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Paloma is one of my favorites. i like her face, her eyes and her beautiful hair. of course i like her gorgeous sexy body, sfe has lovely ass and sexy thighs. thousand kisses for her.

Rylsky you did a nice job

would love to see some spread pussy shots and close ups

Please check another sets of Paloma with more than enough photos of what you missed in this set.

Paloma is tops in my book! That cute round face and pretty brown eyes framed with her blonde locks! She gets a little silly in this shoot and I like that. Rylsky is good for allowing (and probably encouraging) her personality to show, and they obviously work well together. That always produces quality results. Nice shoot, both of you.

Now, WTF happened in shot #48? Just curious.

http://members.met-art.com/members/model/paloma-b/gallery/20130816/ELTERN/image/48/low/ what happened?
It is about her mood this day and atmosphere here: she is very funny girl.

This girl is incredible, one of my favorite models, her beautiful face could be on the cover of any magazine, love the facial expressions in this set, great photography capturing her innocence and beauty

A flawless distinguished photo set!
Excellent work of both Rylsky and Paloma!
Exactly that kind of photography I want to see at MetArt!

My objective opinion ..... as always .....

You already made your opinion absolutely uninteresting for me, I just hope it is interesting at least for you.

Please notice that I wrote to MetArt - I didn't write to you.

And I take notice that we never will be friends.

Whatever - this photoset is really superb and if you ever should compare it to these sets I've criticized in the past you will see the difference.

comments is not for MetArt (MetArt read comments sent by email, not here).
comments option is useful for communication of members, artists and models.

Yes, you are right, from today no comments from you will be used for my attention. All was said before in any possible forms. Enjoy the possibility to write public comments and be happy. Imagine you write it to you and be happy twice.

I think you meant to say the comments option is useful for communication between members and "artists" so long as I (the "artist") don't disagree with the comments made.

Just because you call it "RylskyArt" doesn't make you an "artist". You photograph beautiful young nude women. Your success is determined by the attractiveness of the model. Remove the naked girls and no one would care about, or even notice, your work.

Ansel Adams was an artist. You take pictures of naked girls ... which is certainly not a bad gig - but you take yourself far too seriously. To paraphrase your condescending remark to uuusssee: "Imagine you take close up photos of vaginas and be happy twice."

I think one of us is lost in translation, but I can answer easily, that I never use ARTIST outside METART. And you must know why I do use it here.
Terminology is as MetArt use it. We are at MetArt, right? If you first time at this site - see above menu on every page. It is not mine , but MetArt's menu is:

live cams
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direct link:

I use English menu, I did not ever checked any other language, sorry if you do use any other and it not contains word "ARTIST".


I have won contests without using any naked woman and long time before I start MetArt submissions if you wanted it to know. Later I won nude photography contests as well. I will not gave you any links, believe it or not, it is really needless. You may think my skill is above null, I will not try to make you change your mind, sir.

I am late into this discussion thread but so be it. I just want to say that I really appreciate your work Rylsky.

Thank you, Dennis.

Very pretty, Paloma. Lovely blonde hair. Cute smiles. Very nice poses.

Paloma is very pretty, with a wonderful figure and lovely long blonde hair. She has an impressive bio profile on metart. She writes of studying medicine at University and wanting to learn how to sky dive. She seems to be highly motivated and driven to be successful. She seems to be not only beautiful but impressive as well. Best withes to her for much happiness and success.

Thank you from her.

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