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Awful bloody hat. Ruined the entire set. Nothing exciting about this set.

For one of Met-Art's best long time models Leonardo did not do Olga justice in his staging, location, or posing. Too bad that there cannot be separate scores for the model and the photographer/director.

OLGA you are a PERFECT WOMAN just the way you are, and I love every photo you give us! Thank you!

I never complain when there is a new set of the gorgeous Olga, but enough with these outdoor sets! Let's see her inside on a nice big bed or sofa!

Nice hat, disappointing pictures...

I appreciate the attempt here with the dark nature background and the lighting. However, with a woman as beautiful as Olga M, the hat is a definite distraction. Olga speaks for herself. She does not need props like this.

The hat may be the most interesting aspect of this set...

Why did you waste Olga's time?

She was paid. It's not HER time that was wasted here...

the poses could be better if she stopped turning sideways and spread wider like the standing squats just turn were I can see labia

This is the very best way to present a Woman-oil her up. Its too bad Leonardo can't remember about sun glare, she looks like she's wearing white boots in half the shots. Of course, he does that to Candace B too.

Tame, tame, tame.

C'mon Leo, you're wasting the talent in front of your camera. This set took me a minute to skim through because it's basically boring.

It's a minute of my life I'll never get back.

If someone has got the time, could they please compile an average rating for all sets in each month (all photographers - exclude movies) over say the last 5 years. 60 data points should be enough to show the trends. I reckon the standard has dropped this year quite dramatically.

Perhaps we're getting jaded . . . ?

Perhaps we're getting jaded . . . ?

Perhaps we're getting jaded . . . ?

Sorry about the multiple post of a lame joke. Stupid internet . . .

Repetitious, way too many similar shots/poses of her front, all from same distance, do we really need to see her upper body 75 times in one set?

Olga is one of the best models on the site. Love every one of her shoots. She could have done without the oversized hat in this one but ... she is a glistening beauty no matter what.

Olga has old school elegance about her.Not erotic but a nice set.


Dude ... will you PLEASE take off the CAPS????????????

You may want to re-think the reason you're here...



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