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Wow what a sexy goddss my favorite love her

Lose the stockings for at least half the set.

Keep the stockings -- add high heels !!!!!

Another set that illustrates Rylsky's inclination to focus on the models face, regardless of whatever else may be 'featured' in the frame. For Paloma, this is a mediocre set at best...imo. That sweet smile of hers is the only saving grace for this one.

Rylsky has forgotten a lot of things, including the first paragraph of M-A/E-A Philosophy, which reads in part ".......to bring the subscribers what they want....." Neither site is doing this and hasn't since Jan 2012.

Rylsky has also forgotten how/where to focus his camera, and forgotten the importance of color. His sets have become flat and boring.

Yes, I agree the white wall is bouncing a lot of the light, causing this problem here, but he's experienced enough to have considered this. Isn't he??

I think the set is awful, quite frankly. Yes he focuses on her face. The problem is that he focuses on it so much that's all you see and that makes her head look HUGE in some of those shots. What a waste of a really good-looking girl.

yeah, he should focus more on those short legs or that unimpressive genitalia... right?

Paloma B - самая красивая модель

девушки/женщины на сетях 'порно'. Я очень не хочу

использовать порно слова, потому что я не видел,

что Paloma делает любое моделирование кроме

приличий соло на почти подобном искусству против

мест порно. Лицо Паломы является ангельским и

нежным. Ее глаза и улыбка только, кажется, говорят

зрителю, идут вперед и любят смотреть на мою

красоту, я не возражаю. Ее ранние выстрелы

photogrpahic являются самыми очаровательными. Ее

лабиумы бабочки - знаменитый мир.

Рассматривание этой розовой части владельца -

действительно редкий privledge. Груди Паломы -

только правильный размер, чтобы заставить

человека сойти с ума с желанием! Мой Бог,

вообразите иметь те прекрасные груди, чтобы

играть с и пробуждать в Вас сексуальное желание,

это сделало бы самое слабое среди нас трудно в

течение многих дней!:) Хорошо, если Вы не можете

сказать, я - болельщик высшего качества этой богини

и имею так много addoration для нее, что никакая

другая женщина на сети даже не приближается к

замене ее в моих мечтах. Я надеюсь, что Палома

прочитает это однажды, и если так я искренне хотел

бы поблагодарить ее за sharring ее выдающаяся

красота с мужчинами и женщинами во всем мире.

Насколько пустой мой мир был бы без изображений

этой богини, чтобы смотреть на то, когда я являюсь

нуждающимся в imspiration, который может только

быть вызван такой красотой. Спасибо Палома. Вы -

sweetiest живущее существо, чтобы населять эту

землю! Любите Вас.

This isn't the best translation, but it will do I hope!

This is really not the best translation. Please use english , models will use translators online by themselves. It's really much better than read broken russian or any other language.
Paloma will read your message for sure anyway.


This is really not the best translation. Please use english , models will use translators online by themselves much better than read broken russian or any other language.
Paloma will read your message for sure anyway.


How about you do what you want and I will do what I want and leave it at that. No need to think you know better how to contact a model in a foreign country.

I just said as russian who see translation and niss what it is about.
yes, you can do whatever you want and even don't read my opinion...if it makes your happier.

Paloma B is the most beautiful girl/woman model on the "porn" networks. I hate to use the word porn, because I have not seen Paloma do any modeling other than solo appearances on almost art-like vs porn sites.

Paloma's face is angelic and tender. Her eyes and smile just seem to say to the viewer, go ahead and enjoy looking at my beauty, I don't mind.

Her early photogrpahic shoots are the most alluring. Her butterfly labia is world famous. Viewing this pink master piece is indeed a rare privledge.

Paloma's breasts are just the right size to make a man go crazy with desire! My God, imagine having those perfect breasts to play with and arouse in you the sexual desire, it would make the weakest among us hard for days! :)

OK, if you cannot tell, I am a super fan of this goddess and have so much addoration for her that no other woman on the net even comes close to replacing her in my dreams.

I hope Paloma will read this some day and if so I would sincerely like to thank her for sharring her outstanding beauty with men and women the world over. How empty my world would be without the images of this goddess to look at when I am in need of imspiration that can only be summoned by such beauty. Thank you Paloma. You are the sweetiest living creature to inhabit this earth! Love you.

I agree and yes she is a godess in my eyes

The stockings worked well in this shoot. Regarding stockings in general - I think this site should show more models wearing them. In my view (and it is only my view) stockings with suspenders and a suspender belt have the edge on hold-ups, fishnet stockings (not with a large mesh like trawler men use) have the edge on plain stockings, black coloured stockings have the edge on red stockings, which in itself has the edge on any other colour than black and lace top stockings have the edge on plain-banded top stockings. In addition not many shoots show sexy red and black basques which is someting else I would like to see more of on this site.

All stockings and other lingerie is boring, distracting and of no interest to me [just my honest opinion]. I don't come to a nude photo site to view underwear. Nude is naked, bare, unclothed, period.

Poor focussing at times and harsh light , not one of Rylsky's good work I'm afraid .Paloma is delicious as usual.

I agree on the focussing. No real closeup of her pussy or butterfly poses of that lovely feature of Paloma's. Why he didn't keep it in focus is a major flaw.

I think the white wall was the culprit with the light...reflecting back a lot of it. Then the chair was changed halfway through to a much darker one (don't know why), creating a lot more contrast which may have thrown the light meter off a bit. A few of the shots with the dark chair look slightly over exposed. Rylsky, do you shoot full manual (aperture, shutter, focus)? Its gotta be a bit tiring using manual focus all day long. And if the model moves a lot when she poses, you have to deal with that too.

Paloma looks very delicious in her sexy red lingerie!!! Another great set Rylsky...you are hitting on all cylinders these days!!!

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