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So, so pretty Nikia in a short white dress and no knickers. I am in paradise.

Wonderful model.
Wonderful hairstyle.
Wonderful clothing.
Wonderful ambiance.
Wonderful photos.

I don't know how a photographer can so consistently crank out boring shoots of such an amazing bombshell but here we have yet another (un)fine example. If only she would branch out...

OMG! Nikia is perfection =)

Rylsky please take a picture to Martisha (Domai)

Martisha - not possible, sorry.

A few months ago I asked Rylski for Nikia's number . His reply was "Sure , her number is # 1 . He was right.

thank you

11/10 x 2

hm, is it me or does she look a lot more mature in this sets than earlier ones?

works for me. From girl to hot russian woman. I won't complain.

Of course . The pretty little girl is becoming a beautiful young lady.
If only Rylsky would give me her damn number .... hmmmmmm.

Not so sure about that (Nikia being older/more mature) in this set. Something struck me about her girlish figure so I looked back at some of her previously posted sets. In THIS set, expecially frames #122 & 124, her breasts are noticeably smaller than what they appear in previously posted sets. The MAKEUP in this set is what I think makes her look more mature. I'm not so sure that this isn't one of her earlier shoots only getting posted now.

That being said, I don't particularly care when she's photographed - only that her sets continue to appear.

I think that I got to my Heart meds in time today. You know I had a heart attack right after Ms. Nikia posed on the rock over the sea last month.I'm hoping to stay safe this month. I gave Nikia and Rylsky a 10+ infinity.

Nikia is lovely and sexy who could ask for more? But I will anyway. I kept expecting some enticing close-ups, and they finally came, but I was hoping for more. Nice set, and stunning model, but the 8.83 surprises me.

A theme of cuteness here that will be difficult to surpass. Front facing away, shirt see through at the bottom: suburb, especially when our model looks back. The swing is allowed to be somewhat confining. Hiding in the shrubbery was nicely affecting, though I see no reason to hide the top of our model's head. Compliments for hair and makeup. The blue at the navel is cute. Would it be possible to get a view from under the swing?

Come on, how many boring pics on the swing???


Our prolific fertility goddess Nikia fulfills yet another of my fantasies by playing for us on a swing with a *very* short "skirt," and then further beautifies the countryside by shedding it entirely.
So much yummy sweet goodness, it seems impossible that it could possibly be contained in one small body.
Brava, Nikia, may you reign long in happiness in our hearts!

Beautiful, stunning, a great set.

To each their own, I suppose. For my, whenever I see Rylsky, I know I'll be disappointed, and this set is no exception. Such a beautiful girl, but Rylsky's work, though artistic, bores me to tears.

I am really sorry about tears. But I am proud that I made the same feelings as Hollywood masters but with only my boring photos... I am impressed.

For every Hollywood master, there are those who are fans, and those who are not.

You obviously have many fans, I just don't happen to be one of them.

Here, have a tissue.

I'm thinking he might want some cheez with his whine as well.
Please, allow me.

I'm guessing the tissues these pictures generate are used for cum, not tears

RedPilot, our dashing poet.

Did you said "Tears Of Penis", sir?

She's got to be the cutest thing I've ever seen. Just phenomenal.

Rylsky should go to work for Mattel and paint dolls

A comment quite clever. Better saved to apply elsewhere, perhaps.

I loved the last set,i loved the openness of it. this is entirely different a new girl.But in two totally different shoots you have captured a truelly beautiful girl.I think it is important too change it about.I love Astrud,alysha and Flavia,but nikia is something special a real chameleon .Is it worth getting Rysky art? Anybody

If you don't have RA you are missing ALOT

Yes. Nikia is one of three supreme goddesses of RylskyArt in a magnificent pantheon of beautiful goddesses. During the month of July, there will be four update galleries featuring the beautiful Nikia on RylskyArt. Rylsky has published many sets featuring Nikia. And you are absolutely correct, Nikia is such a great model she can present so many different looks, each remarkably gorgeous.

The remarkably beautiful Miss Nikia. Nikia is always supremely gorgeous. She poses with such confidence and ease. Always with bright exquisite eyes and a radiant inviting smile. Just perfect!

I agree that Nikia is as stunningly beautiful and exquisite as ever.My only reservation relates to her totally unnecessary navel piercings which serve only to slightly mar her lovely body. You cannot improve upon perfection!

You can't improve on perfect, I suppose Nikia thought she could with that piercing. Her choice.

Bucolic idealization of the Life in the country.Sweet

The seller

It's Nikia, Need I say more? One of Rylsky's all time best in a sweet outfit and a nice floral setting. Could we ask for more? Nikia has a special way about her that sings to me of sweetness and light. Irresistible, and she seems to never comes to the stage with anything less than her A game. It's got to be wonderful working with her. She just lights up any setting with her natural beauty both inner and outer.

July is a special month, the month of Nikia on RylskyArt.com
4 updates including video.

It's an angel on that swing with that pretty face and amazing body.The fluid coming out of her pussy is beautiful.

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