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She must be the prettiest girl I have ever seen. Thank you for showing me your beatuifull body, Pammie Lee.

Any opportunity to see Pammie Lees fabulous breasts and nipples, and her sensuous mouth must be taken regardless of what these guys think about the photography! She is just so sexy....

I love Pammie's face! She's friggin gorgeous!! And she wears her hair perfectly!

I personally LOVE the way Pammie trims her pubic hair. It invites touch.

Every model should do at least one set with this trim.

Sexy, sexy, sexy trim.

Amazing woman but if she is from the Russian Federation how can she be Afro-American?

It is an incorrect term they mean African and whatever she is (Russian,Tatar,whatever)For some reason they list every woman that appears to be "black" or mixed as Afro American.There is a model from South Africa who is clearly in no way Afro-American they list her as Afro-American.

Because there are about 12 million blacks living in Russia,there are American blacks who were members of the Communist party,and there are many blacks from North Africa espically from Morrocco. One girl was on Met for a while,Selene A. There is violent prejudice against Moors in western Europe,the moors were at war with Europe until 1923.

My thoughts exactly! If they say she's from Russia, how can they call her "Afro-"American"!? Does that mean EVERY black person on the planet is "Afro-"American"? Aside from that small detail, this girl is gorgeous
whatever else you want to call her! This set?....mediocre at best.

I think this is a function of the fact that many models are touchy about who they work with nude. Tony Murano is not that good, but he's evidently the only male photographer she will work with, like Lizel A and Georg shoes or Milena D and Erik Latica

Da, I've wondered the same. Maybe she came to Russia? Otherwise she would be Afro-Russian.

Her grandparents were American blacks who moved to Russia according to her, which make her one quarter Afro-American

That's kind of a stretch...but I guess. Why not just "African" in that case? More 'exotic' that way...;o) She sure is gorgeous w.e. we call her.

I agree that it's a bit monotonous. But Mr. Murano does have a good eye for Pammie's amazing breasts, and they get good coverage here, so to speak. We really need a video to see them bounce and sway. Pammie doesn't seem to have done one yet (?)

I guarantee you there's at least twice as many pics of her 'too large' tits, as there is of her gorgeous bottom! I know Pammie's are natural, which is amazing in itself, but the site is filled with sets focused almost exclusively on big tits!

This may be the best session for Pammie.

TM seems to have some fascination for this model and unfortunately he hasn't been able to show her properly in any of the sets. Frankly his work has gone downhill in the last 12 months.

It's a pity because I just glance through his infrequent submissions nowadays.

Pammi is a great looking girl that really needs a photographer that can bring her to the fore.

Pammie is very beautiful, but she deserves better photography.

And she might consider a few 'more revealing' poses also. She's done better.
But don't get me wrong, I'm not defending the photographer. He's disappointed me enough that I pronounce his name Morono. And a guy can only shoot what a girl shows him.

Santo Toledo! Qué una mujer, tan sorprendentemente hermosa! La mas hermoso rostro, hermosas caliente y cachondo marrón ojos! Ese cuerpo! Perfectamente grandes, redondas pechos, tu grande, redondo culo, las piernas de forma perfecta! Y luego veo tus grandes, suave, cremoso muslos abiertas para me! Tus negra chumino pelo! Y esos grandes, jugosos rosados labios que son pooching fuera para me a lamer​​! Asombroso!Ahora, Que es una perfecto coño!... "(i)"... La más asombrosamente hermoso, rosada, mojada coño, que he visto nunca! ¡Gracias, mi querida mujer! Oh! ¡Sí! Pamela Lee, tus belleza es incomparable! ¡Gracias!

I agree.Pammi started with great sets but this one is monotonous.She has a gorgeous body.

A display of what appears to be far below average

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