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some good shot !!! perfect : ---PUSSY SPREAD FROM THE BACK / EYE CONTACT--
I wish every set had these poses: MORE PLEASE !!! lifetime membership worth !!!

Nordica is absolutely stunning with a beautiful face and magnificent womanly body.

Very nicely photographed - the rear view clos ups are quite breathtaking.

Can we please have a movie of this amazing woman!?

One of the best shoots I have seen. Artistic yet very sexy.

While very pretty her dark eyebrows with that blond hair and pale skin just look out of place. Id like to see her with her natural hair color. Bleached blondes are a dime a dozen.

Nordica is simply Devine stunningly beautiful mouth watering delicious pussy cant wait to see more of her

Look out Milan...you have some competition here....

It's a great day for lips!!! What an amazing gorgeous pussy and anus on THIS beauty!! Those big dark eyebrows however, look a bit strange with the bleached-blond hair... Nice set though.

Welcome Nordica.
Welcome Nordica, blonde blue-eyed girl.
Beautiful your slight smile on the colored lips.
Magnificent your naked body drawn and painted by a skilled painter.
A great debut lets hope a frequently return.

Agree with all the accolades for Nordica, she is stunning. There were some instances however, when I felt the lighting and/or focus could have been better. I just selfishly want to see every nook and cranny of her amazing body!

Wonderfully cute face on Nordica and a really nice tight, trimmed body but I have a problem that might get me into trouble with some of the members who read and post comments.

While Nordica's fair skin certainly plays to her "blonde" looks, she needs to make a choice, either blonde or her natural dark hair color. If blonde, then she really needs to do he eyebrows too. Personally, I think she'd look marvelous with her natural dark hair and a bit of a bush, but that's just my personal opinion. With her eyebrows left their natural dark color, they certainly draw attention to her eyes which she already uses to her benefit.

Either way though, I think she's a hit here on M-A.

Incredible model and a stunning addition to the site! Amazing pussy and very succulent tits. Gorgeous face.

Wow, Nirdica you are sexy and gorgeous and I want you! Slastyonoff, glad to see you doing more on MetArt!

This is a pleasant visit from an attractive young woman; good find Slastyonoff.

I appreciate Nordica's blue eyes, puffies, innie, inner and outer labia, and bum.

My old eyes lead me to believe that Nordica COULD have very luxuriant pubes. If so, I would really appreciate seeing occasional proof.

Nice, very, very nice and she is not afraid to show her assets, welcome and come back soon (with your natural brunette hair color)

Absolutely gorgeous and an extremely hot bottom

Nordica can definitely rock the rear cleavage look. Slastyonoff, if you read member's comments; please consider including more of that view in Nordica's future visits.

Lovely! This navel lover is thankful for #17 and #18 especially.

Innies ARE very special!

Welcome Nordica, you look beautiful in your Met debut. Slastyonoff, I like the setting and the lighting. I hope to see more Nordica in the near future.

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