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Simply love the tight fitting white panties

Rylsky You are a fantastic photographer, i love the way You play with the light..

Nice to see some hair finally what is wrong not shoing hair a few times a week?

This set started out with a loud bang (the first eight shots are pure dynamite) and then fizzled to nothing. What a waste of talent and beauty. Another thing, I don't care for B&W photos.

Awesome set! Nikia is definitely an "Earth Angel"!

Wonderful set of the ever beautiful always sexy Nikia

The full white panties are awesome and the opportunity to enjoy this beauty actually wearing them in a variety of poses for a few frames was most welcome..

More panties please...!!


A photoset about a trellis. Could have sold this to Better Homes and Gardens.

I see the point when looking at the thumbnail photos. After that, the point seems lost...

I see the point when looking at the thumbnail photos. After that, the point seems lost...

I only clicked once!

Not very helpful. Didn't like Nikia at all? Couldn't blank out the background and focus on the woman?

If you think this was about a trellis ... well ...

post script Doug I didn't read your very long list.

I am an instant Nikia fan! Absolutely adorable. Good work team :-)

# 2 --

Got my "10" without even trying --

My gawd, what a beautiful, beautiful woman.

Damn it, Nikia, you own me.

Damn it, Nikia, you own me.
Finally I know your secret. The only Cake you possibly could be is Cake filled with chocolate cream - favorite cake of Nikia. Then she own you easily and truly...and daily...

BTW, Mr. Rylsky, the opening shots of Nikia at the mirror, the private scene of a woman getting ready to out, are quite possibly the most heart warming and beautiful photographs of a woman that I have ever seen.

Thanks for those.

Absolutely agree.......very intimate and Nikia looks amazing from the rear.
I loved the overall atmosphere of beauty and lust that those shots created.
Fantastic!! Mr. Rylsky, you really set a nice scene there.

Perfect all over. Gorgeous boobs.

I like the mannequin shots, especially the ones with her hands on his body. There's something strangely alluring about them, and different. Different is good. I would have liked a few shots where she was looking somehow more turned on by him, by feeling his body, by draping her cute, petite form over his.

Thanks for your input, it's interesting and helpful for future work.

Time to update bios again. Nikia's says 'shaved' and she is obviously not.



Yeah --

I thought it had been too peaceful--

@ Dreadnought:
Obviously my comment was for wheelerrr!

Its a hard thing to keep track of, all these girls' hair status every month, and for what purpose? My eyes tell me what I need to know - she is nicely trimmed.

Arkie is correct - all of her last two years' sets except these last two she has been shaved.

Actually, most of the photos in her previous sets were - so the bio is technically accurate.

Several people (ahem) have made numerous previous requests to see her with a bit of pubic hair.

Never been jealous of a mannequin before now.

I just love those pubic hair, the texture is so fine. Thank you Rylsky for showing us that part of Nikia.

It´s fairly easy to get a masterpiece with such an unbeatable powerful

The Seller

Ultimate Truth! If set is good - it because of model. When set is a crap - it is only because of photographer. So anyway photographer is Mr. Nothing.
Thank you for clarifying it for all here

10+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ for the model
1- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - for the photographer

The life of Mr. Cellophane.

He-He. Because models are adorable. Grumpy photographers are not. Get used to it.

You take to little credit. It is through your eyes that we see these gorgeous women and without that the most beautiful woman would be nothing. But I am sure you already know that. What we see here is a partnership, one without the other would be nothing.

Then we have 1220 sets from Mr. Nothing on Met so far. I've enjoyed a lot of nothing! Keep doing nothing, then ;o)

Why no Mr. Rylsky - you as the photographer are not "Mr. Nothing." You are actually just the scum that scum scrapes off it's shoes before it comes into the house ! Everyone knows that photographers are worthless pieces of s_ _ _. Good photosets take themselves - the camera just goes off on it's own. The photographer is only there to get the model to sign the consent forms and (in the old days) to reload the camera with fresh film and change burned-out flashbulbs. Possibly even to trip over extension cords and collapse flash umbrellas. Nothing more. A half-trined monkey could do it !

Welcome to the world of the unappreciated and misunderstood artisté ! No wonder van Gogh cut off his ear ! I'm surprised more haven't joined him already.

That of course should read "half-trAined monkey..." FFSK strikes again (fat finger skinny keys syndrome).

What an awesome set, The first 8 shots were interesting but #9 was my wow moment! seeing those white panties and the way they accented her pubic area made my knees weak! Thank you so very much for making them last like that. I love the tease with the maybe I'll take them off or maybe not yet and the the laughter in her eyes at the delight of teasing us. Very well done Nikia.

The color and contrast in this set is spot on! Deep vibrant colors that really brought out her lovely skin and beautiful dancing eyes so alive and full of playful joy of life. That is were Nikia excels. That little imp within that says FUN! Great job Rylsky and Nikia. A pair that was made to be together!

I however, love the first 7-8 shots of Nikia's darling behind, her nicely defined legs wearing nothing but those black heels. WONDERFUL side lighting to accentuate the musculature of her back. Available light photography done very artistically by you Mr. Rylsky.

Oh and BTW ... very nice derriere Ms. Nikia! ;-)

And yes I love the pubic hair and the way it is trimmed. Just enough to tantalize without hiding her intimate charms.

This whole set is as perfect as it gets.

Nothing is perfect, Hipshot. Even God's creatures are sometimes stupid, angry and not nice at all...
The only possible perfect thing possible is you're in the mood, weather is fine, girl is nice, your drink is well made, your sandwich is fresh and you love somebody and feel loved. Then you can see image of cat and be happy and call it perfect

have a nice day to all.

So true, you'll notice I said as perfect as it gets. Not that it WAS perfect. As you say nothing is perfect but when I look at this set I want for nothing so for me it is perfect. It makes me feel good and that is what it was meant to do so it is a success. I think it is great because it has 3 segments that are completely different and each is a different mood and feel. It covered my wants and desires and all those little things that stir my emotions and for me Nakia could make me feel happy any time and I think most of the guys here feel the same. Nothing in this world is perfect but this set was as good as laying in a hammock on a warm sunny day sipping a margarita and watching the waves caress the beach.

Well, you can do scenery of next commercial for Mars's Bounty snack

I love commercial where they they show "Simple Guy" who is happy... Maybe it's not allowed here because this is alcohol... but I love these movs:


Words to live by.

Cutest girl of today, without doubt... Sensual, hot, sexy, and extremely sweet... MORE OF HER PLEASE ! - Love he pubic hair, the softness can be seen clearly...!

the first 8 shots are mind blowing ,I love the black and white back shots.This girl would look good in a sack.I don't know if the bloke in the last shots is the boyfriend but she can do better than him,i suppose he might have a good personality.love those playfull shots something different.She is a real star.

Whoah! Nikia! She's nobody's little girl anymore, and proves it quite convincingly in this set, playing the femme fatale in white. I am impressed.

And just so they don't get lost ... the last two frames are just about perfect. The duotone effect in #119 works wonderfully with her overall hair color/skin tone and #120 just screams "I can be vulnerable too." It almost perfectly presents us with Nikia's all-too-human side. Dynamite expressions Nikia!

Oh hey BTW ... Mr. Rylsky/photographer ... looks like your monkey-like training paid off for once! ;-)=

Yeah, there's something different about her look in this set, and I don't mean just the hair. Her look is more adventurous, maybe a little more naughty. I really like it.

or serious
or tired

I prefer the other sets...

This is, in my opinion, today's best update.

Nikia is a cute and beautiful girl and Rylsky presents her in many different poses while she is slowly taking off her sweet underwear.

What I don't understand, however, are the last photos with the mannequin. I don't like them and they don't fit into the set.

I think Rylsky's just showing Nikia in a playful mood.

Maybe we are friends with Nikia? Maybe you see all her sides because of this?

You mean Nikia has a "thing" for mannequins??? How does she feel about being covered in chocolate and whipped cream? ;-)


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