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the more ass the better. i will never complain about too many ass shots, with me its the oppositte. I actually get quite pissed off when I see sets of girls showing little to none. Its what I come for. and what I cum to. hehe but good job rylsky, keep up the good work as in keep these girls beautiful butts in the air!

Chair? What chair? Oh, THAT chair! Hmmm, I must have been concentrating on something else...

THINGS I LOVE ABOUT THIS SET: Pretty much everything ... just meltin'

EVEN BETTER FOR ME: I got nothin'. :)

SPECIAL NOTE: While I come from a place where the "chair IN the bed" thing hasn't caught on ... YET ... Shot 99, strategically used in advertising campaigns, COULD change all that. :)

10 and praise for two.
Nothing less.

Awsome set!! Oretha is so gorgeous and a true earth-angel! Would love to see a lot more pics like these!!

Oretha Mars is a very beautiful model,perfectly photographed. I don't understand the chair bit.but then i'm old,(74) and don't understand the youngsters. I do not agree that oretha should quit shaving/waxing. she looks beautiful waxing the undercarriage.

Simply adorable. Sweet, playful, and very sexy.

Beautiful woman, and very sexy. I hope she considers giving the unwaxed/unshaved look a try. She appears to be a good candidate for that look. As always, the choice is hers, not ours. Either way she has my vote for PP.

Nomination to PP Club seconded! I suspect this vote will be unanimous...

My favorite Martian!

That's a very lucky chair.

Hear hear! Oretha can play on me that way any day of the week. ( :

Oh goodness... Oretha is a classic Rylsky beauty. This set is nothing short of fantastic. Talk about flawless beauty...

If the colours were more vivid as other oretha's on both MA & RA are, I wouldn't hesitate to admire this set with loud voice.

Oretha is very pretty, with a great figure. I have a hard time understanding why the chair is on the bed. For me it is hard to imagine a circumstance in which a beautiful young lady would have a chair on a bed. I have my favorite chair. I like it a lot, but I never take it to bed with me. Maybe both Oretha and the chair saw a mouse. Maybe someone put the chair on the bed because the floor was getting washed and waxed. But Oretha Mars is very pretty and she has a great figure.

You have to admit those pics with her playing under the chair are unique ~ I haven't seen their like before on MA. ( :


You're right, Rylsky, and then there's also Ralina's latest movie over on RylskyArt. But the uniqueness in this particular set that I was pointing out was the "playing UNDER the chair on the bed" part. ( :

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