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I loved it. This Patsy is wonderful. It is great that she is with RylskyArt now. Rylsky you have a way of getting the best and making them better. It is a delight to see the wonderful art that you and your models produce for us.

Classic overexposed poorly focused Rylsky.

Love the wet look, especially on Patsy's ass and pussy! Pics 36-39 are smokin hot!

Very surprised by some of the other comments. I know it's a matter of taste, but I love the water and light shoots. It also helps that Patsy is simply gorgeous.

I'm getting weary of the trend to leave some article of clothing across the midriff for most of the shoot. I love a flat, toned stomach, and this model has a beautiful tummy. Show it off!

I don't like this water setting that this guy uses a lot. I'm not here looking for a "light and water show!" I DO like this girl a lot, and prefer her in bed. Maybe next time...

I agree. I prefer seeing a beautiful woman in a big soft bed.

Very Boring.


In my opinion Rylski is one of Metart's best. I really enjoy his work. He is a master of using light and he seldom fails to give me the closeups I desire. The use of the green light was very interesting in this case. However I do not share his love of drowning some of the most beautiful women here or anywhere else. I love a well oiled body but water just doesn't turn me on.

The most sensible thing you wrote started with "However......but water just doesn't turn me on."

As much a great photographer he can be at times, he's basically a lazy, SOB!!

Rylsky's link advertises 'the most beautiful nude models', yet he frequently leaves some article of clothing - lingerie, stockings, etc. - on his models, ruining the whole concept of 'nudity'.



Small tits but packing one nice pussy. 8

clever use of oil ,water and light.Rylsky is the master of erotic photography.Love his work.

Pic quality amounts to "8", "9" and "10" in this set -- kudos for the light/water experiment!

"Experiment"!? This is a "regular" setting for this photographer and I don't care for it at all!!

This is more than just a "regular" thing with Rylsky!! It's a bloody Obsession!! Every model he's ever used has had this "water torture" treatment, often more than once.

It's just a bloody lazy "out" for a snapper with no imagination. No need for make-up or hair stylist, because her hair is going to be wet and lank, sticking to her head and face in a lifeless paste.

It's pretty obvious he didn't want to do this shoot, and took the easy way out. Put a colored filter on his light, turned on the tap and pretended to be creative. B/S!!

I agree. Never been a fan of the water shots. Just a personal thing. They are well lit and photographed, but don't do anything for me.

They aren't a bad thing per se, just a sign of Rylsky retreating to formula and away from the challenge of the new, a challenge that must weigh heavily at times. Generally I rate Rylsky as one of the very best erotic art photographers of all time, but expecting the exceptional at every appearance is asking too much. I agree with the comments on excess clothing though.

Mmmmm, I luv a woman who's all wet and slippery!!!

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