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Yes, I am late to the party !~!~!

I hope it is not too late for my request to have Ottolain visit us again in the near future !~!~!


Really don't understand the low score. I sincerely hope it does not put her off modelling again as I think she's the best looking girl so far this year and I'll eat my computer if she's still not my favorite by the end of it! There; the redneck has spoken!! Please come back Ottolain.

YESSS!!! We definitely need more of this gorgeous creature!!! And SOON!!

Looks like she sent 50silver-king's computer up in smoke. Automatic 2 point increase on her rating, eh?

I am glad to see a new face in METART. Ottolain has the refreshing looks of a next-door-girl and the body of real girls you see everyday on the streets, maybe she ha not a flat tummmy but she looks "authentic". UNFORTUNATELY she ha been underrated by many METART members, below 8 seems to me a very low rate. She made me pop before I ended the gallery!!!

Those eyes, black pools of delicious temptation inviting you in, then you sink to the bottom....her bottom.......oh god!!!

Great set! Ottolain is soo hot! Love the arched-back and feet shots! Need more please.

Wouldn't ya ❤ to see Ottolain on "The Ameri¢ans"?

I'd rather find her in my "American" Tourister luggage!! ;o)

Very pretty girl, gorgeous body. Thick girls are awesome in so many glorious ways. I hope this lovely will visit with us some more and I hope it's soon!

"Thick"...??? This is what I call "athletic". When I think of a female being "thick", I think of a "bimbo"...lol

I would love to be a part of Ottolain's empire.

I love everything about Ottolain from her exotic name, to her hair, to her pretty face, to her overall proportions and curvaceousness.
But of course I can't help noticing and thus I officially nominate her for immediate inclusion into the PP Club. Any seconds? ( :

Fer_Realz are you for real? The only time that I am on fairly early and you beat me to the punch on nominating this beauty to our exclusive club. Lol. I second the nomination. Welcome Ottolain. Very good first set by our lovely model and our photographer.

A very beautiful lady, with a pretty face, a gorgeous body, a cute bottom and a very unusual name. Interesting. Show me more.

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