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more, more, more, more, don't stop. give me more! what a fine skinny girl.

Nice set with an artistic flair!!! Great posing!!! Patsy looks gorgeous and dee licious!!!

I guess I don't understand the Rylsky bashing that's been going on lately. Anyone can tell that this guy has tremendous skill. A couple of shots might look like glamour shots, but that adds to the experience. And many shots are very explicit. Patsy is gorgeous all over, but her legs and feet are especially breathtaking. Great set.

I agree Ouchstopit, Rylsky does quality work!!! I luv the comment feature, and wish they would also have a user forum, but we do get the occasional trolls here who post utterly ridiculous statements!


She needs to open those lips some, and I'm not talking about her mouth, or she'll never make top erotic model, period.

I think this set would have been way better if it started around image 41 or 42 and ditched the random black and whites. There were moments when I could have sworn I was looking at the proofs of some girl's senior yearbook portraits. There are some amazing shots in this set but I think I could toss 80% of them and come up with something way more titillating and never miss those 80+ pictures.

Her legs and ass are amazing. I disagree with stormy about body hair though. Arm pit hair may be ok in Europe, but here in the States we don't like hairy pits or beavers. I have seen plenty on Metart and don't like them one bit.

Speak for yourself. I live in the "States"as you say and while I am not thrilled by armpit hair it does not bother me. And I perfer women with pubic hair. If she elects to groom it that is her personal choice. Body in either part of her body indicates that she is a normal, healthy adult female with a fully capable hormonal chemistry. Simply stated body hair indicates that the girl is a woman which suits me because I am a man.

Gorgeous legs and ass! This set made me bump my rating of Patsy up a point.

I think Rylsky is overworked and needs a holiday!

Photographing beautiful naked women is not work!!! Seriously, Rylsky must wake up every day, and say "Yessss, I get to go to work!!!"

Not bad, but in too many of the earlier pictures the model did not fill the frame of the picture fully (with too much of nothing showing above her head).

Nice Set. Congratulations Rylsky!

Patsy's modeling sets tend to be similar because of her limited ability to pose. She only has a few positions and is usually partially clothed. Still, she is really hot, with a beautiful pussy. With the right coaching and good photography she could rock this site. MetArt, while arguably the best adult site on the web, tends to fall into the doldrums (as of late). Many models look the same, 98% are shaved, the set themes repeat themselves, but again no where are the models of any adult site so beautiful as they are at MetArt. No where on the web are the photos so detailed. Keep doing what you're doing Metart, but have a little variety with the models; have them grow out their bush and pits a bit, then trim it down, shave it, just some variety. If we wanted ALS we would just go there. This Patsy set is hot, but could be so much more.

Patsy has lovely hair, nice eyebrows, nice nipples, a great bum, and great labia. Evidence of her slender body is well supplied by 102.

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