location!

Well said.

Absolute goddess! And the way she was presented does nothing to diminish her loveliness!!!

I always download and usually enjoy visits from lovely Nikia.

Today is a visit that I really enjoyed, and I appreciated Nikia's: lovely face, great eyes, dimples, shapely breasts, areolae and nipples, graceful transition from waist to hips, navel, camel toe, nice legs, and hint of ribs ~ all in the first page of 20 images. Later on we were treated to sightings of Nikia's delightful derriere.

Rylsky kept up his end of the deal by including some arms akimbo poses to highlight Nikia's waist and transition to hips. I also appreciated that he included some playful jumps and the last 10 out and about images.

Many thanks to Nikia and Team Rylsky for this very pleasant visit!

Let's celebrate World Cup 2014 1st game!


What an absolutely adorable girl!! The girl, the location, the set...stunning stunning stunning!!! 124 may be my favorite shot of all!! So many elements and textures...and a turtle!! Love the turtles! THAT particular location is also very beautiful and photogenic. All in all, a beautiful gallery! Bravo Rylsky!! Thank you and tons of kisses Niki...;o) XXXXXXXXXXXXX

we definetly need more Nikia-with-turtles-sets.

and that is not a joke. Turtles!

Missed the turtles. Good eye.

Lots of good comments for this justly appreciated opus.

Turtles??? All that loveliness and your talking turtles? Hmmmm, ;o)

This must be an illusion. That looks like water, but I don't see any of the world's ugliest rocks.
Our artist would be less cruel by showing us much more of much less of that dress.
Nice posing progression. Nice work in broad daylight. Many fine peeks like 48. Excellent and rare exposition of the back and neck. The hair up helps.

Our model looks perilously perched sometimes, then later has her face in a toxic plant. I assume our artist photographer knows he has slim chance of hiding should harm come to our model.

My heart skipped a beat when I first saw 37 and the several subsequent shots, but lillies are only "toxic" to cats..."some" cats. Also..."our model"??? LOL And don't think for a second that Rylsky would risk his career with any "creative" carelessness regarding the model's safety! Photos can be very deceiving with distance and perspective.

Datura, not Lilly. As a heart stopper, excellent allusion.

You see no rocks because model is on the top of high rock (I will better call it "hill"). See was under hill, about 500 meters. That's why the sea here look like an illusion. Another illusion is why no shadow. I hope you understand what trick was used for this result. And finally, we use low contrast and "vivid colors" effect in post-production for "summer mood" colors.

do you really think I will harm anybody just for your votes or bucks?

I appreciate the explanation of the skill and effort that went into this excellent offering. I always want to know how it was done. Your welcome reply gives me too much credit, however. I was referring to the many photosets we have been seeing with jumbles of jaggedy giant gravel and lumpy colorless rock.

PS Give me a break, fellows. I way missed my mark if anyone thought I was serious.

I was referring to the many photosets we have been seeing with jumbles of jaggedy giant gravel and lumpy colorless rock.
I do agree, now I can only remember that girls like it (for portfolio), but I really know that most male viewers dislike because of "uncomfortable associations". It's always a battle between male and female point of view to erotic photos, especially locations, wear, accessories and poses...
Somebody who retired and have experience and time MUST write a book or two about all these psychological differences... Good way to became a millionaire...
...wow, what am I doing here then?

no problems. Ticket closed now.

:=) How about a documentary movie on the subject of modern erotic photography? You have the video equipment and you have the models who are experts on the subject. :=) It never occured to me that a model would want to do a particular shoot for her portfolio. Makes sense though. It is good to know that the models have a voice regarding the kind of shoot she will do.

It never occured to me that a model would want to do a particular shoot for her portfolio.
MANY models want to see and SHOW reasons why they are erotic models, because 99% of people around think and say: "hey, you did it only because of money, no beauty here, just pure and simple vagina show".

When girl have something in her portfolio to protect herself from this kind of thinking - she will use it as strong protection: "it's nice place, it's hard to take photo like this, that's WHY IT's not only vagina show, guys". When model have only 20 beds + 10 showers and 15 chairs, sofas, etc.... in her portfolio - no chance to say anything about the art to the most of people (not me).

Awesome. Thank you for the insight, Rylsky, this would never have occurred to me, either.

I don't believe for a moment that Rylsky would put any of the girls in harms way for any reason. I know that he treasures these girls very strongly and is close friends with many of them. You can bet that he would take no chances with Nikia. She is a rare and beautiful flower and one of his most lovely and productive models not to mention one of the nicest girls anywhere.

Ah, then. I will sleep with confidence since I now know where she ranks on niceness. If she were 15th nicest, THEN would I worry he would push her into the maw of the Kraken below the cliff.

Nikia would be gorgeous under any circumstances, but the fact that she genuinely seems to be enjoying herself in her sets makes her an all-time favorite. Gorgeous.

Nikia is amazingly cute, what a glorious vision in the sunshine, I must take more cliff top walks in future.

Oh for a video of those lovely bouncy jumps!

Rylsky, when you are bad, you're very bad.

But when you are good, you are FUCKING AWESOME!!!

Please feel as free to tell what you like as what you do not.

Good? Bad? In any case you said you watching Rylsky and you feel emotions.

Since I have never seen snake return to respond to comments, I'll respond for him and say that I believe he "likes" this set VERY MUCH!! And yes, he seems to be very emotional about it..LOL

Minus the long flowing hair and the half shell, the opening shots of just Nikia in front of the blue of the horizon above and the blue of the sea below, remind me of "The Birth of Venus." What a stunningly perfect body, and a stunningly adorable face. ( :

When I first laid eyes on the set, my very first thought was "Aphrodite"... Don't know if that was appropriate, but I'm sure the "master of mythology" will correct me if it wasn't...lol "The Birth of Venus" also seems very appropriate...

My goodness, what a wonderful gallery! The extraordinarily beautiful Nikia in an absolutely incredibly magnificent location. A perfect celebration of summer and of feminine beauty. Every photo is no less than absolutely perfect. The incredible Miss Nikia becomes more and more beautiful with each new set. Such a perfect feminine figure. Such a divinely gorgeous face. Each and every facet and aspect of her perfect body is a feature worthy of admiration and praise. Perfect, simply perfect!

I can only agree that this is a magnificent photo shoot. She is the peerless superstar of erotic art. How anyone can score her less than 10 (whether or not they are admirers of a shaven model) is totally beyond me!

How anyone can score her less than 10
Take it easy. I am sure we have 10s of "1 of 10" votes for Nikia. Imagine why and imagine what all this scale is about, sir.

I am certain that we have seen this location recently. I have been searching other galleries for the past hour, but I can not remember which other model was photographed here. The communications or radar station on the hilltop looks very familiar to me. Oh well, its not that important.

I can hardly imagine what it must be like to share beautiful sunny days in a location like this with two of the most radiant and charming models in the world. I know there is work involved and yet I find myself thinking "how lucky can you get" To do a job that you love in some of the most pleasant company in the world has got to be so satisfying.

Feeona was there too. Cover of her video "Go Outside" on RA:

corresponding photoset

Yes it was Feeona in Lemoni. Can you imagine? Our friend Rylsky makes his living by taking some of the world's most beautiful young women to a beautiful location on a beautiful sunny day. I wont say he is lucky, but he has a great occupation. And with such talented models, driving to this location was probably more work than taking the pictures. Lucky son of a.....

Wasn't there recently another Nikia outdoor set in this location?
With the look on her face when she was posing in front of the two telescope installations, I could't help imagining she was saying, "Their domes, or mine?" LOL

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