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Just perfection. The erect nipples in the spider suit really turn me on.

  • jazz
  • 10 months ago:

Beautiful young lady. Gorgeous pussy

For me, that black spider web outfit is incredibly sexy. I also noticed the unique and beautiful staircase. A perfect setting for this lovely girl.

I would like to take Orvelia for drinks, dinner, a movie and then lick every inch of her body. That would be the perfect evening!

Ooh, ... nice, very nice. Great set and Orvelia is stunning!

Yeah, uhm... the spider woman outfit? Not doin' it for me. I love sets that start out with an instantly naked girl but if you're going to use (and I use the term loosely in this instance) "lingerie" it might make more sense to place those shots first.

Orvelia's beautiful smile and gorgeous body.....
What a wonderful way to start the day!


Cool (I mean hot) outfit!

Nice inside and outside set.

Orvelia has a beautifully soft and gentle face, only enhanced when her blonde hair is pulled back in a simple ponytail, with wonderful curves in her slender figure. The first 34 photos are truly magnificent showing her off in her full glory, including her sensationally shapely bum. I agree with the earlier posts and wonder why on earth she has to put on that stupid black string thing which mars the remaining 67 pictures? I can only wonder if, like my other favourite model Dariya A, she is rather shy and lacks confidence in the full beauty of her body. Please try and persuade her to do more photo shoots totally naked.

Billyboy, Go back and check out her first three posted sets. Very explicit. Especially her two girl set. No shyness or lack of confidence there. My guess is since she has stayed with G. what we are seeing is what he wanted to shoot, not her call.

Probably the most erotic gallery I can remember ! No wonder it is conceived by Goncharov, but Orvella is a superb model who would adorn any gallery ...A masterpiece of Met Art !

The first setting seemed spot on. The way she was posing was unbelievable. Never-less Orvelia O is a beautiful model and hope to see more of her. I meant that literally!

What a lovely young woman and a very sexy, erotic outfit. How does she keep those nipples in place? Would have loved to help her get ready for this set!
Don't listen to the detractors Gonch, its good to have variety.
Any chance of getting Jenya to dress up in one of these?

Orvella has yummy nipples and areolae, and a beautiful butt. The black thing did not hinder me confirming this, but WTF.

Such a wonderful set with a remarkably beautiful young woman. Orvelia is absolutely stunning. But what is that black contraption she is wearing? It is not swimwear. It is not underwear. It is just unnecessary and distracting. Nevertheless, this is a wonderfully beautiful set.

That might be referred to as a CFM outfit.

Orvelia is a beautiful woman, and I'd love to spend a week or two with her at the beach. She seems sweet and adorable. So what did she do to deserve that silly black rig in the second half of the set?

Great set.

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