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Beautiful, sweet Norma.
Norma smiling and a little mysterious.
Norma completely naked and exposed without shyness.
I do not like long hair loose.
But I like Norma with her ​​hair.
Alex, for everything else that is not Norma, a perfect job.

Norma is very cute ,and has a totally perfect butt.If more girls had butts like hers the world would be a better place.Mr. Sironi has done a great job,I gave them a 10 each.

Trim the hair - it's a big turn-off; and lose the necklace. Otherwise, solid 9.

The hair is a big turn-on for me, Frankie... as for the necklace, meh.

Real. BIG. Hair.

Great set of another jewel!! It doesn't get any better for me than J and Norma on the same day!! If you're stuck at home, you couldn't have better 'company'...

Ahhhh Norma. The woman I wish lived next door to me... ( :
Oh, the dreams of Norma. She is more than just an erotic model, there is something so deliciously real and vulnerable to her sets, notwithstanding her confidence.
I have to admit to being turned to jelly looking at her glorious mane of hair, and her cute pug nose.
Of course we know nothing of these models' personalities, save the ones we give them in our fantasies... but I'd like to think she's the kind of woman I could have long vigorous philosophical discussions with after waking up in the middle of the night next to her...

Hopefully you have *other* plans for after your philosophical discussion! :)

Oh, TRUST me, Red.... I am anything but a eunuch!!! LOL

I wish charming Norma the best for the future, particularly a better photographer!

Norma is always beautiful, but I must agree with Sailor. Her best sets are on RylskyArt. Rylsky manages to bring out her very best. Still, she is beautiful and so very sexy. Very nice set.

This isn't the best Norma set (for that, go to RylskyArt), but anything with her is a gift. She is so adorable, so beautiful under that glorious tangle of hair, that she's welcome in any setting. 10 forever, honey.

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