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love it love it this is a hot set . don't stop now i didn't want it to end more more more like this.please

Great job! Oretha always looks so cute, sexy and adorable! Please continue with this babe.

Oretha is a very pretty young woman with a very nice body and a good presence before the camera. My only drawback is the dark coloring of her pubic area. Of course that is something that she has no control of. It's just the luck of the draw and it is just my personal preference. I am sure that most don't even care. It certainly is formed quite nicely. I like the dress and watching her get out of it though a pair of panties would have been a nice addition.

Hip, I look at this differently, her darker coloring as a positive simply because it is different from the plentiful pink-on-pink. She is nicely formed as you point out.

Oretha Mars is a very beautiful and skillfull model, and Rylsky has cerated a very good set. I only have one complaint I wish, since she wants to groom, that she would wax the undercarriage. I just don't think razor stubble looks sexy there. As for the horses I thought they looked good I gave a 10+++

P.S. Rylsky has carried out hit extra posting of the Incomprable Jeff Milton,and she is a total man-killer in these.(not intentionally,of course,she's too sweet and innocent)

Oretha is stunning, A+

Rylsky brings us the most amazing women on the planet, bar none. His lighting and posing is quite good. BUT I think we need to chip in to get his monitor calibrated. Color balance is off, my friend. Definite cyan/green tint, not the best way to display human flesh tones. If there is retouching, perhaps the time would be better spent cleaning up the color (or colour for those of you across the pond)

Color looks good on my screen. Except for that horse.

Granted, I am fussy. It was my business for 25 years. Compare the overall color balance with today's shoot of Yani by Iskan. Much better for skin tones, in my humble opinion.

Every image with the lamp would have been better without it except for #58. The orange horse galloping towards our model's face didn't add much either.
I liked the poses in 104 (peek) and 105 (leaning forward).

You are serious about your hatred of table lamps are you not... ( ;

I'm moving on to orange horses.

It is best to keep shooting for new targets as you grow over time. ( :

p.s. I believe the sagacious Rylsky was anticipating the inevitable "orange horses vs. no orange horses" debate in comments, when he shot the final 7 images. ( ;

Oretha would be so much better unshaven. Rylsky used to do a lot of unshaven sets, but not so often now. I am getting bored of all the bare models.

Except for no.12, this is a nice set of this beautiful girl!

"My Favorite Martian" indeed!

Oretha is just spectacular. Always look forward to her visits.

Gorgeous Oretha Mars, explicitly and beautifully, erotically posed and perfectly captured by the very talented Rylsky, another fine piece of art from this collaboration.

A little tidbit of useless information here.

In the last two years, Rylsky has almost 16% of the posted sets (387) on this site, more than any other artist. Since 2005, he has had 1213 posted sets for 9% of the total share, still the top posted photog here. Gonchorov is second with 7% overall. That's a lot of beauty he is bringing us!

Have another cup of coffee, Rylsky, my hats off to you.

Did you count them all yourself, or did you somehow acquire the stats? I think it would be really interesting to see further breakdowns, say, by nationality, height, age, stuff like that.

It's a spreadsheet I've been playing with, just set info (artist, model, rating).

I could find any of that other stuff out if I wanted to import the bio info from 12,000+ sets. Too much work.

As well as an analysis based upon the height of the photographers, a statistical breakdown of the number of tattoos of the makeup artists would be super exciting.

An entire SET of the "make-up artist's tattoos" would be super DUPER exciting!!! ;o)

no tattoo info, sorry ;-)

The So-Beautiful-It's-Abso-freakin'-lutely-RIDONKULOUS Oretha Mars absolutely rocks a pretty cocktail dress in the beginning of the set, and ends up the set with an extended sequence of my favorite pose of all. In between she shows an animation and warmth we haven't seen in such abundance from her, to date.
Yes, this set is in line to be my favorite set with the lovely Oretha so far... I'm hoping she continues to return, showing yet more animation as time goes on.

You are SO lovely xxxxx

Too many unimaginative and similar photos of this wonderful lovely model.

I am curious, uuusssee...
Would you rather have too many photos, or too few?
I remember when I first subscribed to MA how nice it was to have a much more detailed "view" of a model than one could see in a printed magazine spread. I far prefer this number of photos...

what the tags here...


...silly. ( :
They'd make sense if we didn't have the option of comments. But we do...

Speaking of making sense..."what the tags"! is he talking about!!??

Remember, He is Russian and his English is not great. Sometimes translators don't work well.

  • 1 year ago:

Hi All,

I believe Rylsky is asking about some of these ridiculous tags that have no relevance to this model or set at all. I am going through them now to get rid of the more offensive ones. Also, if anyone has missed my previous comments, we are very soon saying good riddance to the current tagging system. It will be replaced with a new one that will actually contribute more to specific searches and pertain to the actual model/set.

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