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Can not download pictures on met-art-login voucher paid monthly. Why?

I was having the same problem. The links to the pics weren't working right. I reported it to MET ART support, and the technical team fixed the problem within 24 hours, so it should be working now.

Excellent set. Excellent photography. Just the way I like it - no jewelry, no costumes, nothing but beautiful skin. Don't really care for the new hair style. Otherwise, excellent set. 10.

Love her curls- reminds me of little orphan Annie. Actually I really do love her curls along with her many other fine attributes.

I like "sturdy"!

I thought I was back in my dad's generation, is this the 20's? 30's?
Terrible hair, sorry, can't get past it, well, maybe in person :-)

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

3D couldn't hurt! :-)))

Oliwia could be bald for all I care! But her new "do" is very cute on her...I like it a LOT!! I like this set a lot too!!!

Unfortunately no.87 and no.118 reveal the deception of the photoshopping...
Please ask the artists to stop this practice. It "adds" nothing but an air of mistrust... If anything about a model's body is shameful to HER, she ought not be modeling... As many have stated many times...we are not looking for "perfection" here. Just natural beauty...(and this girl has lots of it!)...moles/warts/birthmarks/scars/tattoos included! Thank you and good day!!

Good catch. It's interesting that many women paint a Marilyn Monroe mole ... But Oliwia chooses to have it edited out. Frankly I think it adds a lot of character to her face. I like it. :)

I've seen girls with similar moles to Oliwia's, in pretty much the same place, color them to go for that MM look. I like it as well, in part possibly because my mother had one, but a bit lower on her cheek... I didn't consider that Oliwia herself would want it "painted" out, but that's certainly possible. I guess that's her choice. I'd like to encourage her to leave it if that's the case.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Welcome to Siromens Studios! Alex Sironi and Antonio Clemens, proprietors :-)*

I would say this set makes a strong case for nature. Everything from natural hair color and texture to natural lighting and posing to natural body hair and belly buttons -- and who knows what else?

I keep sayin', you can't beat nature, because nature knows best.

Not too many people on MA etc yet seem to get what I'm talkin' about :-((

*Check the chair in Kristel's debut Stunning 18 set.

Sure thing doug....how about a p.w.? Some of us are on a fixed income. If you're saying it's the same chair, that's not a big surprise... Is there a 'life changing' story here??
And...we "get what you're talkin' about"...we just don't agree with you and that seems to just irritate the hell out of you... Have a great weekend doug, and try to find a little happiness along the way...;o) (Or should I say "a little hairyness"...???)

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

They'll give ya a look for free.
Yeah, there may be a life-changing story there. Waiting to see, with bated breath :-)
No arguing taste, I suppose! :-)
I prefer natural beauty, some prefer artificial. I think natural beauty is immeasurably greater than artificial.
But that's just me :-) I realize I'm in the minority on MA, as you so kindly point out :-)
But thanks for the thoughts!
Yeah, I'll find some hairiness to enjoy :-)

I prefer natural beauty too doug, but I also prefer "bare skin", which to me is MUCH more sensual than skin covered with hair. It goes waaay beyond aesthetics! It's all about tactile sensations!I'm going to assume that you don't shave at all and have a beautiful full beard!! ;o) And very long head hair...that's as far as I go... ;o) Namaste...

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Actually skin covered with hair is sensual in part because of the hair. And the hair itself is highly sensual. To look at, touch, smell...
You can get rid of it and have smooth, sensual skin, but you lose something of great value to many of us when you do. I say have it both ways -- either leave the hair, or don't get rid of it half the time.
The girls that always shave etc -- and that's the vast majority here -- are completely ignoring what I am saying, which is the way many people feel.
You're right, I don't shave much, and last got my hair cut a year ago :-))))
A big American Namaste to you :-)

LOL I hope that "American" Namaste is as genuine and sincere as my "Martian" one was...LOL Well...I looked like one of the Smith Bros. myself...long ago...but I like my women nice and smooooth...;o)

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Absolutely as sincere :-)

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Plus they're gonna have to be shaving constantly, if not waxing or lasering -- in order to keep themselves unnaturally nice and smooth for you. Hey, but if they luv ya, if they seek your luv, no prob! :-)))

That's their problem.... I'm just looking!! LOL

(Well...and sometimes conjuring up erotic images...;o)

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

One more thing about that, Rock. There usually aren't many places on a woman's body that have hair you want gotten rid of. The rest of her is relatively smooth. So why does her bod have to be 100% "smooth", when nature has provided her a sensual fur-patch or 2?
That's what I mean about respecting nature...
And here's another big question for ya: why do you suppose that hair is there?

Strictly conjecture here, seein's I ain't no anthropologist type... Body hair is left over from our days of living in caves, unprotected from the elements until we learned to use animal skins. And we were at one time covered with hair, but only as "pre-homo sapien knuckle draggers". As we've evolved over the millenia most hair has disappeared and as we evolve further, more and more of it is going to disappear....as I said the other day...until we have shed all hair. "Nature" will keep only what is "necessary"....just as she always has. Take THAT to the bank! ;o) And don't ask me about your appendix cuz I ain't no doctor neither... ;o)

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Well, for the here and now, it's here, and turns a lot of people on -- shaved or not.
Right, the appendix, like tonsils... they thought there wuz no use for 'em. This was before they understood the immune system (if not the almighty buck :-)
I would say we best seek to understand nature before deciding to destroy it :-)

There we go....something to agree on!! ;o)

"I would say we best seek to understand nature before deciding to destroy it"

Nice bi-ologue

The seller

  • Neil
  • 4 months ago:

Oliwia is a very pretty woman, with a beautiful figure. Her hair style seems new for her. It does not match her profile photo or her previous galleries. Maybe Mr Sironi's staff hair dresser tried to do something new. Still, Oliwia's style is quite nice.

like her hair better before ,but shes still a big doll love her

yeah...i admit her hair isnt what some would call...modern...but well perhaps she is from a remote village...or WTF maybe she likes this style...what i do notice the pictures are clean and not grainy or out of focus...a well done set of pics to be sure

Maybe she's auditioning for Boardwalk Empire? :)

Or another remake of "The Untouchables"!! :oD

Her hair style is awful!

Oh ye of little likes.


I think what you mean is that you don't like "style" when it comes to women's hair...just "straight and hangy" huh?? ;o)

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