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I love Norma's ass.

Top model
Top photographer.
Top set.
Nothing less than top marks.

Slight variation on the "blue water" theme... Regardless of the artist, if you've seen a dozen of these, you've pretty much seen them all... Norma looks great as usual, but this set's 'all wet' and does nothing for me.

I too love these sets. They're messy, wet, cold and complicated to set up, but when they're done right - boy do you get some great shots - more so that it features Norma.

The only problem or disappointment I've ever had with these type of sets is that no matter the photographer doing them be they Rylsky or Clemens or anyone else, they (the photographers) have ALWAYS missed that quintessential shot - the lens filling closeup of a model's breast & nipple with a single drop of water just about to drop of the tip of her nipple. Anyone who gets THAT shot should be awarded a 20 for the set. It's a tough and tricky shot and requires patience but I've done it myself and seen it done by others and it is ALWAYS a rewarding shot.

But thanks for the return of a really great model in Norma and to Antonio for the return of the "wet look".

looks like I find exactly what yo umissed...


  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

You knew you'd done it somewhere! :-))))

Still need a 100mm macro, tho! :-)))

schizophrenic idea (2 opposite things at 1 time):
1. water sets are always about (and is!) dynamic.
2. macro is always "all day for 1 shot". trust me, my friend was a famous macro photographer who won contests and have multiple exhibitions.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Think the longer the better with macros when you're going for dynamic shots of people, animals...
Would you believe a 200mm macro? :-)*

And you're right, focus/DOF very limited. Plus a "fast" one is slow -- f/2.8!?

That said, you can get some amazing shots with one. Kinda WTF semi-abstract things.

*180mm f/3.5...

Macro photographer NEVER used 2.8, it is only about easier focusing and perfect work of AF sensors of your DSLR. You need f/8(to16) for get DOF and not get sharp only 0.1 mm of a flower or insect. for jewelry it could be f/16-22

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Right. But still you could focus closer with that 180mm :-)
Crank the ISO and have fun! :-)))

KL*, I never realized your eyes were THAT beautiful! :-))))

*see Gratiam comments :-)

Now you really play the same way as armchair quarterback, Doug


have a nice weekend, this case is closed.

Sorry, Norma and Antonio.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Look forward, not back! :-)))

And keep up the good work! :-)))

Rylsky or Clemens or anyone else, they (the photographers) have ALWAYS missed that quintessential shot - the lens filling closeup of a model's breast & nipple with a single drop of water just about to drop of the tip of her nipple.
Sorry, Antonio, it was request-question for both of us...

May I ask you why lens filling , why only 1 breast and why 1 waterdrop?






























and a cherry on a cake... 1 drop, but...


anyway, thanks for request.


  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Lustroso 44: shoulda used a macro, Rylsky! :-)))

Hey, who sez my babe doesn't have boobs :-? -)))

O well you can't please all the people all the time! :-((

O well you can't please all the people all the time! :-((
true, but anybody can do request. the only sad thing is that in this case it will take 3 years subscription (as minimal) of MA price for 1 single requested photo.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Right. It's a nice idea, but do you sacrifice all to get it?

I never missed it in Lustroso! :-)))

money can do it

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Everybody has their price! :-)

Usually I don't like the water sets but this one really turned me on! Norm and Clemens really did a nice job but Norm really brings the steam to this set. I just loved her wrinkled ariola and firm plump nipples!!!!

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

● like the dress.
● color and lighting are good.
● Norma is cute :-)
● wet is sexy :-)
● you're givin' Rylsky a run for his money :-)
◆ now, if only she had a bush! :-)
One matted & dripping -- very erotic.
I know, I know -- inconceivable here!
But I mean if they can grow their eyebrows they can grow their pubic hair.
And their pit hair, for that matter.
We're grownups here, supposedly :-)
● gets in dire need of a new angle.
31, etc: good detail.
But becomes too repetitive (just like me :-)
95 -- cries for hair :-)
We're talkin' sea change, dudes :-)
If she can have it on her head, she can have it on her vulva :-)
We're adults here, believe it or not :-)
101 -- appreciate the sharp armpit, anyway :-) This is actually one of the sexiest shots.
122 -- nice shot :-)
127, 29 -- cute :-)
136 -- missed focus.
141 -- sensual.

"We're adults here..."? I 'believe it' doug because you wisely omitted the word "all"...lol And I wonder if that omission was intentional... ;o)

And yes...you can count me as "non-adult"! ;o) LOL "Adults" take life WAY too seriously!! Some take pubic hair WAY too seriously!! LOL ;o)

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Believe it or not! :-)))

Seriously, tho, Rock, I take it seriously because it's a serious part of their sexual endowment. If it weren't it would not be such a big deal. They'd just let it be, like their eyebrows, like the hair on their forearms.
They wouldn't be investing a fortune in disappearing it all the time.

I realize it's a style, but, Jeezuz, can't they mix it up a little bit? I'm not the only one requesting they do; quite a few indicate they'd like them to.

Now why can't they?
Because of the rigidity I'm criticizing.*
O-so-seriously! :-)

*because not having it is a major deal/identity-token for many of them.
So I shouldn't be messing, right?
But it's just a style, etc...! :-)))

And we're just little girls :-)))
Showing ourselves to little boyz :-)))

This very nice collaboration between Norma and Antonio includes " a few of my favorite things".

Water frozen in time and space, the effect water has on areolae and nipples, a radiant smile, and puffy outer labia viewed from behind.

Some, and more, Norma has in abundance. Some Antonio created and captured. All are delightful!

Another example of me being unable to unsee something once seen is the thumbnail for 114. Norma looks like a nude cheerleader frozen in mid air.

All of today's galleries are very nice and keepers. I do believe that if you held my toes in the fire, I would choose this one. All four ladies are lovely, but for me, Antonio's contribution is the clincher!

Pic sequence 117-131 is dangerous.....darn near heart-stopping.

  • H WU
  • 4 months ago:

Nice water set .Norma can be wet and wild.

I want the job splashing water on the models in these sets. Where do I send my resume?

Somewhere in Russia, is my best guess!

I think I finally figured out the symbolic significance of the splashes of water in these sets....

lol fer_realz, I half expect Rylsky to show up and tell Antonio to stop stealin his mojo :-P

Norma is really bringing the heat in this set, maybe that's why they needed the water [/bad pun]. Seriously, she's been one of my favourite "nice girl down the road" types until now, and in this set she looks like the girl who just wants to use me for my body, pic 108 .... fwoah


"Imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery."

When first I saw one of Antonio's wet sets I wondered if he and Rylsky were one and the same person.

Wow! just Wow! That is the most dynamic water set I have ever seen! I'm assuming that was warm water cause she isn't covered with goose bumps. What a sport! That is a pretty dynamic drowning she is taking but the effect is amazing! Wonder if that's Rylsky's studio? This is a water set that I just have to love.

Of course it doesn't hurt a bit that the victim, sorry, model is Norma A. What a lovely woman what a sport to handle a shoot like that. Hope she didn't get pneumonia doing it!

That's right. I licked... Oops, liked it so much I said it twice!


This is one of, if not the, best recoveries I have read!

Well played.

This is, by light years, my favorite "wet" gallery! WOWSERS!!!

This is, by light years, my favorite "wet" gallery. WOWSERS!

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