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It's always a treat when a beautiful girl puts on a summer dress but leaves her panties at home and then spreads her legs to pose for some lovely up skirt pictures. Superb photography.

Great job!! Oretha looks so sweet, hot, and edible! Would love to see a lot more, thanks.

Model and photographer a winning pair.
A set very simple (see clothing, see setting), but suffused with a subtle sophisticated eroticism.
Oretha the next door girl met by chance she forgot her panties at home.

...she could always give them to me, for safekeeping, you know... :D

The panties are not suited to the beautiful girls.

American says "When you wish upon a star, someday your princess will come". Watching a movie titled "Szerepet" on RA, I wished upon Mars to have that stills shown. Today my wish came true across 190 days.
Thanks Rylsky,it's owed to you.
-Tokyo Sukimono-

Worn out no pink left in that pussy.

Looks good to me -- blue n' all!

The only way I'd cover that cute little thing with fur is a sable coat to keep out the Russian winter!

This is a really nice collaboration between lovely Oretha and Team Rylsky.

Oretha has many superb physical features. I wonder if "Oretha has superb butt cheeks" will generate any response(s)?

It'll def generate much agreement, Baggy!

Beautiful girl. Very nice set, but the color seems a bit off...

Oretha makes a compelling case for interplanetary space travel.

I could stare into those gorgeous eyes all day. Though occasionally I'd ask her if I could also stare at her butt for a little while.


Complete agreement from this Oretha admirer.

I don't like such photosets reducing the models only on their vag. More pictures with focus on her face or her breasts or her whole body , please. Because she has a wonderful face and a really sexy body...

Ideally, to me, I like to see a mix of poses. I do also like the full body shots, especially standing straight to show a womanly figure. I do like to see a few shots closer in on brests or vulva, but not the majority of the set.

I think this set had a decent mix of poses, I am pleased with it.

I love this kind of set, one where we see the girl with the wonderful face exposing herself quite explicitly, the key being that it's not just the explicit reveal but it's visibly the girl with the wonderful face and a really sexy body, displaying her most intimate charms. For example in the first 40 images in this set Oretha's beautiful, gorgeous face is only missing from one image, for me that gives the eroticism in the fantasy that this stunning girl is exposing herself for me, as opposed to close ups which look like they come from an anatomy class, although I can understand some may see these as a fantasy of approaching cunnilingus with the model, the beauty as ever is in the eye of the beholder.

I also like it when the sets present the model outside of what I would call the traditional striptease (tops then bottoms) format.

Percentage wise, there are few pics here that DON'T show her "whole body"...

I think that's what I was trying to say, but a lot more concisely.....

...but I love to see you like this kind of photos, it's really makes us happier when we see comments about figures and faces and "I don't like such photosets reducing the models only on their vag".


Agreed, but we see members stats and we see what sets was downloaded (as example, mostly extremely explicit and many closeups). We all love classic music and opera channels when we answer on the street to TV journalists, but highest ratings are porn channels when we are alone with our remote controller and TV.

"Nobody watched as many porn as any web browser"

I love portraits, I love classic nudes, but who cares and will you pay to watch this?

@ Rylsky:

I would not subscribe to a portrait only site, I might subscribe to a classic nude site; I am not offended when a top quality adult site includes many portraits and many classic nudes.

Yes, I am happy when it's accepted by viewers and photoeditor: portraits, nudes, explicit part. It's very good when artistic part is possible inside "regular explicit content".

Soon we will try to present something about it on RA: updates of different sides of this story.

thank you, Baggy

It reminds me of the Buddhist story about the blind men and the elephant. One man feels the elephant's trunk and thinks it's a snake; another feels its legs and thinks it's a tree, and so on.

The same with portraits, classical nudes, and explicit nudes. They're just three viewpoints, and no finite set of viewpoints is ever going to capture a subject. If an artist sticks to just one aspect, it can be revealing, but it can also come off as false. It's a bit limited to represent someone only classically, or just as a sexual being. It would be terrible to actually have to be either person, as opposed to the messy mixture of things people actually are; you'd never get to scratch your neck. Nobody is just one thing.

But bump a few such perspectives into each other, and you get something more satisfying. Being in love, for example, you feel a lot things that don't seem to hold together. You feel protective towards someone and idealize her; you also see her as a sexual object. That isn't a polite thing, and if it were, there'd be no spark in it. And you, too, want to be cared for and seen as a subject and also to be objectified, with the right kind of balance. They're all facets of the same diamond, and it opens your eyes to realize it.

Which is something I enjoy in your work -- different styles adding up to something larger than its parts, sometimes in the same set, sometimes between sets. It sounds as if you have interesting plans for RA.

@ Rylsky:

This is likely to be another reason why I really like the RylskyArt experience and enjoy my membership!

YW, Baggy, let's create something together. You know, some updates and series was created because (of) RylskyArt's members ideas was interesting. See our blog in May (and new series - after that, in June). It will be announce of new series on RA.

Good points you make. I was not aware that MetArt tracks downloads. This can be misleading, since I never download anymore, no matter how much I love the pics. It just doesn't make sense to store porn on your hard drive. But I will sometimes rate a single picture, do they look at those?

Oretha is lovely, thanks to all for bringing her body into my world. When you shoot in shade, color temerature goes way blue, I know some abhor Photoshop, but here's a good example of when to use color adjustments.

I think in any commercial project like MA the main is visitors count and subscribes. It is only my opinion, nothing as "official MA press-conference".
My examples was mainly about what we saying in public and what we doing home alone. Huge difference, you know.
If we talk about people's interests, let's see any photo community (free, not paysites). Any site have "landscapes", "Portraits" and "Nudes". votes for "Best photo of the day(month, year)" are mostly for anything but the nude... but look on "VIEWS" stats!!! Any poor homemade ass photo get 10+ times more traffic. That's what I said.

Excellent set here! Love the way it starts off and the progression thru it all. Especially Orethas' expressions! there so inviting. Beautiful Oretha hope to see you again soon.

Rylsky: much routine, insufficient Inspiration. It's a great pity because Oretha is a very lovely girl.

Roses are flowers , rain is wet, black is not white, Istanbul is not Constantinople.

Uber gorgeous Oretha strikes again...
The only thing that could have improved an already outstanding set would have been a pretty pair of panties under that pretty dress, that she would flash us glimpses of before stripping them and getting down to business. As it is, this is a great set.
Oretha seems to be opening up over time and getting more comfortable posing. I only hope there are many more sets like this in the pipeline...

corresponding video


The movie (even one piece demo) is visible only to subscribers of RA.

Great set of this beautiful, natural, sexy, girl next door

Oretha has a lovely face and smile, superb body including the most appealing derriere imaginable. More of this beauty soon please, preferably with a pair of full white panties under her summer dress...

Nice to know I'm not the only one to think this... ( :

120 excellent photos of the beautiful Ms Oretha Mars. Excellent. Very nice visit with a very pretty young lady.

Awesome set from Oretha and Rylsky, absolutely love the flimsy dress and no knickers exhibition, Oretha looks simply gorgeous, nice work.

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