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I would fuck her juicy ass hole hard. She has a lovely anus.

love this set so very much. never get tired of looking at that face and butt. mmmm

By Rylsky --photoset nr 6 the pussylook from below-- are very exciting !!!
more please --pussylook from below-- and I will kept my membership for ever at Metart promise.

ive cummed a lot looking at these pics. and i plan on cumming a lot more.

love this set. ive seen her before but didnt fall in love until i saw this one, i love her facial expressions, like sapphira shes one i can get hard just by looking into her eyes

Beautiful set! Would love to see a lot more like it please.

Range of viewpoints: outstanding. With model lying on bed: mesmerizing.

I looked at this at 6 pm and couldn't understand how I missed it two weeks ago. At 6:45 the eggs previously boiling on the stove exploded. I realized then that I had, in fact seen it. I was just too stupefied to remember.

This combination of artist and model is truly what is meant by Most Erotic Teens. Awesome.

Rylsky, I enjoyed this set of Oretha immensely.

Also good to have you 'talking' with us again, even if just for today.

oh, yummy

Today I got rewarded. May St.Valentine bless Oretha & Rylsky too.

rewarded TWICE (at least)!:
congrats for gold Olympic medal today (men's figure skating)

your comments to O.Mars's gallery and video

Tokyo Sukimono:

Maaaasterpiece!! I believe Rylsky, you have already taken that with the still too. The editing should be hastened.
Thursday, October 3rd, 2013 on Szerepet

This is Rylsky.
Sunday, January 5th, 2014 on Hi-5ive

Mr. Rylsky, how many shooting sessions have you had with Oretha? It's wonderful to see how much more confident she looks each time. This looks like it was shot around the same time as the Hi-5ive set and the Szerepet video.

I am very sorry, this information is always for private use inside any photographer's team. We only can say that we have more sets coming or not. Another question is who managing content and updates, I have no chance to manage MA content.

On RylskyArt you will see at least 5 updates in 2014.

Thank you for your interest. Specially for you: Hi-5ive set and the Szerepet video on RA was made in 1 day.

Thank you! No apology necessary. I look forward to seeing more of her soon.

Thank you for this. I look forward to seeing more series of this stunning young lady with great anticipation!!!

This wonderful girl is definitely a founding member of my PPAA club--perfect pussy and ass indeed! She is lovely from head to toe.

She absolutely deserves an elevated throne within the PP club. ( :

On the float.

I would lick her ass all day!!!

Harken! Gallant Knights! Protect our fair maiden! Go, bearing gifts of beans, onions, brussel sprouts, and prunes.

On the way, try to convert heathens with sonnets.

I'm sure she is absolutely thrilled with that prospect...

(And in case you don't understand...that is 100% sarcasm).

Rock's specialty.... ( ;
Sarcasm, served rare, hot, and juicy. LOL

Ok I'll take the night.

I am now a fan of Oretha...zat make me a "Martian"?

You don't need to be a bee if you love flowers.

Do you know what a rhetorical question is?

Sure I don't know. I am just insect in my IQ and the 1 and only thing I can do is to push photocamera shutter button.

Do you know what a "smile" is?

Do you know what a jerk is?

jerk(jûrk): Someone who searches for his identity via Met-Art posts.

BTW. don't even know why they waste the time and the money on the video's, they are never very good, photographs are such a lasting image, a woman never looks better than she does in pictures. One man's opinion. Check out Oretha in her video, NOT GOOD but in the photos, incredible.

trickydick, I'll have to agree with you on this one, her video did not do much for me, but this photoshoot... WOW!

Oretha has a new fan now. I credit a lot of that to Rylsky, knowing how to bring out her qualities.

check out her video on RylskyArt. I hope you'll change your mind


I'd stare at her ass all day, and another member of the PPC.....great job R, great photography!!

The debut of Oretha Mars ( or Anastasia ) was not brilliant , rather indeed was unpleasant.
Not for her fault but for fault of her presenter.
We soon realized of her grace , of her beauty , of her sympathy.

It is a fact that , on MetArt , the rating of the photo often flies over 9 , the movie bogs down at around 7 .

Today Rylsky takes responsibility for submitting Oretha in photos .
Immediately arises a set to be retained, under lock and key, in the drawer of the good things .

Oretha , immediately without panties, begins to recite a bold script to present her jewelry
Wonderful .

I think I perceive a slight embarrassment in the girls that begin their recitation immediately without panties.

Rylsky uses it to add a delicate shyness to the pose also more uninhibited and explicit.
Soon the girl becomes self-confident and starts having fun, playing with the camera.

So, to me, are born of special set where, in addition to the "profession" you perceive the feelings.

A photoset below average of an extremely sweet model with a very lovely face.

10/10 for the model.

5/10 for the photographer that seems to be fond of just Orethas ass.

im very fond of her ass. this is not only my favorite set of her, but one of my favorite sets of any girl ever. I love the scenery, poses, her facial expressions, and of course her ass. i give all 10s

Well, for this model, that should still net the artist a 7.

I love Leonardo's photography. You know it. The difference is I love to love, and spend no time to hate.

As usually, you will talk to yoiurself. But in addition - cold facts.
let see the difference when you judge "honestly and fair" different photographers. 1 you hate, 1 you love.
Date published: 21.01.2014
Title: Rascie
Featuring: Anna AJ
Photographer: Leonardo
Resolution: 21 megapixels - 153 photos

3 weeks ago:

Simply MetArt's best set ever & absolute from each point of view!
This photoset is not a masterpiece but THE masterpiece par excellance!

The noble face & the flawless body of Anna captured by master Leonardo -that's more than words can say!

Beyond any rating!

clod facts:
poses - less than 10
landscape format - 35%


Date published: 01.02.2014
Title: Pinnate
Featuring: Kristel A
Photographer: Rylsky
Resolution: 17 megapixels - 118 photos

2 weeks ago:
Too much repetitions.
cold facts: poses - 12+
landscape format - 30%

To be fair, hers is a tremendous ass.

To be fair, if somebody want to look in Oretha's eyes -he easily can do it. But do this person want it?

I don't want to. I wouldn't find my way out.

Apparently it's more fun for him to complain...

5/10 for the photographer that seems to be fond of just Orethas ass.

yep, but better 3.99 or maybe 4.99 as a special offer for limited time only

how can you not be fond of her ass? its beautiful as is her face. Nothing i love more to see a beutiful girl looking back at me, with all 3 eyes... lol gorgeous girl and great set though. No complaints from me

"Cheap at the price." LOL

Oretha Mars is stunning, so beautiful! I don't know how but Ry has managed to make Oretha's eyes light up and they look amazing. This set is outstanding.

Absolutely breathtaking!! Because I don't look at videos, I missed this beauty at her debut. THIS is a proper debut! And a spectacular one at that! Welcome Oretha! I love your style! XO

I don't think I caught the video either I agree this is a proper (spectacular)debut.

What a vision of loveliness! What a lack of inhibition! What a perfect face! What a day for a day dream :)

1 year ago

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Angelic face, a face to die for. Hard perfect nipples. Sweet inner labia peeping out. Tight, dark, enticing anus. So lovely!

Date published: 21.12.2012
Title: 1irst
Featuring: Oretha Mars


Happy Valentine's Day!


I know she is not new for you.

That makes two of us!! I just realized that I have all of her sets from RA....LOL I didn't expect to see her here at Met.

Sometimes we keep RA models only on RA, or we present them on MA, but mostly - later.


Yes, and 1 more model from RA will be presented on MA very soon.
I think we both know what MA members will say about her...

Your comment for her presentation on RylskyArt:

4 months ago
Welcome! You're so beautiful, and your sweet secret places you stretch open for us are so exciting. Truly gorgeous ... come back soon!

Mmm, mmm, mmm. I am looking forward to this.

met-art members who do not know her are in for a special treat!

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