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Absolutely beautiful

Wow....beautiful face and gorgeous body! Her personality seems so playful and joyful....This should be a higher rated set IMHO....

hello guys. I as always read your comments and I smile to them) So pleasantly can be only with you) you give me a smile as nobody else) at me is to you some questions. For it I buy a subscription for a month, :D silly me :P and I chat with you here only 2/3 days, but it is pleasant to me to be with you. My questions are interesting to someone?

You have to buy a subscription?!?
When you pose for the site? They should GIVE you a lifetime subscription!

Yes, any questions from you would be very interesting!

Models have not commented here before, we would love to hear your ideas, your questions, your random thoughts. ( : ( : ( :

I do webchat with this angel and she is absolutely an amazing in every way. I am under her spell i cant get enough of her. Truly one the best 3 girls i have seen on this site. Both nice and naughty at the same time. What a woman!

hehe yes you do :*

I love Patricy, specially when she's getting molested by Viola Baily on TLE She is a very cute, luscious redhead both here and there. I hope Patricy stays with us for a long time. I had to give her a 10+++ the posing not so much.

I will try to remain with you long time

I agree with you on this. havent seen her TLE work but now i might

As I recall, she gave as good as she got. ( :

Always a treat to see Patritcy nude on Met Art

Absolutely one of the most gorgeous women here, which says alot...

Thanks for sharing your perfect body and radiant spirit with us all here at Met Art!

Gorgeously cute and what a brilliant choice of knickers ;)

Lots of wasted potential here. Beautiful girl..."average" set.

Rock, I had sort of the same sentiment. Patritcy is a marvelous woman by any measure, and I always enjoy seeing her, but this one didn't have me out of my chair jumping up and down like some of her others. Any set of Patritcy is worth keeping.

If you're all about the G/G, you are going to want to check out Patricity's set and video with Viola Bailey on TheLifeErotic.com.
They will change your life. ( :

Whoops, I meant, "Patritcy's"

We know what you meant...and that you're a bit over zealous about g/g... "change my life"??? I seriously doubt that fer ;o) Even if I WERE into g/g! But thanks fer the headsup! ;o)

I'm NOT particularly into G/G. ( : But her vid with Viola Bailey is seriously amazing. ( :

Oh, and BTW, Rock, if you re-read my comment, you will see that I said
"IF" you're into G/G... so that comment was obviously not directed your way. ( :

Another pleasant visit from lovely Patritcy.

Attention grabbers today include her eyebrows and eyes, long and wavy / curly hair, puffy outer labia as in #21 et al, nice nipples and a fine pubic mound in #46.

Thanks to both Patritcy and Koenart.

Many of the same things I appreciate about the lovely Patritcy, especially her perfectly made hair and curvy mound. She obviously takes good care of her self and wants to look her best for us.

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