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And don't forget, Olga is older than many models(she started at 21 in 2006) and self confident enough to do a set just presenting her beauty. She still will do a sensual set(look at "Melinoe" by Leonardo.

Olga is a perfect example of the tall, slender, athletic beauty. She is only matched by Mila I. (I don't include Jenya D because she has a totally different type figure.

It is amusing to me, but obvious, that we all have different opinions on what we consider beauty. I for instance enjoy seeing a photograph of the entire women's body. I like to enjoy the compass of the surroundings and not just one part. I would have to agree that seeing a beautiful sight too far away would not be as pleasant at all, however, the opposite of that is as equally unpleasant. So I respect the differences in opinions. What I can not understand is how any person who is attracted to beauty can not say Olga is one of the finest examples we can experience!

I liked the set, not everything needs to be in your face,reminds me of a shot he did with Inga C.at the same spot I think. Wish she(Inga C.) was back doing shoots. Like most of the sets Leonardo does, he is one of the top ones in my book.


I find the comments regarding the quality of the photography amusing. Keyboard photograph warriors are hard at work today. I rather enjoy my fantasy of waking next to Olga one morning.

Type away warriors, type on an on about your f-stops and light reflectors.

Some of the pics in this set has been opened in Photoshop CS6 and vibrance/saturation/gamma/exposure/sharpness etc corrected --- be sure; it looks MUCH better...!

By the way....I think we shall add a remark as regards your name, "C6H12O4": your name refers to the structure of the dimeric ACETONE PEROXIDE molecule (dimer: C6H12O4/trimer: C9H18O6 -- qe C9H12O6). ACETONE PEROXIDE has an explosive velocity of ca 5250 m/s, it's easy to make, and militant Islamists has nicknamed the explosive "Mother of Satan". ACETONE PEROXIDE doesn't contain nitrogen...hence it'll pass through scanners designed to detect nitrogenous explosives -- it's a terrorist favorite!

Incredibly beautiful, fit and feminine, and gorgeous green eyes!

Olga M is the most under rated model on Met-Art.

It is an absolute privilege to share her feminine perfection.

This model does nothing for me anyway, but I appreciate everyone has different tastes. However, even if this model was one of my favourites, I would have been very dissapointed with the shoot. That said I never have high hopes when I see this photographers name coming up on future shoots anyway - whose contributions range from poor to average at best. Pertaining to this shoot - I just do not see the point having models being mere specks in the distance with lots of background. On the whole this shoot was uninteresting and a waste of time. Indeed I only bothered to enlarge 3 pictures which as it so happened was also a waste of time as well.

Another lousy set of photos of one of the most beautiful woman on this site.

Olga is an exotic beauty but her photo sets constantly leaves you wishing for more.

Maybe it's time she try another photographer who can show her in a different light.

With the right photographer, there is no doubt in my mind Olga would be one of the top rated models at MetArt.

Leonardo normally presents great material. This is one of those times he doesn't. Nothing special here. Just a set of boring poses with distant shots in a so-so setting.

The talent of Olga is completely wasted in this set.

Olga is a dancer/choirographer and she keeps her body in perfect shape. Some models do not work with anyone but a specific photographer when they are working nude,like Georg Shoes and Lizel A .

This gallery derserves no comments, because there is very little content to comment. Too much reservation to display body beauty is disgusting.

Olga has graduated from the university as a choriographer(which I Can't spell) and does not want to be a professiona model,she just needs the 1000 -1200 euros a set for posing.I find it interesting that Olga has a Tatar name-Muhidnova, and jenya D has a lot of tatar blood and uses a Russian name. (The Nogai horde ruled the Ukraine until they ran into Ivan the Terrible's ethnic clensing program (the oprichniki) He killed off 25% of the population of western Russia before the survivors agree he was Tsar and Supreme Autocrat of all the Russ.

Great set only to be slightly belittled by over use of relflectors making shots too bright.Would have been 9 but 8 this time.

It's not a bad set....but I think most images had benefitted from slightly higher contrast/saturation!

It's not a bad set....but I think most images had benefitted from slightly higher contrast/saturation!

Olga is drop-dead gorgeous!!! Beautiful location for this photo set!!!

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