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WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THIS SET: Very fun, very sensuous model, some very nice poses in places, outdoor setting with gorgeous light, use of beach mat.

BETTER FOR ME: Pose selections that more consistently show off the models body to its best advantage.

I love Norma's hair,and I love the dress,both on and off. I give a 10++++ all around,Mr. Clemens has done a perfect job for a perfect model

And don't forget their updates on RA where Norma is known as Norma Joel

Sexy legs. Excellent set. Beautiful model. Would be even more beautiful if the hair were trimmed.

Norma, Lady Godiva by delicious sweet face and the body of Aphrodite winner.
Norma is a girl of a bursting beauty and solar and it's always a great pleasure to see her and to see her naked.
I follow very carefully Antonio because between the artists - photographers MetArt is among those who , in the work , comes closest to my way of to conceive the photos of a beautiful nude girl.
I am also a photographer , and I take pictures for over forty years , for fun and not for profit.
Possess, therefore , the technical tools to evaluate an erotic photo from the model and the context and not just for the ass or breasts .
I do not like the photo made in outside because outside it is impossible to achieve the effects of light and color that you can get all ' inside .
Outside, the groves and the bushes from the confused definition disturb the view of the model .
In this set , Antonio, proves , I think, once again , master of photographic sensitivity and good taste.
All details of the setting are perfect.
The quiet light of the sunset (or the 'dawn ), the wonderful flowered dress very appropriate to environment, enamel bracelet, and are ironic and winking, even the shoes completely out of place in that environment.

But the most refined is the scenery of of tall grasses and sparse on the background of sky and sea is a landscape such as Chinese or Japanese painting on silk of long ago.
A kiss on the forehead of Norma - Aphrodite and a round of applause to Antonio

Norma looks so sweet and natural, as always. Very appealing set.

I really enjoy seeing this beautiful girl and her wild "mane"!!! Norma looks like she could have been snatched right out of the sixties!! A very lovely lovechild!!

Another set ruined by unkempt hair. That much hair is tricky to work with and must be managed.

I love her hair.

Why 'must' it? I think it looks great, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Far from the only one, nihil... I love Norma's hair and have since she first appeared. I can only imagine how glorious it would feel to run my fingers through it... ( : It would be a joy to help her brush it.


Nice set. Norma looks beautiful as usual!

This is my day in MetArt! Colleen, Jeff, Aza, AND Norma! This is as close to heaven as I have gotten for quite some time... ( :
Oh, for the Norma lovers out there, the companion video to this set (and many more vids and photosets of Norma) is over on Stunning18.com.

With that pretty face and those legs... She gets a 10!!

What a beauty!! Gorgeous body-lines, perfect legs, very soft skin, which I get as touchable feeling: I 'd like to say "Thank you Clemens!".

Gorgeous! I loved the opening shots with the gentle reveal before being treated to Norma's beautiful body.

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