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Pammie is gloriously slutty and Rylsky really gets it right.

What a waste. She would be really nice if she bothered to shave.

CLOTHES. OFF. I want to see tummies, thank you very much.

Rylsky is a hack, but Pammie likely has the best body on Met-Art. This set isn't bad for Rylsky, but his work is too heavily processed, and there is the ever present lack of creativity.

What creativity you wanted to see?

Beautiful model, Rylsky did an admirable job in most of the photos given the limiting atmosphere.

What a gorgeous girl! She's been on my favorites for a while. Another great photos set from Rylsky.

Pammie Lee is one of my absolute favorites on Met-Art. I really love a woman full shaved with maybe a small runway BUT Pammie absolutely has the beautiful, pink, wet pussy with full lips that looks wonderful amongst the bush. Thanks Pammie for gracing us with your beauty !

Pammie Lee is a total babe with a smouldering sensuality, a fabulous body and a pussy to die for....

Can't get enough of this beautiful girl..

Would be great to see Pammie Lee over on Sex-Art. Maybe with a glass toy.
More of her please!

Very sexy model. What is the big idea of shooting into a bright light? Don't think that is creative photography. I don't mind a few starting shots with clothing items on, but for goodness sake this is supposed to be nude photography. Finally, this model's beautiful assets (tits and ass) were not very well exploited (exposed if you will) in this series.

I totally agree about the lighting. To me, the lighting should accentuate the model not annoy the viewer! Rylski does this way too often for me.

Pammie Lee really looks hot in this set; the "rain" must have had something to do with it I guess. Anyway, her very beautiful face, magnificent breasts and awesome pussy with its new trim were show cased quite well and often. What happened when it came to taking more and better photos of her yummy butt?

Model gets a 10+...photog gets a 2.

One question for metart in how they catergorize ethnicity. How can she be afro-american if she's Russian? Wouldn't that make her afro-russian? And for all we know she's never been on the American continent.

This "issue" has been discussed at length. Pay attention.

Pammie's grandparents are afro americans who moved to Russia,and she seems to identify with them quite strongly

Where do you even come up with this?

It states no such thing in her bio.

Pammie is a beautiful young woman! However I'm not a fan of these types of sets but Pammie does a good Job in this one. And one small point, she needs to see a hair stylist for her head, she should fire whoever her current one is.

  • 3 years ago:

I've never seen so many negative thumbs for positive comments. I'm in favor of differing opinions, but why the negatives?

I'm also curious as to why this model is regularly mired in the mid to low 8's as well. I cannot see how she could improve on any aspect of her appearance, and this set is pretty good--we get a nice range of poses and steady camera work. The model's assets are celebrated with aplomb.

If negative comments are with details - it is helpful. If it is about tastes or "i will be happy with the glass dildo inside her" - it is...

MetArt is a place to be happy and to choose from millions of photos anyway.

If people post negatives - just let them enjoy it, no problem. Why you need to be happy only after reading comments if you like something? My Vietnamese friend enjoy dog's meat, I don't care and will never try to eat this, and we are still friends! He don't need me to say "yes, tasty!!!" , because he enjoyed this food, not my comments about it.

People like to complain I recon.Which is why you see so many negative comments.People these days are self centered and only want to see what they want and dislike it when someone has a differing opinion.

Such is the way of things these days.

Yes, thank you.

Breathtaking model!

I really like Pammie and I really like Rylsky, a great pairing here.

I fully agree with you, the model, the photographer and the set are excellent

Pammie Lee is fantastically beautiful and fantastically good! She is so beautiful,and Rylsky has outdone himself! I do wish he had left out the few shots where the shot is overexposed by the light in back of the stage setting, but I won't gripe.

I Forgot to say that Pammie has sets on TLE under her Russian name Lubatchka. This is in addition to her name Pammie lee which she uses because she seems to identify so strongly with her Afro-American grandparents.

I will gripe. Several excellent shots here but many are washed out from the glare.

Now this is a pubic hairstyle I'd like to see more of. I think baby smooth has run its course. It's good for some girls, but most would look better like this in my opinion.

I agree about the pubic hair,I prefer girls that look like grown-ups.American models are coming more and more to just trimming.

I prefer fully shaved but Pammie Lee's trim in this is nice while, at the same time, exposing her beautiful pussy in all its glory.

Oh Pammie! Oh Oh OH! You did it! Thank you thank you thank you! You are magnificent! This set is magnificent! I'm more in love with each new set.

I'm not religious, but THIS is a Goddess!.. and I worship her!

Agreed! amazing tits + beautiful pussy = sex goddess every time! love her bush...

Please don't agree with me if you're going to limit her divinity to sex, which is what it seems you're doing... Your sentiment stands by itself just fine, but it's not what I'M saying. ;o)
Your I.D. reminds me of "Spies, Like Us"...hilarious movie!

What are you saying then? I dont know her personally so i cant comment on anything other then her sex appeal....

That was a hilarious movie.

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