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Patritcy is soo beautiful!!

Outstanding beauty. With a perfect camel toe pussy like this one would have hoped for more shots standing. But right now anything would be good from this beauty.

Anytime I make a comment, captivation is at the heart of my thoughts. Patritcy burns my mind with her images of shear beauty. Well done, Koenart, very well done.

I have said this before. I really like the lovely young ladies from Baltic States that Koenart brings to visit. Patritcy is one of the most beautiful young ladies I have seen recently. I especially like her lovely derriere, but there is not a single less than 100% perfect gene in her entire visible being. Thank you again Koenart and bless you Patritcy.

10 - 10

Every square inch of Patritcy is perfection. Would absolutely enjoy her entire body !

This girl is on Nubiles. She knows how to act "shy" It's all part of her allure. And that is a shave job, not a wax job.

Gorgeous girl with a very hot body!!! More please!!!

At first, I read "Party City."

Can Koenart photoshop his photos even more?

there seems to be an influx of cute baltic girls lately.
And I am certainly not complaining. Yummy.

Very pretty but she seems really nervous in this set. Hopefully that diminishes over time.

well, isn't she on nubiles? so... she shouldn't be nervous anymore.

I really like the pink outfit. No lace or gimmicks just soft and feminine and something a girl might actually wear. I wish they had done more shots in the panties alone and less in the full outfit. I think a girl in panties is so sexy and those are really pretty on her.

I totally agree that the lingerie that is REALLY sexy is the stuff that women would actually wear in real life.
Don't get me wrong, I love lacy, I love hose, I love the kind of lingerie Tony Murano highlights -- from time to time.
What REALLY gets me though is seeing a woman as if she were a woman come off the street -- what she threw on this morning for work, or what she put on for her boyfriend.
And I am SO over thongs. Real women wear real panties. Panties are sexy too.

Very very pretty girl. I hope to see more of her, also... and I hope she comes out of her shell and smiles more...

Very nice debut.

Patritcy has lovely hair, a cute face, and a great bum. I like the Baltic state ladies that Koenart brings to visit.

And we should thank their 'husbands' for allowing it...;o)

Lovely girl, cute outfit. She was a bit slow to take it off but it was worth the wait. Nice closeups of a very delicious looking flower. Very close shave if it was a shave. I love it when there isn't a hint of stubble. Great first set and a nice find from Koenart as well as very well photographed. She needs to work on her poses but that will come with time.

She has my vote!

slow is good, no great, anticipation!

No way that's a shave. That's a wax. (Ouch!) But no matter what it is, it's a beautiful little pussy.

It might be lasered clean too, that doesn't hurt as much as waxing, and lasts a long time. My girl has one and can't recommend it enough if you like it shaved...

Looks like a damn good 'plucking' to me.. And I thought it was an 'average' pussy, although very cute girl and very nice titties. Interesting that some of the models choose to leave their wedding rings on for their 'erotic photographs'...

Doesn't really matter if she is married. We are just here to look anyway and I could look at that all day! It may not be a wedding ring. Some young girls wear a ring to keep guys from hitting on them.

And for my 2 cents I think that is one awesome pussy. Delicate, pink and sweet looking. I prefer small labia.

Who cares what it is, bottom line is her pussy is an amazing beauty! What a nectar little fruit that has just become ripe. Really cute ass and face too! Patritcy is a very arousing young girl. more please!

Nice.... Real nice. A Welcome addition.

Very cute and what a great body, that gorgeous bald cunt is absolutely divine, I hope there's a lot more of Patritcy in the future.

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