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Patritcy, you have the most delicious ass I've seen. I want to taste you so bad !

I enjoy every picture of Patritcy, but definitely prefer the ones with her completely nude. Her face is beautiful, but more importantly , the rest of her body. Her tits are absolutely amazing and perfect in size, very nice. Her chest and legs are very nice as well. Most Importantly, her cunt and ass/ anus are my favorite. I could definitely take seeing more pics of her anus for sure, as it is superb. Giving her anus and cunt a real good fuck would be the absolute highlight of my life!

Sorry Sailor, only just seen your answer. You're right of course, though delectable doesn't seem quite enough I can't better it. Seems we'll have to share after all.

Live those little hot shorts!

This little lady is a doll! Finally a set that starts out fully dressed in a natural setting. That outfit is perfect. An almost see through white blouse and skin tight leather short shorts. It couldn't get any better for me.

That side swept natural blond hair highlighting that amazing face is as sweet and sexy as it gets. Her body is top notch. Her breasts are awesome and her sweet little pink labia are perfect! The perfect girl nest door image. So sweet and innocent and the hottest thing I could imagine when the clothes start to come off.

This set is perfection. The location works, it's clean and uncluttered and bright and well lit. The photos are crisp and clear and the depth of field is good. A nice mix of close in and wide angle with some great intimate shots as well as some delightful portrait shots. All and all I think this set is very well balanced and nicely done. My only question is why is shot #90 up side down?

I wondered the same thing, hipshot... my conclusion is that it must have been a glitch uploading the set to the site.
Or perhaps Koenart wished to produce a "collector's item" like the famous air mail stamp with the Jenny printed upside-down ~ ?

ah, a pretty girl in a kitchen. A most welcome combination.

Saved my day.

This set is far from aesthetic and technical quality of MetArt.

Location : -
Lights : -
Pose : -


Best not to ask... lol ;o)

I've never tried toe-nibbling before Sailor, do you think that would leave other portions of her anatomy for me!?

Not a chance! The question was purely rhetorical. It was the rest of her anatomy that was my real target. She really is delectable, isn't she?

Thank you, METART for Patritcy, the first, better-than-a-ten model to "blow my mind" in several months.

Patritcy is just PERFECTION, in every way, from her blue eyes, and dimpled chin, to her awesome breasts and puffy nipples, and what a neat kooch. I missed her first set from several months ago, so today was a rare "love-at-first-sight" experience for me.

Thanks for making my day.

Patritcy just knocked my pants off. What a sexy little striptease revealing one of the hottest, most kissable perfect bodies on Met. This little cutie is an absolute sex goddess.

Welcome back, Patritcy, a young lady who singlehandedly makes Latvia worth a detour. (Yes, I know there are other beautiful Latvians in the MetArt roster; the same applies to them.) It's hard to imagine someone with more delectable all-over—and I do mean ALL over—beauty. Do you think she'd mind if I nibbled her toes for a couple of months? 10 going on 10,000.

Patritcy, honey, you are absolutely adorable in photo 58.

Patritcy you look adorable in photos 1 through 120! Lately I've been constipating a move. I think Latvia would be a great place.

Met Art is always a delicious place to come ... but I find this shoot of Patricity particularly ... appetizing! Thank you so much for creating it and sharing it here. Truly exquisite for me.

Although I thought that her debut was very promising, it is only with her second photo shoot that I realise how stunningly beautiful this young woman is. She has adelightful smile, fantastic body and a superb bum – beautiful anus and labia. Perhaps the most perfect body I have seen on Metart. Much more of her please

don't know why but my pictures won't load I get nothing but a little box with an x in it Arthur VanVranken budvv3@aol.com

Patritcy so befuddled me that I made this comment @ her first set. It is equally applicable here!

I have said this before. I really like the lovely young ladies from Baltic States that Koenart brings to visit. Patritcy is one of the most beautiful young ladies I have seen recently. I especially like her lovely derriere, but there is not a single less than 100% perfect gene in her entire visible being. Thank you again Koenart and bless you Patritcy.

Well worth repeating, Baggy...
I echo your sentiments about the ladies from the Baltic region. ( :

Beautiful girl and what a body, that lovely smooth cunt is a particular treat.

Patritcy here approaches near-fatal levels of absolute adorableness combined with sheer sweet cuteness... I'd better find something else to think of for a minute or two....( :
Excellent set of a gorgeous young lady.

Question concerning pics ## 88 & 89:

Why so often cut off the legs? Why do not shoot such poses in landscape format?

This questions are addressed to all photographers with preference to portrait format!

The brightly lit modern kitchen with all its flat surfaces is a slightly harsh setting in my opinion, but Patricity softens the scene with her beauty. She is adorable.

Patritcy you are looking lovely in this set, good to see you here on Met.

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