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Need a lot more of this cutie-pie!!

patritcy you are definitely one of the best new girls your body is dynamite

This set has promoted Patritcy to my winner's circle of favorite MA babes. Not that I hadn't noticed her before, but something really clicked here today. Whatever spell she has cast, I feel in good company with hipshot and sailor also mesmerized by her charms.

K - I hope you have more of this lovely young lady just waiting to be posted. I guess we will find out next month.

  • 2 years ago:

Hi Kilroy,

We definitely have more of Patritcy coming soon. I hope that in the next set the rear shots are aplenty so everyone will enjoy as much as you :)


Old fashioned expression I know but that's a real snazzy little pair of tits she's got there. One of my favourites.

Easily her best set yet! I just wish Koenart would have taken photographs of her gorgeous ass, otherwise great set.

What a cute nipple on that close-up..!!


Why are there barely any pictures of her most perfect backside ?

  • 2 years ago:

Hi justayin,

Now that you all mention it I do see rear shots lacking in this set. She does have some lovely shots in the set "Encara". I will keep this in mind with my next publication of her! :)

My question exactly. It is such a nice backside. Maybe she has a tattoo?

maybe she just don't like it to be photographed that way?

Why on earth would someone that looks that fantastic not want you to look at that perfectly sculpted rear?

because: women

This girl drives me crazy! That face could launch an army and her body is fantastic. Even the name is cute and it fits. Not grumbles here. She is just plain marvelous beyond words. As fantastic as that body is her face is even more endearing. Every page I turn my eyes go to that lovely face first. It is a vision of that could melt the coldest heart. I could look at photos like those first 20 all night long and never complain. A girl in a long T is sexy as hell and with that face I couldn't take my eyes off of it anyway. There are very few girls that have that effect on me but Patritcy just overloads my circuits.

I know what you mean about her cute round face. She just has me captivated even before I lower my gaze to see the rest of this wonderful angel!

#9 grabbed me and #10 sealed the deal. She wouldn't have had to reveal any more than that to get my 10+++

Agreed......she could stay dressed, and I'd be happy, as long as I could look at her face. (OK, that's a bit of a stretch, but you get the point).

Not completely dressed but something like this is so hot. I can picture coming home to my lady and finding her dressed like this waiting for me and the thought is REALLY hot. I'd also love to see her in little black cocktail dress like she was ready for our date or like we just got home and she is showing me the evening is just beginning.

Pastel panties or white would have been even more devastating!

Agreed, Hipshot! Let's hope to see many more shoots with panties in 2014. ( :
Real panties, not thongs. And not boyshorts. (I know, I'm picky)

No not picky, I feel exactly the same. I like real day to day panties like she would actually wear. Like the ones here or maybe even a little more. Hiphuggers, high rise, even grannie panties. No lace or fancy decorations just real girl panties. I think they are soooo sexy.

I can do without the granny panties, I think the bellybutton should be visible at all times! ( :
Other than that, though, I pretty much agree with you. As long as they aren't thongs and are something a girl would feel comfortable walking around in all day and wearing to work/school... that is sexy as hell. ( :
(I suspect every little boy wants to see what's up the pretty girls' skirts... and, as the wise woman said, "little boys never grow up.")

Patritcy hath charms—god does she ever! Beautiful face, glorious slender body, nutritious pussy, I could stare at her for hours. And I could do much more than stare with the goddess in images 22 and 99. Just perfect.

How about 98 and 96 and a plethora of others? Hell they are all irresistible.


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