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Utterly stunning real curvaceous woman. I've been praying for her return ever since my eyes were first treated to the sight of her glorious delectable body. She'll be back soon...any day now...any day...look I'm getting impatient!!

A pretty-faced chick with a fresh, natural beauty. The shots in the last page on all fours, sticking out her round, kissable ass are something to remember. Clearly underrated

Hi guys!
I am pleased your feedback, I will pass them Ottolayn.
She is very plastic, flexible and warm girl, I was interested in working with her.

Great job!! Ottolain is so fine, one of my favorites! Would love absolutely to see a lot more! Please and thanks.

Oh, such a delight! A robust and enthralling young woman. She, by her womanly way, Met-Art, by Varin, have captured the opening of day.

How does a girl THIS good looking, with large beautiful breasts, have a rating under 8!!?? I think "voting" should be restricted to the U.S...lol ;o) Unless of course this is where the trolls are!!? ;o) I'm not even a fan, and I gave her a 10!!

beautiful young woman. delicious figure :-)

The bra and panty set was a great way to start off the photo set. I love Ottolain's natural build and warm smile. Hopefully there's much more to come.

A very delicately shaped small pussy. Pure delight to look on!

Hoping for more pure delight with enhanced opportunity for looks upon.

I'm overjoyed to see the return of this curvaceous beauty. Ottolain, welcome back, and please come back often!
This is not Varin's best set, some of the pictures had no discernible purpose to my eyes ~ but the ones that focused on Ottolain's beautiful face and wonderful features succeeded.

"Wonderful features": has now been added to the Manual

  • H WU
  • 3 months ago:

Ottolain started out beautiful in bra and panty.Her body is awesome.Her name is very interesting.

And her low rating is very curious...

I agree. Seems like women with full figures are not appreciated very much here (Thinking back to Kayla Louise's last set). Seems like more guys like skinny women. Personally, I like some meat on the bone.

Go to the nearby mall and she would be the hottest chick there. But this is MetArt showcasing world class model looks. Not plus sized models compared the rest of the girls on this site. She is refreshing since all the models here are bones, but fill this site with chunkies and I'm out of here. Still, she is beautiful in the real world but on this site, there are 1000 girls more desirable. That's why the low rating. I would have given her a 6-7 and no one gets below a 4 on my scale. A 4 here is a 8-9 at the local mall. Only women like Anna AJ, Jana Cova and Lorena B plus about 100 more deserve the 10s. That's world class beauty. Unfortunately she is only real world beauty. MetArts is not the real world. A real world 10 doesn't even get an interview here.

Hi Bartelby,

I received many requests from members who wanted more diversity in body types for the girls. MA is not a biased site though admittedly there are many more petite models to choose from. I wanted to give all of our members options that they enjoy. I understand Ottolain is not the typical MA model, but I do believe she added a little spice to the selections :)

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