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Need a lot more of Patritcy, she is such a baby-doll!

patricity you are one of my new favorites you have such beauty sweet smile and your body is incredible cant wait to see a new one on sexart from you

Patritcy is stunning for sure, I think a monthly spot on Met is needed to satisfy the masses. Great set, great Patritcy!

8.35 (at the time of posting) is too low a rating for this set, it should be a lot higher.

There is DUTCHMAN, have a look on SexArt!

As cute as you are, I bet there is a lot more beauty between those pussy lips waiting to be revealed!

Oh my.. What a cutie! i love those perfect little nipples she has. the "lollipop toes" look so cute and delicious. but my goodness her bubbly little butt and beautiful pussy look SO inviting. This girl is mesmerizing.... Agreed though, we need to get her in the bedroom already.

Beautiful girl with a great smile. From 115 to the end, I heard her saying "you want me to do WHAT with this?" lol Nice set of a very sweet model. Count me in on the "bedroom" idea...;o)

There are pretty girls and cute girls and then there is Patritcy, a stunningly beautiful and magnificent real woman. She just blows my mind.

Patritcy is one of those rare creatures who are beautiful in every detail—and I mean EVERY detail—not just in general. She's absolute perfection, from her hypnotic blue eyes to her lollipop toes. 10s by the boatload.

Lollipop toes will be all the rage on Met for the foreseeable future I am sure. Oxford English Dictionary here we come.

Patritcy's not the only girl upon whom Sailor has bestowed this high honor ~ Mia Sollis is another laureate... ( : ( :

"Lollipop toes" ~ I love it! ( :

A very nice visit from the lovely Latvian lady Patritcy. Its so nice to see her beautiful face, brilliant smile, glass cutters and bubble butt. Thank you Patritcy ~ thank you Koenart.

Sorry Baggy, my comment below was intended to reply to Spies' comment...

Yes, a bedroom set would be nice. ( :

I have been looking forward to Partricity's return. It is lovely to see her again.

I hope that in her next set she will be in a bedroom with soft furnishings and warm colours. The hard surfaces and white walls of the last two sets (maybe even shot in the same room) are a bit stark for my taste.

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