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Hot Girl, but im giving this set a 1, horrible outfit, the poses were average and who puts that colour kitchen in a house.

Patritcy, you are absolute perfection!
The most beautiful woman alive!
Thank you for sharing your body and spirit with us all!!!

Sweet abode and abide,
There is no place as lovely as along side you.... the fragance imagined is pure delight. Extend that fragrance with future pose Lovely One.

Lovely woman,
My only wish, after pose with Koenart, your present in my kitchen, I would know for sure the menu for the evening.

The Life Erotic, presentation "Committed", my beloved beauty, I have no futher words......

Image 61, lovely Patritcy,
Brings to memory those in the past, which you stir to the present lovely one.

Good job! Patricy is soo sweet, please continue with more of her.

Very nice photset Patritcy! You have very beautiful feet. I especially love the way you pose your feet in the photos. The way you are sitting on the chair and posing, it is so sexy and sensual. I love your poses in photos #77, #80 and #89. You should really wear a pair of silver anklets, it is look so nice on you!!

Your smile is very pleasant. Kisses for you :)

Kiisses for you too

Patritcy, You are so stunning in every set. When you smile, your face lights up so pretty. I also like how well you take care of your self.

Koenart does a fantastic job with you, and all of your sets at MetArt are by him. Would you ever think about letting another photographer do a set for you?

I have sets on other sites with other photographers

It seems to me that some viewers would suggest that Yani A. has the best butt on MA. Please hold your votes until after viewing this photo set of Patritcy A....#85 rocks! (#74 is a heart attack waiting to happen.)

Patritcy thank you very much for you wonderful set. I presume most of your fans were eagerly awaiting your gallery ( I was) and once again you didn´t disappoint us. All the snapshots are great, but I will make mine the snap nº 74, it reflects perfectly how beautiful,tight,neat and ...sorry, LICKABLE is your sexy pussy...FLAWLESS. Just one suggestion, what about posing with stiletto shoes and sexy lingerie? a tall, statuesque girl like you would stand out like this....

I think that the photoset on heels will be, it is necessary to wait only when because we did) Thanks for such pleasant words

Thank You for your words. It`s my pleasure and privilege to admire and pay tribute to your beauty.

Wow, that's something to look forward to...

Mercy what a lovely woman! I am glad this set started with Patricity clothed. Her smile and charm shines through in every photo. She is able to be pretty, sexy, and cute all at the same time!! Thank you kindly for this set of photos!!

Patritcy is lovely as usual. Love the sparkle in her eyes - she's always one step ahead.

Very beautiful and sexy girl with GORGEOUS eyes!! Nice set despite a very Spartan setting.

LUCKY chair!!!

Plentiful pleasing panty peeking poses from perky Patricity? Perfectly peachy!

Playful platitudes placate perfect pussies! ;o)

More like Pa-treat-cy, know what I mean? She's glorious.

thank you so much

Thank YOU! :)

thank you so much

Got to pics 77-80 and.....whew.....gonna be late for work, today.

Never got past 74!! Not going to work!!!

Great set of pictures, really beautiful model with a smoking hot body

sorry? smoking????i don't smoke

Patritcy, metlover is complimenting you on your body. "Smoking hot body" means you have a GREAT BODY!!!

ok sorry :D :*

No need to apologize. Your English is excellent, sometimes words and phrases do not translate from one language to another clearly (especially slang or certain types of jargon).
I just wanted to make sure you understood that metlover was complimenting your wonderful body:)


ahhh hello guys,thanks for comments

Thank you sweet lady for speaking to us. It is a very special treat that will make you even more special to us. :)

it is possible to talk to me every day on the twitter or when I am online in a chat :*

You sure look pretty in that cute dress, Patritcy!

thank you :*

Agree you look great in the dress but add that you look great without it too.

Have a great weekend :)

haha thanks

Oh my! Patritcy is so yummy. From the shoulders up this woman grabs my attention like few others can. From there down she is nothing short of spectacular. Nice posses and some great closeup of that perfect little pussy. From the side and from behind those lovely legs and awesome butt are mind boggling. Cute outfit and thank you so much for including those sexy black panties! The photos of her in only the panties are superb. Love her hair and that sunny face and smile just drives me crazy!

Thanks to Koenart and Patritcy for another lovely set.

this pleasure to read that that you write,Patritcy,kisses

It is so nice that you respond to comments. It is very special that you take the time. I am very happy that my words give you pleasure. It is only fair because you give me pleasure by posing for us. Your kisses are a treasure of great value that I will hold close.

For those of you so inclined, this long legged beauty has some heavy duty video on TheLifeErotic.com and new video on VivThomas.com.
And Patritcy's accent is every bit as cute and sexy as her pretty face.

Not fair! To many sites, too little money!

..as for this set... I will comment after my blood sugar returns to normal... ( : ( : ( :

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