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Beautiful sexy and so delicious

thanks guys for comments

thanks guys for comments

THINGS I LOVE ABOUT THIS SET: The nymph-like model, the air of innocence, the soft light, great poses, and one tremendously wonderful behind.

EVEN BETTER FOR ME: Not one thing.

As for well rounded beauty, Patritcy gets high marks from me. Her hair and make-up are always perfect, and she has awesome long legs and a killer behind (#82 - WOW!). With such a fine figure, I was happy to be treated to the many standing full-body shots today. Thanks, Koenart for including them and bringing us Patritcy in another fine set.

#82 is about as fine a butt shot as you will see. Maybe we need to start a BB club (beautiful butt) What really impresses me with this shot is it's sheer perfection. The framing and the symmetry of that fantastic torso are matchless. And that is the cleanest, most perfectly balanced torso I have ever seen. not a vagrant hair or bit of stubble in sight and the form is amazing. Nothing is out of place, nothing over or underdone. Her vulva is so beautifully molded between those picture perfect cheeks that even a master sculptor could not improve on it in any way. Body by Patritcy perfect capture by Koenart!

BB Club? Go for it, hipshot. I was thinking about an FF club (Fine Figure) 75-81 show hers well, but the BB club would probably be of more general interest.

Koenart has always shot Patritcy very well. A appreciate both of them. People often don't like the word perfect (Rylsky sure doesn't) but Patritcy has a lot of perfection going on.

Perfect is in the eyes of the beholder! Each of us have our own perception of perfect. For me Patritcy is pretty darn close and it's all pretty much natural. It is obvious that she cares what we think because her personal grooming is some of the best on Metart.

The artist has a great deal to to with the perfection we see. While Rylsky and other may not like the word they still strive to bring it to us so it is their vision that we see. We don't get to see all there is to see and the only personality we see is what they present to us. They see and interact with the girls on and off camera. Thus they literally see everything. (lucky guys)

Anyhow my favorite shot is #99 because to me it shows everything that I love about her. She is definitely top tier.

Great looking model but she seems a bit inhibited...

Stunning as usual, and I get some extra fun as well because I'm kinky about laced up knickers.

Pictures 101-104 make me wish that I was that chair!

Patricity is so lovely in every way. Her sweet smile could break any man's heart.

This has been a great week so far on MET for the BAS.

(Buttock Admiration Society)

Adorable Patritcy looking all adorable... ( :

a gorgeous model and very good set.
nice poses and good work by Koenart.
thanks for both

PATRITCY A is gorgeous with a perfect body. Tall, curvy, gorgeous boobs, gorgeous legs, gorgeous all over. I loved her sweet face and shy smile

Mesmerizing! Patritcy is the stuff of dreams. Shoulders up, Magnificent! and the body is sublime. She has fantastic long legs and one of the best butts on MA. Very nicely muscled and firm all over. Her vulva is definitely in the PP club. Just to pick nits her beasts are a tiny bit larger than I prefer but they are firm and very nicely shaped. The overall picture is beautiful beyond fault. This sweetheart would turn heads anywhere. Be it on the beach or in a lovely gown at the country club. I don't think anyone would guess she is only 19. She is a total 10 in my book. and Koenart's photos are very nice.

Her breast size is already listed a "small", but per her measurements and my eyes they do look more "medium" and that's really nit picking...still no matter the size, she's a 10 in my book too.

I would agree, she is medium IMO, and compared to other models who were listed as medium. There is no consistency to the bio's and the breast size category, I have learned not to get bent over the unfairness, I just use my own two eyes. I would rather it not even be there than give wrong information.

anything over B cup is medium to me. A down is small :o)

Of course there are lots of variations. If you can see the base of the breast where it joins the chest I am good 8^)

Hi Hipshot131, thanks for your opinion)) I try to do some surprise personal for you in next shoot, I always read your comments.

Thank you for commenting. It is always nice to see the that the photographers are watching the comments and I am honored that you read my comments.

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