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Norma gorgeous sexy baby girl. Hair overly invasive. Flat lighting and a little sad.

She could really do with a haircut.

Gotta love those frilly knickers. Norma looks fantastic as usual I especially like the pantie play.

Just looking at the porthole window brought back memories of being below decks at sea in a small boat.

Gonna take me all day to shake that miserable feeling.

Norma looks gorgeous and delicious!!! I loved all the panty shots...very hot!!! Great posing and photo quality in this set!!!

More armpit shots please.

Norma has great areolae, nipples, eyebrows, and labia; and usually a brilliant smile. I like how her areolae go wrinkly starting in # 84.

The round thing starting in #65 has me confused. Looking only at the thumbs I first thought it was a top load washing machine, then an aquarium, and finally a one-way window looking into a swimming pool. Opening # 100 it shows a street scene with a man in a crosswalk. Wtf is up with that?

Round window.

Looks like a round window, and at first I thought they were on a boat.

Most probably the set was taken in a micro apartment designed by Japanese architect. This is my assumption.

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