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image # 74

Gorgeous face; cute, suckable nipples, fantastic legs, and a beautiful pussy. Outstanding beauty, plus with a great smile and delightful eyes.

It's like, "Damn, girl! Be still, my heart."


Eating disorder.

"Bella" Nola.
Beautiful her small breasts and firm.
Beautiful her lithe body.
The muscles developed by an athletic practice, they take away a bit of feminine charm.

Not for me they don't.

Nola has the most athletic sculptured body imaginable - hard & fit but remaining incredibly feminine. The shots from behind showing her powerful legs and buttocks are quite breathtaking..

It would be wonderful to see Nola photographed in a softer environment with some nice lingerie - or at the very least, some tight white panties. Perhaps the locker room would be appropriate.

It is essential that this happens very soon!!

Divina, Melisa A, Mila M, Candice B, Astrud A, and a few others… Add Nola A to my list of very favorites. Stunning athletic torso, gorgeous arms and legs, eyes like jewels, round butt, a pussy that inspires so many different ways to play. Holy crap. I'm in love.

Perfection. Plain and simple.

What a great way to start off! I'm very impressed with this set. Not only the spectacular athleticism of the beautiful Nola, but the great way in which Arkisi brings her to us. The set is simple, maybe a bit too simple, but has a good balance of poses and the great closeups that Arkisi can be counted on to bring us.

I'm sure that Nola will establish her own identity here, but my first impression was a combination of very well-toned ladies like Divina and Lily C., both favorites of mine. With wonderful eyes and a great smile, Nola appears to be confident in front of the camera. That being the case, and with the welcoming reception of the members, it should be no problem to get her back here.

I concur with every thing you said, and Arkisi may be able to do great with her as you seem to believe,but I would love for Delta to get a shot at her, and Catherine to get her in a G/G set. She is perfect for Erro but he doesn't post here anymore. (And I miss him.) Just think what she would be like over at Sex.

Catherine! Yes.

We might have to rescue Sailor from the ER if he ever saw her on Sex, so never mind that part.

As perfect as the rest of her is, she might top the charts for worst looking feet here sadly. I'd guess that frequent sports have contributed to the abuse those dogs must have taken.

Feet? She has feet?

I actually think she has sexy feet. Its just her toenails could use a pedicure.

Awesome debut!

Knocked it out of the park, Nola and Arkisi.

Thanks for sharing your rockin bod with us, Nola!

Nola's eyes are what initially drew me into her photos, but then those firm, muscular thighs just about floored me. What I wouldn't give to feel them against my face as my lips made love to her luscious looking pussy. Beautiful photo set, thanks Nola and Arkisi.

This girl is amazing! I can only hope that she will become a regular here and we get to enjoy new sets for many years to come. She has to be one the finest, sexiest and fittest models ever to be on Met. Everyone has different tastes, but for my taste, this girl comes the closets to perfection that I have seen in a long time. Welcome Nola! MORE! MORE!

This girl is oh-my-god spectacular. It would almost be OK if she didn't even show us her pussy, but I'm awfully glad she did. Let's have much more of Nola soon, please.

Does anyone else want to play beach volleyball with this little cutie?

I could do some cardio with her...

I was thinking more like wrestling, in the nude, of course!

I would be gladly on bowing down on her

perfect ten, sweetest eyes candies, wonderfully view of great beauty, Love this model as one of many reasons for me to be met art members
Hope for many more of this model sets to come

Great vagina, and pretty face. But something about the combination of those small boobs with weird nipples and athletic build that made these pics difficult to jack off to.

If you've got a problem turning on with Nola, you've got a problem.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Sorry Nola. What was the question again?

The only thing I can find disappointing about this series of superb photgraphs is that I know I'll never get to say Yes to Nola in person.

In years from now, I will remember where I was when Nola first appeared on MetArt.

Welcome to MetArt Nola A with your young lovely face smile gorgeous green eyes small breasts and perky nipples and a very well toned tanned muscular body taunt inner thighs within a lovely debute series by Arkisi with some truely magnificent sensual explicite pose's showing both your confidence unhibited views of your body and i have to agree with hipshot131 it takes a lot of hard work and discipline to create such a great physique body and as a female i would'nt like to be a Guy when she reaches her peak of her orgasm ;);)Those strong legs inner thighs would surely hold on to a man's body very tightly ;) and Nola A will surely look great within both a lovely outdoor setting or indoors with wearing a gorgeous sexy outfit in the future :) Nola as you surely have the body and facial features that's for sure !!! so please stick around to really see what a Ukrainian beauty that you are :) and so far you've surely impressed the Guys ;) A truely remarkable dedute series By both Nola A and Arkisi....

We better be careful, she could hurt Sailor...

Oh, but "what a way to go!" LOL

I'll volunteer!

I'd like to be that guy.

Me too!

Wow so hot! Can't wait to see this girl strip out of anything really. But a body hugging tube dress, tight jeans or a bikini would be three I'd like to see. Hope to see a lot more of her.

Wow...another cute Ukraynska, nude, shaved--let's invite her back!

Love her puffies. I just love tiny breasts such a turn on seeing pointy nipples.

Hmmmm, Another Ukrainian goddess! What a conundrum this girl, has possibly the prettiest face on Metart, Gorgeous eyes, fantastic smile and a body to die for, I think her muscles have muscles! that is one of the most athletic body's anywhere and those legs.... Sigh.... they are spectacular! I think she must be a gymnast. Those thighs are some of the strongest looking I seen here and her calves are perfectly matched to them. The conundrum? this is one shoot where I could have done just fine without so much attention to the gyno shots. IMHO her one fault is her overly endowed labia. They are just to much for this viewer though the total package is still off the charts this is her least attractive part to me. I am sure there are those out there that will love them and I can easily overlook this one thing for a beauty of this magnitude. As I said everything else is magnificent beyond words and I doubt that I could tear my eyes away from that face and those unbelievable eyes anyway.

I think that Arkisi has another winner here Viva Ukraine!


One very comprehensive comment, one of your best!

I know there are plenty of guys who like a lot of muscle tone on a woman, I just happen to one of the guys who don't. My preference is a woman who looks like she's never had to lift more than 10 lbs. her entire life.

Bless you, and there are plenty of those here too. I can take either type but I absolutely melt when I see a body like this! The discipline and hard work that goes into a body like this is a real turn on for me.

A couple of things pop into my feeble brain. First I have to wonder if the dear girl was on given this direction, "Up against the wall, b****, and spread them." That is probably a little bit harsh but it is what it is. As far a Nola is concern I am impressed. Especially when she is in the "Assume the position" shots from the rear the cut of her muscles at her calf are impressive. Her over all muscle tone looks great. And when she does the "spread it" part her lady parts are delectable. Please be more creative with her when we see her again, she deserve it...

Just my two cents' worth, swplf...
While I see your overall point, I disagree....
I thought the overall balance of explicit and nonexplicit shots was about right, the first half of the set actually seemed relatively tame to me.
It wasn't until halfway that we saw the more explicit shots, and IMO, they are great.

And I can understand your point of view also... I was not trying to be negative at all, she is a winner...

The funny thing is, by and large, I am not turned on by skinny/zero body fat, or by visible muscles, even when the girl is otherwise very pretty, and this girl seems to fit that category. There is no doubt she's worked hard and built herself a "hard body," and I respect that a lot but generally am not attracted to it.
But in Nola's case, for some reason, I find her powerfully attractive.
Just goes to show, you can never assume anything, even attraction preferences!

Welccome, lovely Nola. Slim, svelte beauty, lush labia, beautiful eyes, and all inhibtionns left at the door! A lovely introduction.

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