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One of her best (if not The Best) sets, if only there was absolutely NO STRANGERS in the photo-shoots! The theme here should not be exhibitionism, only nudity!

I love the setting and the beauty of Norma A. But, not so much the sight of local people in the background. Especially since against her beauty they stick out like a sour thumb. Really should give more effort into not having them in the background, or at least blurring them out.

personally if I was to download this set, I would end up editing out all the people in the background through Photoshop

Norma gorgeous sexy baby girl.
With a body of a beauty that leaves you enchanted.
Very nice idea of Norma naked on a public beach.
P. A. do not govern the exuberance of her hair.
WB too cold, repetitive poses.

Playtime on the beach with Norma? Wonderful! I like the fact that everyone else on the beach is ignoring her and the photographer - naked is normal :)

I happen to like this set! It is missing the one thing that some want, "Pussy close-ups." I like that! I don't need endless shots of pussy or just tits! I actually know what they look like and don't need a dozen or more shots to remind me!

I love the girl...you keep the set.

My only question is why this goddess is being so totally ignored by the lumpy bathers in the background.

Possible scenario...AK's being pointed at them by bodyguards...? (lol ;o)

I really like Norma and have all of her prior sets. She has those wholesome good looks like the girl next door and then of course there is that beautiful long wavy hair. Man, I love her hair!

Norma is very playful, and her energy made the set worth viewing. Unfortunately, this set has some of the stereotypical aspects of outdoor shoots that I often find less desirable. The vast majority of shots are standing-only full-body pose variations. Norma does have a great figure and this really shows it off, but after so many iterations I longed for something different. Shame, it never happened. Bottom line - beautiful shoot location, fabulous Norma, very repetitive set. IMO, This would have been ideal in video format.

Man, that is some REAL BIG HAIR.

Real GORGEOUS hair.

Perhaps the photographer should stick to video....

Take that idea further - This shoot would have been better as a video.

I like this set!

This set reminded me of my one time at the nude beach in St. Maarten. Unfortunately, as I immediately discovered, the vast majority of people at the nude beach don't look like Norma, but rather like people visible in the background - mostly middle aged and above, many somewhat overweight, in other words, no frolicking nude supermodels (shocking, I know). As I was contemplating this, there was a young girl, very good looking and slender, somewhat resembling Norma, walking past me right on the edge of the water, holding her bikini bottom in her hand. As much as I wanted to take in that sight, I didn't want to seem rude staring at her, so I let her pass by me, hoping to steal a good look at her from behind (classy, I know). As I was playing cool, giving her a few seconds to walk by, she had put her swimsuit on. If I could kick myself at that moment, I would.
In the real world, unlike here, beauty is rare and fleeting. You have to enjoy it while it lasts.

Truer words have never been spoken, lember.
At least you were considerate of the girl's comfort and didn't gawk at her. I've heard from a bunch of my woman friends how little they enjoy being ogled and catcalled and whistled at.
So even though you never got to see the "goodies" at least you kept her environment a comfortable one. That's something to feel good about.

And so we fall in love with Norma all over again. The glorious mop of unruly hair, the heart-capturing smile, the joie de vivre that permeates every image and makes it memorable. Here's the classic bathing beauty frolicking in the surf (shades of Bettie Page!). Are the images repetitive? Absolutely, but Norma makes us want to see them again and again. Is the photography mediocre? Norma makes it irrelevant. She's the beautiful, vivacious girlfriend we all wish we had. Let's take images 5, 9, 14, 67, 86, 106, 112 and 115 and call them a perfect set. They suffice until the next time Rylsky comes along and does her photographic justice.

Oh if Norma were my girlfriend I would shut up and never complain about ANYTHING ever again...
Shame on you for planting an impossible idea in my mind, Sailor! ( ;

Anything to help. I like to think of myself as a small speed bump on the highway of life. : )

WHAT a fantasy... ( :
I must admit it warms my heart on a very cold day. ( :

Beautiful location. Beautiful model. This could have been a great set. Well, at least Norma got paid, I hope. A nice vacation for her.

I see this is Platon Averin's only still photoset to be picked up by MetArt after 17 videos. Rylsky, where are you? Norma needs you!

Oh shit! Not Ryslky!

The set does not do Norma any justice.

So true.

I tend to agree, ergo...
But, at least she had fun. ( :

Norma you look absolutely gorgeous and I love the natural surroundings and variety of poses. Best set from MetArt for some time.

Garth, I have to disagree with you on the variety of poses. But I agree that Norma and the location are great.

Even in the totally wrong set, Norma Joel is still a bundle of the purest magic. She makes the world a better place with her presence.

Norma is as adorable as ever, and she certainly seems to be enjoying herself. I love the images that are just her, but I find it strange and unpleasant when other people are present in the background. Am I alone in this feeling, or do others feel the same?

Yeah....the "occupied" public beach didn't do a thing for me either! And I thought it was a bit odd that no one there seemed to be paying any attention to Norma... Is nudity that common over there?? And girls that gorgeous running around nude!?

No problem with the odd photo showing people in the background. Just wish I was one of them and able to watch the photo shoot. I have more of a problem with the electricity pylons.

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