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Paloma looks tiny in the usual settings. But she isn't. She isn't tiny at all. And the first pics show this nicely. She isn't exactly tall, but of a healthy, average high.

You really missed an opportunity here. I would have been marvelous to see lovely Paloma strip out of her fur coat, short black skirt and black boots, gradually revealing her beautiful body. Next time I hope.

Paloma is a true beauty. I think the outdoor shots are the best,she can show all her beauty with just her face.Nude she is an incredible stunner. either way,she is living proof that personality is the largest component of erotic modelin,and Rylsky did a perfect set of her. I gave both a 10++++


Damn girl you got sexy hips!! I wish the indoor shots started with that black skirt on. I'm only wishing not demanding.

Paloma is a real sweetie! Ever since her first appearance I have been smitten and she still has that effect on me.

Why? From the top; her angelic face, awesome areolae and glass cutters, sometimes a hint of ribs, appealing transition from waist to hips, lovely inner and outer labia, and when seen ~ her superb bum.

Paloma is always so very pretty. The out door shots are very nice. And Paloma's fair complexion against the dark background is pefect.

Una Paloma blanca
I'm just a bird in the sky
una paloma blanca
over the mountains I fly
no one can take my freedom away.

I love that lady, I love that song.

Thank you Rylsky for this Set!!! Paloma seems to be every day more Angelic:-) She has a bewitching Beauty... Indescribable how Beautiful she is and this adorable Beauty goes from Head to Toes:-) She's not stunning, but Super Stunning, perfect in every detail:-) A lot of Kisses to You, Angel arrived from Heaven:-):-):-)

What happened between 9 and 10?

The same thing that happens in all "compilations"...an abrupt change of horse in the middle of the stream...;o)

It seems that you and fer_realz telepathically or subliminally sent a hint to K or Rylsky; who, in turn, made the change.

Well done everyone!

Real magic. And a trip to the hairdresser. Outside, her hair was parted on the side. Inside, she has bangs. Two different haircuts. :) But she is beautiful either way.


Paloma has been around for a long time but she still looks fantastic. That lovely face is her strong point and the lovely peaches and cream complexion. Those outdoor shots in that lovely coat are superb. That is the way I like to see her. She is always a head turner.

Paloma is so very poised and statuesque, those shots outside are sheer magnificence. ( :

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