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Patsy is simply amazing. Nothing else to say.

Her stunning smile and wide open legs inviting you inside her, stunning

Thanks for not retouching too much. Great set

Ms. sailor, accustomed to sheets and halyards, has worn the silk stockings but forgot her panties.
Lovely, adorable sailor.
Rylsky is at the helm .... thank god.

Patsy is beautiful all over. I especially love her perky breasts and stunning labia.

Yes indeedy, she IS a sweetie!!

Patsy is so very pretty. So very elegant and sophisticated. She had a very noble face. A very pleasant set.

LOL "She HAD a very noble face"...??? Has something happened to her that you're not telling us about Neil?? lol

Prolly just a slip of the keyboard, Rock... ( :
I think we're all prone to that, given the subject matter.

An adorable young woman. Total lust with Patsy!

What a cute sweetie, in the stockings and out of them!
The stilettos were a very stimulating touch. ( : She makes them look really good...

Patsy has beautiful hair, tiny ta tas, and a very nice bum.

If shaving is as painful as the blotchy rash makes it appear to be, I wonder why / how so many women can put up with doing that to themselves.

Kudos to Patsy for bravery, and Rylsky for not re-touching the result.

Totally. There is a Met-Art photographer (he shall go nameless) who regularly posted sets with the most egregious retouch work. Entire armpits stripped of details in order to create a bizarre, Barbie-doll plastic perfection that was a complete turn off. I don't want to see retouching. I want to see good lighting, good make-up and beautiful girls visualized as if I was there with them. So agreed, and kudos to Rylsky.

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