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I was going to ask about the hat. Moxman answered my question though. Its a Cossack hat. So with the nylons, heels and whip I could imagine a Russian female soldier stepping out of her uniform to interrogate me. Ok, that works. I just saw the hat as being a little overwhelming as it covers so much of her beautiful head. All of the rest I'm fine with. Olya is very beautiful and Leonardo was being creative and trying to present something other than just the same old set of poses.

who's daft idea was the bloody hat?

It's been a year and a half since her last set and Olya is far and away too beautiful and stunning to cover her with a giant fur hat. Bring her back in some nice lingerie with her hair styled with bangs -- and vary the poses. Pleeeeease!

I wish I could rate this a 'ZERO'.


That word has no place here. Learn some manners.

Man, am I ever getting sick of saying that, but honestly some people behave as if they live in a cave.

hammertime, nihil is right.
If you're disgusted, say why, and say what you would have done differently. That way the comment section's not just a mudfest, we actually give the photographers feedback they can use, should they so choose.

How does the expression go? "Sticks and stones will break my bones, but whips and chains excite me?" This set has Olya as a dominatrix (sp.). I think the Russian Cossack hat would only work for a raven-haired beauty, such as Olya. Remember, this is art and open to interpretation by all viewers. I happen to like this set; Olya is beautiful and makes the hat and the whip work for her.

Nice to hear a dissenting opinion. Your argument makes sense to me, Moxman.

I too definitely have mixed feelings about this shoot. The model is a winner, hands down. No argument there, she's blowin' me away. The shoot, well ... it has its ups and downs. I love BDSM themes, and floggers are a personal favorite of mine, but did this one add that much to the shoot? Not so much. Did it ruin it for me? Nope. The hat ... a fun prop that would have been more enjoyable for me if it had disappeared from her head at some point and we'd gotten to see more of her wonderful face. The lighting? Well, folks who complain about low lighting levels probably enjoy this, but it's just a tad harsh for my tastes ... did it ruin the shoot for me? No. Poses aren't especially original or varied, especially given the number of shots included, but again, I've certainly seen a lot worse too.

In short, I think folks are disappointed by this shoot because, given the model, the potential for something utterly amazing was definitely there but not fully realized. Is this an enjoyable shoot for me, yes, it is. And such is life ... that which frustrates us can still bring pleasure, and that which pleases us can still be frustrating.

Olya is very beautiful, exotic and seductive. But I think the fur hat is a distraction and is a bad choice. I am not sure what kind of look Leonardo was going for but he missed.

Fortunately, Olya is on RylskyArt with a different name.

I applaud Leonardo for trying something new, however it just didn't click with me. First of all, the set was way too large at 181 shots, compunding the redundancy and limited range of the poses and unchanging background. Props that are worn (such as the big fur hat) are fine to set up a theme if not overdone. It looses appeal as the set drags on (and on) and actually seemed to become more gawdy as I waited in vain for it to be discarded.

Sorry Olya, this isn't your best set. Stick with Rylsky and you can never go wrong.

kilroy, thanks for posting constructive ideas about how this set could have been better rather than just complaints... I think you're right, if this set had been about half the size, and if it had disposed of the props early enough, it would probably have been much better.

I hate sets with hats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spotlight shoots rarely work for me...this one didn't either.

If you want an example of how to run out of ideas, this is it. Olya gets a 10 and Leonardo gets a big, fat,zero.

How can someone make a beautiful woman look boring? "Oh!" I just have to look through this set again.

Oh my.... in the immortal words of AC/DC, "she's got balls!" Metaphorical, of course.
This set took some true chutzpah. I gotta wonder if Olya's ever used a cat o'nine tails? That honestly isn't a problem for me, it adds a delightful "frisson" (ha1 ha! never thought I'd ever get a chance to actually use that little jewel!) of naughtiness to the set.
But honestly... the big hat would have worked had it been removed right about the same time as the stockings and heels... it really was heavy and overpowering, sadly...
For sheer audaciousness, I like the set. Olya is a truly striking and gorgeous woman.
I even think I know what she and Leonardo were aiming at. Sadly, the 900 lb. gorilla never left the room, and that is what would have saved the set, IMO.

What a waste! 181 photos of a woman standing in front of a door in a fur hat holding a whip? Was this a commercial for Smirnoff's This one should have been left in the closet somewhere or sent to a porn site.

Hate to break it to you hipshot, but 99.99% of the world would define a website featuring photos and movies of naked young ladies showing us their genitals as being a porn site. Just because it doesn't feature penetration, or even digital manipulation of said genitals, doesn't excuse MetArt from the list.

Olya is a beautiful woman, but fur hats and whips do absolutely nothing for me.

Each to their own and all that (I imagine someone out there with a fur hat and whip fetish is going crazy with delight!)

yes I am! :)

Is that really a flogger she is holding. I sorry I just don't get this one and almost 200 shots from basically the same position. IMO she is so much prettier in her profile picture.

I was very tired of the hat by the end of this long set, and the cat-o'-nine-tails wasn't very convincing. What was convincing was that beautiful pussy between Olya's legs. That and the tush that accompanies it are definitely worth knowing intimately.

Shaved (better) or unshaven. But, please, do not trimmed.

I am sure that nothing that is said here (by ANY of us) will ever influence any of these fine women to change the way they keep their body hair. That, and knowing that some of these sets may have been taken many months or even a few years ago, comments of this nature may indeed be obsolete by the time a set gets posted.

I'm glad that you give us your opinions, but please realize with regards to the women's grooming choices, it probably falls on models' deaf ears.

Sono pienamente d'accordo con quello che dici.
Ma, quando vado a vedere una partita, continuo a incoraggiare la mia squadra del cuore, anche se sta perdendo.

I fully agree with what you say.
But, when I go to see a game, I continue to encourage my favorite team even if he is losing

Oh give it a rest - let them do what the hell they like with their pussies. Just be grateful you get the chance to see the result!

Very wise

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