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Beautiful love outdoor pics see is very sexy

Patsy A is simply adorable as ever with her well toned tanned slender body those gorgeous hazel eyes long curly brown hair and lovely facial features not to forget those magnificent small breasts hard nipples and that curvy cute butt of hers :) I simply loved images #50 to #58 with both the natural colors of forest and the ocean in the background highlighting her magnificent slender facial features those lovely gorgeous hazel eyes long curly brown hair both flowing in the breeze as well as cascading down her shoulders.As well as those lovely small breasts perky hard nipples her taunt abdomen (Love The Tan Lines) to those firm slender thighs and long legs just revealing the well groomed trimmed vagina within both gorgeous close ups and panoramic views of Patsy kneeling upon the grass basking in the sunshine :)Images #66 and #61 are simply priceless as they truly shows Patsy A's beautiful body her sensuality from behind with her head arched back her downy long brown hair flowing down her back its tips way past her cute derriere casting a shadow along her taunt tanned back both her slender arms down her side her hands upon her thighs and a love glow upon her breasts erect nipples :) As well Patsy A's strikingly beautiful side way poses sitting within the grass with her long slender legs spread wide open her long wavy brown hair flowing dow her shoulder with different sensual expressions upon her lovely face within her eyes the hot sun highlighting her slender tanned body in images #77 to #79 with both the sparse landscape and ocean with the back ground :) No lack of Patsy A's gorgeous round butt with her kneeling wthin the grass she surely is absolutely beautiful and relaxed within the other from sitting standing to laying casually amongst the grass and folige and i simply loved the way Antonio Clemens photographed her fully dressed at the start it does both add to ones pleaure as well as Patsy A's beautiful photogenic body :) and i would also love to see more collaboration between both of you to come in 2014 :) :)

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.............................and again zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Can´t remember my name

You, sir, are revealing yourself to be an ass.

Thanks for your opinión.I know you´re an specialist in that matter

The seller

Splendid ass in the grass!

I too love Patsy's tiny ta tas and tan lines. My opinion of Patsy's derriere changes nearly every time I see it. I vacillate between describing it as a beautiful bubble butt and as a beautiful big butt.

Just for the record, and for Patsy, "beautiful big butt" is an extreme compliment where I live. Whatever term I feel like including in a comment about her derriere in one of her galleries, a constant is beautiful.

Happy New Year to both Patsy and Antonio. I hope we see your collaborations many times in the future!

Happy New Year Bagg36pants :) mine is truly well gone now thankfully Patsy A surely does have a cute butt as i put it down in Australia.She certainly looks just as beautiful as ever since her last set outdoors and calling her derriere a "Beautiful Big Butt" is no insult in my books any other description would be totally insulting to Patsy A Cheers Baggy :)

Happy belated New Year to you rags25. I am always tickled pink to read your comments; more so today!

I stumbled across this in Urban Dictionary and have been waiting to share it with you. Are you familiar with the place and is the term common in every day speech down under?
* * * * *

a place in Australia but also the act of the female appendage leaping from it's cotton, underwired prison.
Can be used as an expression of pleasure...or to fill a gap in conversation.
i want to go to tittybong

look at that titty bong!

tittybong ahhh

"Cowabunga, Dude!"

Look that one up in your urban dictionary -- (lol)

I did and found 51 entries. I am not a surfer nor a teenage mutant ninja turtles fan. I do like Bart and all the Simpsons, but I would say the entry that most resonates with me is the first one.

Chief Thunderthud sounds like early stereotyping and is not what I think was intended on The Howdy Doody Show. Folks just did not know about or practice P C back then. In 1956 someone cracked me up with a "how" joke!

Patsy you look absolutely beautiful and relaxed. A lovely set.

Beautiful model, love those tan lines, very nice ass

Gorgeous lady, Tall, slender, cute little breasts and a lovely tight round butt. The setting is nice but her coloration is better indoors and the set is very conservative as outdoor sets tend to be.

Nice but nothing to write home about.

Hah! You just wrote home about it. ( :

HAH! If THIS is "home" for ANYONE, that's very sad!! LMAO!

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