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Great set marred by ugly necklace.

Beautiful shots leaning forward, great set!

I like Oliwa's pretty face, shapely breasts crowned by great puffy areolae, camel toe with something extra special included and bubble butt. An all round attractive lady. Thanks to Oliwa and Alex for another charming visit.

gorgeous model, perfect body and delicious boobs. good photography

Gorgeous model, ugly necklace.

Love the model, when not overdone implants are just fine.

Such a pity. On most days, Olivia would be the star attraction but it is difficult to see how that anyone could match the lovely IrIna and the celestial Lily.

I love this girl in spite of that silicone...;o) Very nice set!

#47 & 88... Not what I'm 'paying' for, but absolutely stunning!! Just like that gorgeous ass!! Olivia is just awesome!!

Uh? Pretty face with a wonderful side shot of that lovely 'set'.

Farah Fawcett, eat your heart out!

How about a little respect for the dearly departed! She was just as gorgeous in her day!!

Thou art holier than I, ain'tcha?

'More respectful' is what you're looking for...ain'tCHA?

Oliwia, Lily, Irina, Flavia..it`s going to be a great tuesday!!!

I agree 50%!! lol

Oliwia. What a wonderfully beautiful young woman, with a perfectly stunning feminine body and lovely face. Such a goddess! May the sun always shine on your window. You are magnificent.

Oliwia is always beautiful and serene. She is a natural in front of the camera.

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