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Nice set, but not her best presentation. Clemens' shooting/editing leaves too many "look alike" shots in this simple studio shoot. Could have used at least something as a studio prop.

But altogether, a nice view of a young woman with a, to say the least, "impish" or "pixie-ish" smile e.g. #s 126 & 127.

Great set. Love to see her ass, legs and feet, more please.

Norma is a beautiful young lady who really rocks the no pants look. She does even better with the no clothes look. I have to give her a 10++++

Norma is still beautiful, but the fabulous smile that was so prevalent in her debut is long gone. Too bad, for her smile only added to her beauty. I guess this is all just work now.

Beautiful Norma, I couldn't ask for more except from the photographer. If Norma is pinching her nipple what would think the focal point should be but other than that good job all around.

Norma's one of my superstars no matter who shoots her.

Real. BIG. Hair.

Norma since its debut has been courted by several photographers-artists of MetArt, all big guns.
This time he engages Antonio Clemens, in my opinion, one of the "Top five" of MetArt.

A diamond does not need other ornaments, is mounted as Solitaire.
Antonio, like a master, adopts the technique of jewelers: nothing more than Norma.

PERFECT without another word.

I'm sorry, I meant 'her' not ITS debut.

I'm sure you also meant "This time SHE engages Antonio...." ;o)

(I too get a bit rattled when I see Norma...lol)

I wanted to say that this time it's Antonio that tries to take pictures of Norma.
Sometimes I do help from google translator which is not very bright.

I'd like to see her change her hair style, do something different with it.

Agreed --

Yellow is my favorite color and Norma Darling, you wear it so well.
But I have to say... It looks even better off!

image 7: a level of tease that should be outlawed for being dangerous to health, not to mention cruel! i would literally have a heart attack if i saw Norma do that in real life.

image 102: this pose looks like one of those Etruscan statues. Powerfully beautiful.

image 120: that mane of hair is incredible. you could curl up and fall asleep in it.

Are you sure it's no.7 that you're talking about....?

This is probably my favorite set by Clemens of Norma. The yellow dress is very flattering on her both in color and fit, and she looks very relaxed and in a great mood. As far as I'm concerned, the happier a woman is, the sexier she looks.

(Even though this is the first of Clemens' sets of Norma here on MA, he has quite a few sets and vids of her over on Stunning18.com.)

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