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I'll always be grateful to Norma and to any photographer with whom she works for sets or vids of her. But I have to say, Rylsky's sets with her stand head and shoulders above her works with other photographers, for some reason. I can't yet put my finger on exactly why, I just know it to be the case.

Great set, I enjoyed it a lot.

I liked how brown both chair and background were. It looks great in combination with Norma's wild hair AND (the color of) her asshole.

Norma looks great naked and unpolished. Look at both hand and feet: the nails all look like pure natural to me. This, in combination with Norma's both sturdy as elegant face, makes you think she's into motorcycles or something.

But then it hit me. While I was looking at her great body, I did not only feel hornyness, I also felt melancholy. Sometimes it strikes me how pictures of naked girls can be so powerful.

Last (but not least) Norma has such beautiful labia. While I was looking at the last pictures of the set, I noticed I was totally fascinated by all the details of both Norma's vagina and anus.

Just a simple quiz to test how much brain we have left after Norma and Rylsky get done with us. "Who sings the theme song from the movie "Primis "by Goncharov starring Mila I". He is the most popular singer in the world, and has more best selling records than Michael Jackson

quiz? I just thought it must be Frank Sinatra's song - no idea who possibly could be more popular...

I haven't seen this movie "Primis"

Hi Rylsky it's the Arab dude whose name I can never pronounce. He is a wedding singer and has over 50 platinum albums of wedding songs and dances.

Hey! That thing is LOADED! Be careful where you point it!

She can point it my way all day long, you won't hear a word of complaint from me. ( : ( : ( :

Rylsky, you devil! You are both the best and the worst photographer on Met! When you are bad you're really bad, but when you are good you are FUCKING EXCELLENT!! 10/10 for this set, my Russki brother.

Also, Norma looks beyond stunning, such angelic nastiness!

Norma's glorious behind and fabulous figure are weapons that should be banned by the Geneva Convention as weapons of mass distraction. She uses them with no concern about any hapless boys and girls who swing that way. I had to give Gloria a 10+infinity

Beautiful model but the sepia tones left me wanting a more warm tone.

Rylsky hits it out of the park with this set of Norma. A perfect mix of shots, poses and angles. I love Norma's curvy body, luxurious hair and brown eyes. I could dream of running my fingers through her full curly mane. Great job, both of you!

My favorite part was shots #1 to #121.

I'd like to check in to the Bates Motel with Norma!

10/10 for both model & photographer.

Norma + Rylsky: fireworks of beauty and eroticism.
Perfect counterpoint between the brown of the background, the turquoise shirt and the pink to caress of skin of Norma.
A set as it should be.

Thanks to Norma and Rylsky for some great arse-and-leg shots. Love 5 and 19 in particular.

Norma is so hot with those legs wide open and ass shots.Very beautiful set.

Norma is so very beautiful and supremely sensual. It is clear that she and Rylsky definitely had fun doing this photo session. A photoset of 70 more photos of Norma in the same room was published on RylskyArt. A total of at least 190 photos in that photo session. My guess is Rylsky was so busy operating the camera, he lost track of time. On RylskyArt, Norma is Hungarian, not Russian. The set published on RA is titled Szerelem Forroe which translates out of Hungarian as "Hot Love." So very erotic and bewitching. Very nice, indeed.

Acording to Google translator, the title of this set, Entalen translates out of Hungarian as Oriented, which does not seem to make sense.

I think it refers to the fact that Norma's glorious behind is aimed at us.

"Orient" also means from or in the East...

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